States of Consciousness

As given to Michele Baxter by one of her guides in relation to rescue work.

20th January 2004

There are varying degrees of consciousness throughout existence – within those who walk on the Earth plane in the physical, all the way up the scale to the ultimate purity, at which point all is one with the light and all is of one consciousness.

In the Etheric, this is no different. There are those who cannot see beyond what they believe to be so, and there is no room for those that they do not know or for other energies, since all is taken within and their concern is solely for the Self.

Others are more aware, but will not see other energies in a good light so to speak – there will be no trust at all and they will be very suspicious of anyone who moves into their consciousness.  To move into their consciousness in this case means moving close – and in this case, one would be too close and would therefore be rejected. In other words, their consciousness is what you might refer to as ‘personal space’.

There are those who are of a greater – though not a higher – consciousness.  These could be seen as the ‘negative’ to our ‘positive’.  These are energies that have consciously chosen to remain in the Etheric, and those who have chosen to keep others there as well.  These energies may sound formidable and they may appear more formidable to those who are aware of them, and it is true that these energies are harder to reach and assist, but they are not as formidable as it might appear.
In truth, they do not move onwards and upwards because their fear holds them back.  They are afraid of punishment and they are afraid of processing that which put them in the Etheric to begin with.  They believe, wrongly, that they will be judged and punished.  They cannot see or comprehend that the help and unconditional love will be there for them once they choose to move on. 

Our task is to reach the part within them that still holds the spark; this will be a different task for each of them and it is never easy since they view those who are trying to help them with suspicion.  It is most effective to allow them to decide for themselves that they need and want help; that it is time to move on.  In these cases there is no ‘quick fix’.  Patience is the key in this, as it is in all things.
You might refer to it as a ‘battle of the wills’, and what you see should you choose to assist us by providing spiritual assistance is one small part of this.  We have not “collected and removed” the energy prior to your involvement because the process is not complete.  In the cases where you become aware of the energy that needs “removal” (although we prefer to refer to it as vibration adjustment and heightening since the aim is to raise their vibration and assist their transition to the higher planes of existence), it is because they have lowered their vibration further so that you become aware of it more easily. 

Rest assured that we are already there, working with this energy.  The lowering of vibration may occur as the energy attempts to move away from those helping them, of whom they will be suspicious.  At this point it is important that we continue to work with the energy in consistency and ongoing love and patience.  Since the energy will at that point have touched the physical, we need the help of those in the physical to gently nudge them in the right direction, showing the same loving consistency and patience.  Thus they are surrounded. 
They may then move upwards away from your consciousness (to remain aware of them would require heightening your vibration – your ‘frequency’ if you will – at exactly the same pace as the energy being assisted). 

They may, alternatively, meet with your vibration/frequency at the same point as we do, having lowered our vibration accordingly.  At this point, it might be helpful to remove them from your sight to continue our work, or they may remove themselves.  It is then that you may appear to see ‘portals’ – the Etheric is, as previously stated, made up of several ‘sections’ and the ‘portals’ to which you have referred are merely the doorways.  It is an image that the energy being assisted can relate to and one that you can understand.  Others may see it as a vortex; some might simply believe that we have ‘vanished’.  As we have stated before, when you work with us it is important that what you see is within your realms of understanding and expectation.  The ‘portal’ does not exist, in fact, except in your own consciousness.

When assisting us, it is important that you maintain your own vibration in order to connect successfully with ours.  To do this, you must be sure to work with love, with patience, and with consistency, as mentioned earlier.  It is important that you do not see the energy in question as ‘the enemy’ or one to be dealt with severely or punished – this would be counter-productive and in fact serves only to work against us.  In such cases we may have no choice but to block your efforts.  This is, fortunately, a rare occurrence, but we wish you to be aware of this so that you can have a greater awareness of the cause and effect of your actions; so that you can be more aware of your own vibration; so that ultimately you are able to work at optimum efficiency with us to assist us in our efforts to work with the energy in need.

We are aware that there are concerns regarding safety and protection when encountering such an energy.  It is important that your vibration meets ours as already discussed, in order to attain maximum protection.  We will always do our best to protect you, but if you are working against us this is much more difficult – it would be like trying to put a suit of armour on someone intent on fighting and struggling against it!  If your work is carried out at all times with love and honesty, and with patience and humility, then our protection is at its strongest.  Often the greatest obstacle to overcome is the Self.  Often the greatest battle to be fought is with the Self.  Overcoming both of these will make you stronger – as a physical being and as a spiritual assistance to us.  For in overcoming these, you stop fighting against yourself and become whole.  In becoming whole, you renew and strengthen your connection to spirit – and in doing so we can work as one to bring the dawn to those who walk by night.

Love always.  Peace always.  With these, the other qualities discussed will come.  With these, you will always walk and work in and with the Light.


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