Rescue Methods

Rescue / Clearance situations for people and places.
Trance Rescue.
The 'Send them to the light' Rescue Method.
Scene Rescue.


Rescue methods are many and varied and each will have it's own merits, though if you spoke to most Spiritualists they would say "you send them to the light," and whilst this is indeed a popular and often effective format it can be expanded on in a way that spirit can often better relate to.

Rescue may not even be an entirely appropriate term in that the spirits concerned might not be in any apparent distress, some however will be, therefore I use it as a general term to indicate any method of offering assistance to spirit.
Bear in mind that if rescuing spirit was as simple as sending them to the light then guides would have done this already and it need never come to our attention, as I suspect happens in a great many cases where spirits go astray when passing.
Unfortunately when the opportunity is presented to the earthbound to move on as in the inclusion of the light scenario, they are sometimes either insufficiently aware to be able to take advantage of it or have reasons for not doing so.

Therefore it takes our input to help them come to the point where they can be aware of the opportunity to move on, or we need to help them decide to do so.
So by us physical beings being vibrationally close to the earthbound we may be rather more perceptible to them than their own guides and loved ones already in spirit, and are therefore in an ideal place to be able to bring them to the point at which spirit can take over once they have become sufficiently aware and have raised their vibration. See
States of Consciousness.

When we die we each of us require varying degrees of help and adjustment when we move into the spirit realm, therefore I don't believe it's always necessary to spend a great deal of time with any one spirit engaging them in an in-depth therapy session, but that it's enough just to get them over to where others in spirit can provide better help.
However many rescue mediums will go the extra mile in providing this assistance, but that this is an individual choice and may even slow things down on occasion, which could make for a very lengthy session if there are a good number of spirits requiring attention.

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Rescue / Clearance situations for people and places.

Typically this will involve a visit by a person with a spirit attachment or a visit by yourselves to a house etc, though remote procedures conducted from home can be very effective too, firstly attitude and motivation are all important, we should never adopt an adversarial or aggressive stance that in any way damages what we ourselves are doing, which should always be for the highest spiritual good of all concerned.
 Therefore where clearance of disruptive negative spirit is concerned never descend to their level even with provocation. However a no nonsense, authoritarian posture tends to discourage some negative spirits from playing their games, but that this may need to be completely shifted to something more appropriate when dealing with those needing reassurance and comfort.

I maintain that just as in life there are those spirit that are stronger and more capable than we are, so don't be in any hurry to meet them by being overconfident or arrogant, as it's quite possible for us to bite off more than we can chew depending on the situation and who's present.
So go in calmly but on your guard, be prepared but flexible without preconceived notions of what to expect as things may not always be as they first appear.

Many of the basics pertaining to rescue work relate to clearance work too, and it's very common that you will have to adopt a flexible approach and combine the two as necessary, see Clearance Work.
Use whatever personal protection you find is most effective for yourselves and try to always work in either pairs or a small group, it's good to have some backup and another's senses that can catch what you might miss and vice versa, as well as providing additional strength and energy for the work.
Always ask your guides for help and protection, not just for yourself but for all involved, and know that it's a team effort and we're really only as effective as that team allows, be aware of advice from spirit even if it only appears as intuition or instinct.

When you visit a place requiring rescue / clearance, have a look round and use your senses to scan and see who the main players are, remember that it's not always the most obvious ones and that others may hang back or hide, some will require a shift of focus to enable you to pick them up as they can exist on different levels of vibration and awareness and therefore not even be aware of each other.
So it's like scanning through the channels on a radio to be aware of the full spectrum available rather than just those on one particular frequency.
Also, the 'frequencies' earthbound spirit occupy might be somewhat more subtle than those you might be used to when working with general communicators.

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