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This is quite a subject in itself and a typically unpopular one with Spiritualists concerned with maintaining an ignorance is bliss approach to Spirit, I personally believe that those truly interested in learning about spirit should have a working knowledge and awareness of the subject, as part of the essential ability of discernment when working with spirit.
Unfortunately I've seen all too many mediums deceived by sometimes the most ludicrous presentation by negative spirits because they just haven't been trained in the simple basics of recognition, while naively believing that 'like attracts like' and that they are therefore immune to the attentions of any dubious natured spirit because their guides wouldn't let that happen.

Now guides aren't in the business of cocooning us from the harsh realities of life so why should we expect them to do so with our spiritual learning and growth? Isn't it all part and parcel of the same thing while we're here?
We often have to learn the hard way to spot those in life who would deceive us but I'm sure we can all appreciate the value of such lessons, therefore I believe we should apply the same degree of common sense when dealing with spirit.
Certainly, a warts and all approach to spirit is necessary in regards to rescue and clearance work, as you'll be dealing with both ends of the spectrum regarding human nature.

The negative spirits which we may come across are also those that are earthbound and never made it over to a place appropriate to their nature, they are termed negative spirits due to their nature and outlook. Which may cover someone basically good that has been led astray by others in spirit and is mischievous but relatively harmless, to those of a very unpleasant disposition coupled with a developed ability to cause disruption and harm.
It's unfortunate that one of the high points of their existence is messing around those still living, especially those with a degree of psychic awareness, and if those people have awareness yet no insight or control then they especially like that scenario.

It would be a mistake to believe that when we pass on we change our character and nature, in fact we remain as we were in life. Consider then the effect of having someone earthbound who was a criminal, murderer, rapist or child abuser?
Admittedly these are on the more extreme end of the scale of negative spirit, but it does serve to illustrate why spirit problems might occur, when you have spirits with a desire to continue expressing their earthly desires and impulses.
Other spirits who deserve the term negative may initially have been harmless on passing, yet either because of their emotional needs or perhaps as a reaction to frustration or confusion, they end up causing problems for the living.

Some Spiritualists give negative spirits other labels like bad or mischievous spirit or even evil entities and demonic spirits, whilst I've long used the term 'iffy' to describe them as it was a term already in use with those I originally learned from some years ago. It is indeed a ridiculous term and rightly so, but ask yourselves if you'd rather deal with an iffy and the reminder that it's just a spirit person, or an evil entity and all that term conjures up?
Besides which there are no end of negative spirit who would love to be elevated to the status of evil entity but I'll never give them the satisfaction of doing so, they're spirit people and should always be seen as such no matter how low they have descended.
In fact although I've had the dubious pleasure of experiencing a number of deeply unpleasant spirit individuals I've rarely known any I would actually describe as evil, a term all too often used inappropriately and in situations that don't warrant such extreme terminology, so please try to keep things down to earth and in perspective.

Individuals and Groups.

Negative spirit may conduct themselves as individuals or as part of a group and will act according to their emotional state and desires, together with the limitations of their own awareness of other spirits.
It's in the group that you'll typically find a gang mentality and hierarchy, with the stronger ones controlling the weaker while often being overseen by one with more developed ability, who may in turn report to others not bound by that location and who may in fact control a number of locations.
The gang may also gather up other spirit such as lost children and this is why a flexible approach is necessary to rescue work as you may have to combine the clearance of negative spirit before you can continue.

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Non-Human Entities

Normally I dislike the term entity in that it's all too frequently applied to what are clearly spirit people, but you may on rare occasions come across something which falls outside the scope of 'normal' earthbound spirits and which appears to be non-human in origin, so here I feel the term is quite justified. Try to make the distinction between what is a deceptive image adopted by spirit, and what is genuinely other worldly, as this is usually their actual origin.
By other worldly I don't so much mean alien, as I can't say I've ever come across anything I would identify as such and is therefore outside of my experience, but rather that they come from a plane of existence or dimension which doesn't normally intersect with human awareness.
I'm hesitant to label them as elementals either, even though they do appear to be human-like in that they possess humanesque limbs etc, so currently I'm still not sure where to categorise them, therefore if you have encountered anything like this then please share what you found with me.

In the few instances I've been aware of these creatures they've often manifested in our world through what I would best describe as a portal or rift between our non-physical world and their dimension, and through which they should be 'encouraged' to re-enter before it's sealed and removed, something your guides will be best equipped to do.
The problems these beings cause is not just through their often ill intent when they have access to our world, but through the energies they bring with them. Some leave something like a residue of dirty, negative energy, and the portals previously mentioned can also emit energy which is incompatible with our wellbeing. Either way their presence is usually bad news, not only because they just don't belong here vibrationally, but because of their behaviour when they do find a way through to us.

I don't at present understand quite how these portals or entry points are created, but when aware of them I'd make sure they aren't left alone and open, and if your own efforts at sealing them don't produce results then be sure to enlist the help of your guides in this respect. I would also make very sure that the  denizens of these intruding dimensions be returned as a priority, as although I recognise my experience with these beings isn't extensive, I've yet to encounter one which looked favourably upon us.

Bogus Guides.

These are unfortunately far more common than many realise and there are plenty of mediums who have been in the game long enough to know better, who still parade their guide 'so and so' whilst being oblivious to their true nature.
This also includes some rescue mediums, so motivation to help spirit won't make you immune to deceptions of this nature, but it can make you very attractive to some earthbound spirits with a degree of knowledge and understanding.
If these spirits desire to work with mediums, then how much more interesting for them to be able to make fuller use of their abilities?
A rich playground for these types happens to be the focus placed on channelled wisdom from ancient discarnate and 'highly evolved' spirit entities, naturally it helps if they are Atlanteans and have a way with new age buzzwords. Unfortunately many of these types have developed a sizeable following of gullible acolytes, who it would appear have dispensed with all reason and common sense.
Now I'm not out to present myself as superior or all knowing, but I've been in this game long enough to spot deceptions of this nature, and although these types are in the media spotlight particularly in the US, on a lesser scale they are not uncommon among 'normal' mediums too.

While they are all 'guides' in that they give input and guidance to assist with our decisions and path through life, there are guides of the light and then there are the other sort, so be careful who you accept and work with.
Such 'guides' are there for selfish reasons which typically won't include the wellbeing and true progress of 'their' mediums and their motivation and agenda may be deeply suspect.
It is a rather sad fact that many development circles will welcome the arrival of a new guide for one of the sitters without even considering to check whether they are genuine or not, and that's even if the circle leader knows how to which is even more alarming but not uncommon.

Personally I really don't care what they look like, I want to know what they feel like, as it's this which will set my little alarm bells ringing if they're not what they seem, but this degree of discernment has only come through practice to hone it and is now pretty automatic.

Too many mediums will openly accept a spirit guide who for example presents them self as a native American with a magnificent headdress down to the ground and projects an air of strength, they won't consider looking beyond the facade to what's underneath and can end up with someone pushing a shallow, Hollywood Injun routine which makes them look a fool.
It certainly doesn't do their progress any favours unless they finally wise up and can then call on the experience to aid their discernment in the future.

Negative spirit gain status amongst their peers from being accepted as guides and working with a medium, yet in their eagerness to know their guides a beginner may form an unhealthy association with those in spirit they really should be avoiding, but aren't in an environment where they can be taught what I consider to be the basics.
Some circle leaders don't even accept that there are such things as bad spirits and wouldn't recognise one if it presented itself to them on a plate.
Meanwhile people's problems with spirit continue and it can be difficult for them to find the help they need and someone that actually knows what they are talking about.
I've seen negative spirit trying to outdo each other in circle in how ridiculous they could present themselves and the information they were giving, the poor chap that was working was tying himself in knots and it was soon apparent that I was the only one there that recognised what was happening and that the circle leader was quite oblivious to it.

I left that circle soon after so please be aware and perhaps do the same if your circle becomes an iffy's playground and there's no awareness and control, some circles are unfortunately an absolute free for all and the sitters deserve better, though I do appreciate how difficult it can be to find a circle that suits you and that although there may be relatively few circles available, there are even fewer good ones too.

I've always considered these words of Shakespeare's Macbeth to be most apt, (Banquo to Macbeth)

"But 'tis strange, and oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles, to betray's
In deepest consequence."

And this is just what happens to those who accept a negative bogus guide, sure they'll tell you all sorts of things, some very helpful too, and they may well massage your ego a great deal, but it's typically done to exert undue control over you, so beware those people whose 'guides' are too involved with their lives to the point of telling them what to do, as that's really not in a genuine guide's job description due to personal responsibility and freedom of choice of the individual.

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