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Once a request for assistance has been made, you may wish to either visit the place concerned, the person affected by a spirit attachment or have them come to you, it is even possible to ask your guides to bring along the problem spirits in a house to a clearance circle and deal with them on your home ground, as in a remote rescue or clearance.
Your guides may then as their part of the team visit the place affected or the person to check the situation out, and you may also have your own initial perceptions as to what the situation entails, together with who or what you might be dealing with.
It might be appropriate for the place to be sealed by guides prior to a visit as some wily spirits will vacate the premises until you've gone, only to return after you've left. It's often a better idea to make sure they can't leave and therefore deal with the whole lot concerned in one visit.
Another point to this is that when the negative spirits realise a visit from a rescue medium is imminent, they may choose to get in first by weakening the medium when they are least prepared and not expecting trouble. So you may find yourself the recipient of their attentions before you even get to where the problem is, unless steps have been taken to contain them until everything is ready.

House Clearance. (Visiting the house)

A house should have It's normal occupants there but it's best if the owners don't invite all their friends round and it's also a good idea to send children and pets away from the working area too. All present can be protected by guides and kept quite safe.
Before entering reinforce your protection but keep some in reserve as it's not always necessary to enter a house in a blaze of light. It's better to adopt a 'tread softly but carry a big stick' approach and check out the situation and the main players in a house first.
Explore the house if you need to but everyone there can either be brought to you when you begin working, or you can use your senses to work at their location in the house from where you are and needn't move.
I personally prefer to have a brief wander around first and then retire to somewhere comfortable to continue, whatever your preference be prepared for any aggravation as there will often be someone there prepared to have a go if they are able.

As mentioned before it's best to work in pairs or a small group but don't take a crowd with you, run through the problems with the owners and give them down to earth advice and information, paying particular attention to whether there is a problem with the people there attracting negative spirits.
In some circumstances it's all too possible to clear a house only for the owners to attract a whole new crowd of negative spirits in next to no time, so education is often a must too.

You may have picked up on those needing rescue too so give them the protection they need and keep them apart from the negative spirits, mental projections of walls and shields can work well but guides are quite capable of maintaining a barrier between them.

One of the main players will no doubt make themselves obvious but be aware that they may possibly have been sent forward as cannon fodder by someone more senior who has the good sense to hang back, either way deal with them but be sure to sort out whoever is at the top of the pile.
By dealing with them I mean engaging them and sensing their nature, if you believe they are open to persuasion then by all means reason with them and extend help, sometimes you may wish to conduct a rescue first and help those keen to move on once the opportunity is presented.
By doing so all the others there will experience the option of moving on and will be aware there is something possibly rather better than what they've experienced so far, and it's this that can provide leverage in your persuasion of others to move on.

Should they prove irredeemable in nature, and there will usually be those with no interest whatsoever in moving on, they should be removed.
Some may still need help but are reluctant to move on and these should be passed onto guides, while those with every intent to continue causing disruption and harm should definitely be removed.
This may involve the introduction by guides of a portal or gateway, similar to the 'light' it will be a means of entry to somewhere appropriate to their character and vibration, only the destination is rather less pleasant but has been earned by their nature and activities.
It may appear as an opening in the room through which you may perceive a dark and cold place, or it may be enough to hand them over to guides to take away and they will either escort the spirit to the portal, or you may never 'see' quite where they are taken.

The portals we perceive are provided, as are all the 'visible' references we work with clairvoyantly, as something both we and spirit can relate to, but which in fact are only aids to vibrational attunement as this is where the actual work takes place, all of the rest is essentially mind games for us all.

Naturally the negative spirits will usually be extremely reluctant to enter a portal of their own accord as they will be aware of the destination and a struggle may ensue, though sometimes they may put on a brave face and stroll in themselves when realising they have no choice.
If they are reluctant it's possible for guides to initiate something akin to a magnetic pull which may appear as the spirit being pulled down like water down a plug hole, I've even 'seen' one reluctant spirit hiding upstairs being pulled down into a portal downstairs, and it was like he had a tail like a genie as he was stretched and pulled in.
There are many ways the process of removal may appear though these instances mentioned have been quite unusual.
Again these are all clairvoyant mind games for both us and spirit to relate to, a common frame of reference for all concerned.

Once the spirit at the top of the chain have been removed it's normal for the others to be a little more compliant, and you may even be aware of a scatter effect as they rush for the exits, fearing they are next now their leader has been dealt with.
Unfortunately for them there are no exits available as guides will have sealed the house, unless they have good reasons for allowing individuals to leave, so now some of the lesser spirits may be open to the option of rescue rather than the alternative, and if not then there will be somewhere guides will remove them to.

Turning Negative Spirits Around.

Some negative spirits may appear quite unpleasant, but part of discernment is looking into their nature and seeing what it is that drives them, some act the way they do because of the emotions they are locked into, or because of various unresolved issues they have carried with them on passing. Anger, resentment and bitterness can colour their perception of others causing them to lash out and create upset.
It can be helpful to isolate them within a mental projection of an light / energy 'cage,' and once contained project whatever coloured light you feel inspired to use, together with a projection of love and healing. In this way their emotional energies can be dampened or dissipated and once they have calmed down they may be much more reasonable. So provide a counter to whatever negative emotions and energies they may be using.
Either way they should be much easier to deal with and will hopefully cease their attacks, you may then become aware of other aspects of their nature, and it is this which can be addressed to help them achieve a more balanced perspective.
Quite often it is appropriate to turn them over to guides for a period of adjustment and guidance, some may be moved on to another plane whilst others may need more time here before they are ready. The important thing is to make sure whoever it is that you pass them onto really are guides, and not associates of the spirit trying to bail them out.

Even thoroughly nasty types may be brought around if you can break them out of whatever negative emotions drive them, and I'd rather help them if possible rather than sending them all to one of the less pleasant spirit realms.
Unfortunately not all negative spirits can be helped in this way, some will reject whatever you present to them and it is these that really need removing to wherever guides decide is appropriate to their nature.
The good thing is that you have another tool with which to deal with negative spirit in a productive way, so things can be flexible and far less black and white in outlook.

House Clearance. (Remote)

This method may involve guides bringing those spirits to be rescued or cleared from the house concerned, to a rescue circle and the advantage of home ground, or you may focus on the place and use your perceptions to find and deal with whoever is causing problems. Guides also help by forming a link with the place, the people living there and the spirits involved.
Beyond that the procedure is much the same in the way they are dealt with, but be sure to follow up with the occupants of the house to confirm the problems have been solved, together with bringing them up to speed on perhaps why they had problems and how to avoid them in future.

It naturally varies between mediums in their ability to focus remotely, and some may find an initial phone conversation with the people concerned useful, or even a photo or personal item, whatever you need really to help establish a confident link.

Beyond this I find it's a case of using various mind games in controlling the situation by means of mentally projecting what is essentially an imaginary you, into what you perceive as the place concerned. So it's a little like working in a house with your eyes closed and doing it all mentally, so instead of wandering around a house in person you sit there and do it through your imagination, but remember that our mental projections assume a reality to spirit.
With this in mind you will have to shift gear in your projections between what you radiate in your aura when presenting a solid no nonsense, authority figure come to deal with those there, and a softer more reassuring and kindly presence to establish a rapport with those who are frightened and need help. Again, it's that flexible approach in action, and while we may need an imposing and well protected presence when going into a clearance situation, it can also be terrifying for the ordinary earthbound spirits there who need help.

Make sure that it's you that sets the pace and that the spirits there are reacting to you and not the other way around, you have to control things and not let them coordinate or initiate any effective blocks or attacks aimed at making you ineffective. This is where working as a pair has it's advantages.

Attachment Removal.

This can be conducted in a similar way to a house clearance and I can certainly recommend the use of mentally projected (and guide assisted) light and energy 'cages' to isolate and contain negative spirits, but it is also essential to explore the reasons why the person acquired a spirit attachment in the first place, otherwise removal will only pave the way for a new acquisition due to the person's vulnerability in this respect.

Sense the spirit or spirits concerned, discern their nature and disposition, then decide from input from your guides whether it is appropriate to remove the spirit, or allow it to remain as a necessary lesson for the person to experience and deal with themselves, together with whatever useful guidance you may be able to offer in this respect.
This may sound harsh but particularly where those with mediumistic ability are concerned it may be necessary for their understanding and progress.
I can also recommend healing, and this would be particularly useful after the removal of an attachment that has been a disruptive influence on a persons energies, and a period of rebalancing may be needed before they experience the full benefit of removal.

How not to do it.

Please steer clear of theatrics, and if for some reason you use rescue and clearance work as a means of ego massaging, then perhaps you might also wish to look elsewhere for your needs.
Some mediums have to meditate beforehand to decide whether to send a group of men or women, because apparently women have stronger energies than men??? but probably the strangest 'method' I've heard of relates to a group of people who would visit a house with glasses of previously blessed water, and while parading through the house would flick the water at the offending spirits to remove them. This technique was further modified to include them standing in line one behind the other while flicking their water, just in case they missed.
They would also stand in a circle and use their collective energies to push the resident spirits out, they weren't making any distinction between rescues and negative spirits, that was down to God to sort out.
They also had a thing for using bells too, and while this may have some merit it's hardly an essential part of a clearance medium's kit, which should consist of nothing more fancy than you and your guides.
It also transpired that they believed it necessary to explore every nook and cranny of the premises including the garden, which I find strange as a successful clearance needn't involve you even leaving your own home, or if you do visit a house why would you need to physically visit every part of it?

Now while I find the above amusing it does raise some rather disturbing questions, regarding not only their dubious methodology but where it came from. In all probability some of this is the advice of a bogus guide, in which case they would do better to look closer to home for negative spirit rather than making fools of themselves in public.
The only good thing is that as with all methods, guides will try to fill in the gaps in our methods and ability, so perhaps they might not have been completely ineffective, but the crowning achievement had to have been when the person relating this 'method' revealed that we in the UK are spiritually backward :)

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