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Bogus Guides from spirit's perspective.

As given to Michele Baxter by one of her guides in relation to rescue work.

As a guide will stay because the individual has allowed it, so will an energy that is not a guide step in and attempt to work as a guide.  It is sad that this is not a recognised fact in many quarters because these, too, should be noted – so that all can be aware of exactly which energies are working with them, and of their intentions. 
These ‘bogus’ guides work with individuals because they are allowed to do so.  If they are acknowledged and encouraged as guides then they will continue.  This is not a common occurrence, but one that is, sadly, too common. 

With the proper awareness and spiritual knowledge; working in a responsible way and at the correct pace, this simply would not be able to occur.  We inevitably are able to regain the attention of the individual and assist them in raising their vibration back to us and return to their path, but the length of time this takes and any spiritual (sometimes, but rarely physical) damage we have no control over.  Though we ultimately do our best to protect and guard against such instances, this is often over-ridden by free will. 

It is also worth remembering that in allowing such energies in, they also are not progressing as they should and it becomes an almost mutual hindrance on the path as time passes.  So it is similarly not in their best interests either.  Any action in the aid of such energies should be left to their team of helpers; to those who have chosen to spend time helping such energies and of course the guides of the individual concerned.  That way it is dealt with in the most loving and effective way.

All that is necessary to work with us is awareness, humility, love and the desire to progress in a way best suited to you, and for the good and not the detriment of others.  Provided that you have the qualities of love and humility, there will be no difficulty in working with us spiritually and helping others raise their awareness as well.

Even if your path is not one of sharing spirituality – or even at all spiritual – your guides are still with you and are helping you in the best way they can for your path.  Whether you are aware of us or not we are here to help and we are with you all the time you need us. 

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This is made all the more easier by a process of learning discernment throughout your development, unfortunately many development circles will only focus on mediumship aimed at producing platform mediums, and while this is a laudable goal it can lead to mediums who may be able to give excellent information during communication, but who would be unable to spot all but the most obvious negative spirit or deception, neither would they necessarily be in a position to do much even if they did recognise a problem.

To my mind it's not enough to just teach that there is another side to spirit which isn't too pleasant and the reason why we need to learn protection, but that it's only common sense to provide practical demonstrations as an aid to developing discernment, protection and the ability to deal with problems.
Our guides will readily provide suitable subjects for the circle members to be aware of and in doing so help us to learn what to look (feel) for, in our awareness of spirit. Unfortunately many circles just won't consider this at all appropriate and unwittingly place rose tinted spectacles on the mediums they train.
Now while I fully understand that the majority of mediums won't ever wish to come across negative spirits, (and why would they?) many may be in a position to help others with problems, yet will lack effective training with which to offer any substantial assistance.

Discernment becomes automatic but is assisted by guides giving us a nudge when needed to pick up on the less pleasant or genuine types of spirit, not just would be guides, but don't expect it to always be obvious as you need to learn to sense their natures and agendas.
My favourite method of gaining deeper insight into a spirit's true nature is to clairvoyantly get eye contact with them and a flash of insight usually follows, thereby confirming any suspicions I may have.
Quite often you will get a sense that something just isn't right when presented with a new guide, so trust this and dig a little deeper beyond the facade they present, as spirit can portray themselves most however they wish.

Ask yourselves how many mediums would accept a guide on the strength of them presenting themselves and announcing that they are a guide etc? after all if they look the part then why not? and it's not just newcomers to mediumship which get caught out like this either.
Far too many Spiritualists blindly trust spirit and whatever comes from them, but if they learned to recognise the deceivers there would be the added bonus of appreciating more fully that which comes from genuine spirits and guides.

Some questions you may wish to know is do you trust this guide? if it's anything less than a resounding 100% then look a lot deeper, as a genuine guide will give you a sense that their bond with you means you KNOW you can trust them with your very life, they'll never let you down and are quite immovable.
This certainly isn't dependant on their appearance as even the slightest guide is a match for most negative spirits, and although a guide possesses great strength they have no need to flaunt it.
They are patient beyond measure, have the utmost integrity and a great depth of character, and they are most certainly not there to tell you what to do, that's up to you.

The bogus guide on the other hand can be quite wily in maintaining a deception, and if they are accepted through your own free will then your genuine guides can only assist you in learning the truth for yourself, don't expect them to provide neon signs pointing out the impostor as it's all experience and learning, and after all, you chose to accept them even if it was through ignorance.
A bogus guide may produce a relatively effective facade of appearance yet fall down on the basic details of their background if questioned, and while some may have a degree of knowledge regarding psychic practices, they may also get you into deep water through such things as encouraging trance.

It's really a matter of developing your instincts to spot a deception, and how will you ever hone that ability if you only have experience of the genuine variety of spirit? we all have to make a decision within our spiritual work what we will be prepared to do? I chose to become street smart rather than stay weak as a kitten, and if there are problems the kitten mentality won't do you much good, no matter how endearing it is. So grow some claws, and as with cats they remain hidden but useful when needed, if only to scratch the occasional itch.

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Like attracts Like.

We've probably all heard this before, it's one of the mainstays of the rather limited teaching given to people in regards to negative spirit and our attraction to them. So if we are good people and well motivated we should never come to the attention of the more dubious spirits wandering around?
Now while this may be true to a point it's hardly an infallible rule, it's certainly a sound outlook  to take to be good and well motivated but that in itself isn't a perfect shield. It does help if you begin to see earthbound  spirits as being the same as they were in life, with the same emotions and motivations.

Now as an analogy imagine Ghandi going about his life in a spiritual way helping those he can with a pure heart and intentions, would you believe he was completely immune to the attentions of con artists, cheats, the greedy and manipulative power seekers? well of course he wasn't, so why should we be immune to those in spirit who would seek to exploit us?
Ghandi might have had the right attitude, but without discernment and a degree of 'street sense' he would have been prey to various approaches if vulnerable and open to them. So have a good heart, it's a goal we should all strive for, but don't be naive and always check things out, even when they look right.

Sharing insight?

It is also difficult to even broach the subject of a bogus guide to many mediums, apart from those that flatly refuse to even contemplate such a thing being allowed, those actually having accepted a false guide will frequently respond with an adverse reaction when it's brought to their attention.
Remember that these mediums will often have a close working relationship with their 'guide' and it is unlikely they will welcome the suggestion that they have been deceived, particularly by a spirit they have accepted and trusted, so it is quite possible to alienate them and distance whatever assistance you might have been able to offer.
It's a difficult decision to make on occasion whether to actually tell someone, or just to help them gain a broader understanding in the hope they will work it out for themselves, which after all is what their true guides are doing.

Ouija Boards.

There is much written about these boards within Spiritualist literature, and the general consensus of opinion is to stay well clear of them, but that really needs qualifying.
The board is simply a crude tool of communication with spirit, it has no intrinsic value as a spirit attractant and merely provides a basic means for spirit to relay information, via those who may have no developed abilities to communicate otherwise.

The problem comes entirely from the manner in which it is used, a competent medium could certainly use one safely as they would know who they were communicating with, and would already have protective safeguards in place prior to working. 
The question then is why would any competent medium wish to use such a ridiculously crude means of communication? it's akin to using Morse code or semaphore when you already have the use of full video link, satellite equipment to hand.

Those who aren't competent mediums and use the board are another thing altogether though, without the knowledge of what they are doing, knowing about essential safeguards of protection, and a basic awareness of spirit through clairvoyance etc, then they are asking for trouble from any negative spirit who happens along.
Motivation is very important, and approaching it as a game is hardly likely to attract genuine communicators.

It's like going into a rough pub on a Saturday night and saying "I'm having a party and anyone can come" if you did that just what sort of people might you expect to turn up, would they behave themselves and would they be inclined to leave afterwards?
What do you then do if they decide to stay, or attach themselves to you and accompany you everywhere you go? What do you do if they cause problems within your home, are disruptive, create a bad atmosphere and attempt to influence your thoughts and emotions?

One of the main problems is in the indiscriminate nature the board is used, saying "Is there anybody there?" might sound clichéd but it essentially means you're asking for input from whoever is around, and as it's an act of your own free will what are your guides meant to do? leap forward and protect you from your own ignorance and choice in the matter?
It's quite likely there will be someone around willing to communicate with you, but without awareness and discernment you run the risk of deception, and forming an unhealthy association with those spirit who are unlikely to have your best interests at heart.

So in summary my advice is to STAY AWAY FROM USING THEM, if you wish to learn to communicate with spirit then learn properly.

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