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This site is intended for those that are either interested in spirit rescue work, or for those having problems with spirit and needing more information.

I created this site as I had been searching for spirit rescue related information on the web and finding very little, I was also aware of how misunderstood the subject of earthbound spirits is, together with ways to either help them or deal with them when they cause problems. This site is therefore a collection of my current views based on my own experience and understanding at this time.

Where spirit rescue is concerned there are no methods or techniques that are absolutely right or correct, though some methods are more productive than others depending on who is using them. Therefore you really have to be flexible and see what makes sense to you at your current level of understanding and ability, and accept that what you do now may well change and grow as you do.

Please e-mail me for any additional information you need or clarification on whatever I've written, I would also be interested in input from others engaged in this work as to your own methods and understanding.

Best wishes,

Ian Bradley

Site Map

Overview  A basic explanation of earthbound spirit, spirit rescue and clearance work.       
Earthbound Spirit.  What this means and the differences between them.
Planes of Existence.  A piece relayed from spirit on this topic.
States of Consciousness  A piece relayed from spirit on this topic.
Attachments.  The spirit 'friends' you didn't know you had.

Rescue Methods  A review of some methods used in this type of work.
Rescue / Clearance situations for people and places. 
A basic overview.
Trance Rescue. 
A good method but only if a trance medium is available, otherwise...
The 'Send them to the light' Rescue Method. 
Is there any other way? well yes actually.
Scene Rescue.
  A practical and versatile method of rescue work.

Negative Spirit  A basic explanation of problem spirits.
Individuals and Groups.  Negative spirit's natural tendencies.
Non Human Entities.  Bizarre, but you may come across them.
Bogus Guides. 
An unfortunate reality, & rescue mediums aren't immune either.
Bogus Guides from spirit's perspective.
  A piece relayed from spirit on this topic.
Seeing through a facade to a spirit's true nature.
Like attracts like?  Unfortunately not quite the protection you thought it was.
Sharing insight? 
To tell or not to tell?
Ouija Boards.  Not just "Stay away from them" but why.

Spirit Clearance  Methods of moving on problem spirits.
Calibre and abilities. 
Forewarned is forearmed.
Basic outlook.
House Clearance (Visiting the House) 
The classic scenario.
Turning Negative Spirits Around.  A useful tool for helping both yourself and spirit.
House Clearance (Remote)
  A useful modification of on-site house clearance
Attachment Removal.
  Removing the spirit 'friends' you don't want.
How not to do it.  'Methods' to get you noticed and be embarrassed by later :)

Spiritualism & Rescue   Why is rescue work largely ignored within Spiritualism?

Rescue Examples  Examples of rescue work.
Animal Rescues. A brief example of different possibilities in rescue work.
Attachments to Animals. An unusual experience involving our dog.

Ghost Hunting  Investigation and entertainment at the expense of spirit?

Automatic Writing  Useful tool or potentially dangerous? 

Universal Law?  What is it and how it relates to bogus guides.

Links  Links I've found interesting or useful.


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