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Member of the Society of Genealogists (SoG)

Member of the Devon Family History Society (DFHS)

Member of the Norfolk Family History Society (NFHS)

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Registered member of the Guild Of One-Name Studies (GOONS) for Pidgeon, Pigeon, Pidgen & Pidgon


The purpose of the Project is to map the ancestral origins of Pidgeon families from around the world.  Originating in England and Ireland, the name has spread to many English-speaking countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  I started the Project in 2000, and it could be 2020 before I finish it.  The story is far from complete and is developing continuously.  If you belong to or are related to a Pidgeon family which is not represented in these pages, or can add information to those which are, please contact me.  Please note that all spellings of the name are included, for example Pigeon, Pidgen and even Pygion.

McGEE family history
The McGees of Manchester

YEARSLEY family history
The Yearsleys of Cheshire

My Ancestors

Family tree format  Most of the information is presented in the form of family trees.  The format is my own.  This section describes the conventions I use, most of which will be obvious.  However, knowing about those which are not so obvious may help you to read more from what is presented.

Publication policy  Read this to know why your brothers and cousins don't appear on the family tees.

Old-style dates   Dates before 1752 on this web-site are indicated, for example, as:  1/1/1745/6.  This date followed 31st Dec, 1745 in the old-style year which ran from 25th March to 24th March, but would have been in 1746 in the new-style calendar which was only introduced in England in 1752.

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