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Family Tree Format

Traditionally, family trees were depicted using the “horizontal” format, like this:

This shows the four children of Jack and Jill – John, Jane, William and Mary.  However, with 19th century families sometimes producing as many as ten children, by the time their spouses, children and grandchildren have been added, the diagram becomes extremely wide and is not conducive to easy printing.  Furthermore, there is little space to include the places and full dates of births, marriages and deaths, not to mention census information, which can be very illuminating.

All the family trees on this website use a “vertical” format, in which the above would be shown as:

Jack PIDGEON (1730 – 1795)

   m.(1755) Jill JONES (1732 – 1798)


    |– John PIDGEON (1756 – 1804)


    |– Jane PIDGEON (1758 – 1827)


    |– William PIDGEON (1760 – 1825)


   └  Mary PIDGEON (1762 – 1832)

There is now lots of space to add details, spouses and several generations, because the tree can expand vertically down the page, which is easy to print.  The following extract from one of the Pidgeon trees shows how, the lines beginning 1851, etc, show who was living where and are based on census returns.

Abner PIDGEON (b.ab.1819, Manchester – d.1883, 65y, Birmingham)  Organ Builder

   m.(1846, Worcester) Amelia SAMMONS (b.ab.1829, Worcester – d.1907, 77y, Glasgow)

    |    1851:  at No.2 Court, Coventry Rd, Bordesley, Aston – Abner & Amelia; Thomas

    |    1871:  at 91 Upper Trinity St, Aston – Abner & Amelia; Alfred, Edwin, William, Amelia R

    |    1881:  at  8 Butler St South, Aston – Abner & Amelia;  Alfred, William

    |    1881:  at 18½ Monmouth Place, Walcot, Somerset - Abner (boarder with John ELBRO & family)

    |    1891:  at 76 Park Lane, Aston – Amelia (wid, 65), visitor of Mary Fletcher & family

    |    1901:  at 5 India St, Glasgow – Amelia, with family of daughter, Amelia Rose JOHNSON


    |– Thomas Abner PIDGEON (b.6/7/1849, Worcester – d.11/11/1933, 84y, Toronto, Canada)

    |                                                                                                                              Soldier (private), Painter

    |            1881:  at “New Infantry Barracks" Fulford Rd, Gate Fulford, York – Thomas Abner          

    |            1901:  at 5 India St, Glasgow – Thomas, with family of sister, Amelia Rose JOHNSON

    |            Emigrated to Canada ab.1912  -  with sister, Mrs Isaac JOHNSON


    |– Alfred PIDGEON (b.ab.1852, Birmingham – d.1907, 55y, Aston) Printer Compositor, Packer in Brass

    |      m.(ab.1882) Lucy ? (b.ab.1854, Birmingham – d.1908, 54y, Aston)                                        Foundry

    |       |    1891:  at 73 Glover St, Aston – Alfred & Lucy;  Lucy, Ellen, Eliza

    |       |    1901:  at 6 Vict.Terr, Westley St, Aston – Alfred & Lucy;  Lucy, Ellen, Eliza, Nancy

    |       |

    |       |– Alfred PIDGEON (b.1883, Aston – d.1883, 0y, Aston)

    |       |

    |       |– Lucy PIDGEON (b.1884, Aston – d.1963, 79y, Birmingham)

    |       |      m.(1904, Aston) Raymond Arthur FIELD (b.1883, B’ham – d.1955, 72y, B’ham) Brass Polisher

    |       |       |    1911:  at 12 Beech Avenue, Small Heath, Birmingham – Raymond Arthur & Lucy;  Raymond

    |       |       |                                                   Arthur, Ethel Ida  + Phillip Charles & Ellen SPEAKE (boarders)

    |       |       |– Ethel Ida FIELD (b.1906, Birmingham – d.)

    |       |       |– Raymond Arthur FIELD (b.1907, Birmingham – d.1946, 38y, Solihull)

    |       |       |– ? FIELD (b.ab.1910 – d.ab.1910, Birmingham)

    |       |       |– Gwendoline FIELD (b.1919, Aston – d.1919, 0y, Aston)

    |       |      └  Lucy FIELD (b.1919, Aston – d.1919, 0y, Aston)

    |       |

    |       |– Ellen PIDGEON (b.1886, Aston – d.1918, 32y, Birmingham)

    |       |      m.(1911, Aston) Philip Charles SPEAKE (b.1885, Birmingham – d.)

    |       |       |    1911:  at 12 Beech Avenue, Small Heath, Birmingham – Phillip Charles & Ellen SPEAKE

    |       |       |                                                                 (boarders, with Raymond & Lucy FIELD – see above)

    |       |      └  Edwin Arthur SPEAKE (b.1/8/1911, Aston – d.11/1985, 74y, Sandwell)

    |       |              m.(1936, Smethwick) Nellie MORGAN (b.14/3/1911 – d.11/2003, 92y, Sandwell)

    |       |               |

    |       |

    |       |– Eliza PIDGEON (b.1889, Aston – d.)

    |       |

    |       |– Nancy PIDGEON (b.1892, Aston – d.1968, 76y, Worcester)

    |       |      m.(1911, Aston) Thomas E FELLOWS (b. – d.)

    |       |       |

    |       |      └  Leonard A FELLOWS (b.1913, Aston – d.)

    |       |              m.(1942, Worcester) Edith E JONES (b. – d.)

    |       |

    |      └  Sarah PIDGEON (b.1894, Aston – d.1895, 1y, Aston)


    |– Edwin PIDGEON (b.ab.1855, Dublin – d.) Brass Founder


    |– William Benjamin PIDGEON (b.ab.1862, Dublin – d.1895, 32y, Aston)  Stove Fitter, Brass Polisher

    |      m.(1884, Aston) Fanny FOSTER (b. 1862, Leominster, Hereford – d.)


   └  Amelia Rose PIDGEON (b.ab.1866, Dublin – d.)

           m.(1884, Aston) Isaac Francis JOHNSON (b.1862, Aston – d.) Weighing Machine Maker

            |    1891:  at 36 Beechfield Rd, Aston – Isaac F & Amelia R; 

            |    1901:  at 5 India Street, Partick, Lanarkshire (Glasgow) – Isaac & Amelia;  Anne, Margaret, Isaac

            |                                                                                     + Amelia (73), Thomas (50) PIDGEON

            |                                                                                     + Eliza WILLIAMSON (21, visitor), b.Glasgow

            |    1912:  Emigrated to Canada via USA – Amelia;  Margaret, Isaac, Fred


            |– Anne Maria JOHNSON (b.1884, Aston – d.)

            |– Henrietta Rose JOHNSON (b.1885, Aston – d.)

            |            1901:  at Glen Villa, Station Rd, New Kirkpatrick, Dunbartonshire – Henrietta R (visitor with

            |– Margaret Frances JOHNSON (b.1888, Aston – d.)                                            ALLINSON family)

            |– Isaac JOHNSON (b.1892, Aston – d.)

           └  Fred JOHNSON (b.ab.1902, Glasgow – d.)

This shows that Abner from Manchester married Amelia from Worcester in 1846 at Worcester.  We don’t know exactly when they were born, but information from censuses and their ages at death suggests that Abner was born about 1819, and Amelia about 1829.  Abner was an organ builder by trade, and this took him around the country.  Not shown in this extract is that he was at home in Manchester in 1841.  In 1846 he was in Worcester marrying Amelia and by 1851 they had settled at Aston, Birmingham.  In 1881, he seems to be at home with Amelia, but actually he was on his travels, and boarding overnight with John Elbro in Somerset.  He died in 1881, and his widow, Amelia, was living with other people in 1891 and 1901.

In the census information, note how the parents “Abner & Amelia” are separated from the children by a semi-colon (;).  Non-members of the family are shown after a plus sign (+), as in the 1901 example of Isaac & Amelia in Glasgow, when Amelia’s mother and brother, and a visitor, Eliza Williamson were living with them.  Names in these census lines are always shown as spelt in the actual census, even if wrongly.

Names in CAPITAL LETTERS are always surnames, and surnames are always shown in capitals.  When a family name is used as a given name it will be in lower case letters.  There are no examples in this extract, but on the family tree of Long Stratton there are several children of Sarah Ann Pidgeon and Hubert Howlett who were given the name of Pidgeon.

Returning to the above extract, the children of Abner and Amelia were Thomas Abner, Alfred, Edwin, William Benjamin and Amelia Rose.  Some of their births are not to be found in the English birth records, but the 1871 census tells us why – Edwin, William and Amelia Rose were born in Dublin.  This was another journey made by the family, which must have lived in Ireland from about 1853/4 until sometime between 1866 and 1871.

This is a family which certainly had the wanderlust.  Born in Dublin and raised in England, Amelia Rose married Isaac Johnson, and in the 1890s they migrated north to Glasgow, Scotland with four children.  Her widowed mother and oldest brother, Thomas Abner went with them.  And then, after the older Amelia died, at least part of the family emigrated to Canada.  Thomas Abner Pidgeon died in Toronto in 1933, and his death was reported by his sister, Mrs Isaac Johnson.

Going down the generations, the children of Alfred and Lucy were Alfred, Lucy, Ellen, Eliza, Nancy and Sarah.  One of these children, Ellen married Philip Charles Speake and gave birth to a son Edwin Arthur Speake.  Edwin married Nellie Morgan in 1936, and their children are not shown because they are still living.  (In 1911, Ellen and Philip were living in the same house as Ellen’s sister, Lucy Field.)

Distinctions are made between the birth (b.) or baptism (bp.) dates, and also between the death (d.) or burial (bu.), especially before 1837, where dates come from parish records.  Ideally, both the date and place of an event, including marriages, are given, if known.  Dates are always given using the European (as opposed to American) convention of day/month/year

The trade or profession of a person is given, if known, after his or her life details.  .

In future, in all trees updated after 1st Jan, 2010, there will be a distinction between actual places and registration districts (in italics).   For example, between 1837 and 1912, the registration district of Aston comprised Aston itself, Castle Bromwich, Curdworth, Erdington, Minworth, Winshaw and Sutton Coldfield.  In 18th century censuses, Aston covered an even larger area.  In 1901, Alfred & Lucy Pidgeon were living at “Vict.Ter., Westley St., Aston”.  Census returns include a description of the area covered.  In this case it is quite clear that Westley Street is in the Bordesley district of Birmingham, east of the city centre not far from St Andrew’s football ground – nowhere near Aston and Villa Park football ground, to the north of the city centre.  Google Maps UK is a very useful tool for locating such places, if they still exist today.

Sometimes children were born out of wedlock, as shown in the following extract from the Long Stratton tree:

 Harriet Maria PIDGEON (bp.17/9/1865, Wacton – d.1964)

    (+) [? Ben CHITLOCK (b.ab.1860, Blonorton) Farmer ]


      |– Elizabeth Alice PIDGEON (bp.6/5/1883, Wacton – d.)


    (+) [? John DYE (b.1858, Tivetshall St Margaret) Ag Lab]


      |– James John PIDGEON (b.1891, bp.16/8/1891, Wacton – d.1937, 46y, Erpingham) Groom & Gardener


     m.(16/7/1891, Wacton) John DYE (b.1858, Tivetshall St Margaret – d.1916, 57y, Depwade) Farm horseman

      |– Florrie Eliza Jane DYE (b.1893, Wacton – d.)

      |– Ernest William DYE (b.20/5/1896, Wacton – d.1980, 84y, Norwich Outer)

      |– Eleanor Matilda DYE (b.13/4/1902, Wacton – d.1969, 67y, Cambridge)

      |      m.(1929, Depwade) Peter SCARR (b.1902, Chesterton – d.1960, 57y, Cambridge)

     └  Gladys Mary DYE (b.1904, Wacton – d.1928, 23y, Depwade)

This shows that Harriet Pidgeon gave birth to two illegitimate children, Elizabeth and James, by different fathers who were believed to be Ben Chitlock and John Dye.  Harriet later married John Dye, and gave birth to four more children.   Usually, the father of such children is unknown and shown as ? ?

The following two extracts show people marrying more than once:

James William PIDGEON (b.9/3/1915, Chelsea – d.6/1994, 79y, High Wycombe)

   m1.(1946, Hammersmith) Grace E TURNER (b.1916, Chelsea – d.1988, 72y, Redhill)

    :                                         m2.(1956, Hounslow) George W SMITH (b.1911, Epsom – d.1974, 63y, Redhill)  


   m2.(1963, Hammersmith) Agnes E WILLIAMS (b.1931, Watford – d.2005, 74y, Hatfield)


    |– Mary PIDGEON (b.1964, Hammersmith)


   m3.(1975, Hammersmih) Elsie Phylis PICKERING (b.12/7/1914, West Ham – d.1996, 81, High Wycombe)

In the above case, James Pidgeon married three times, his wives being Grace Turner, Agnes Williams and Elsie Pickering.  He had one child, Mary (who did not marry) by his second wife, Agnes.  He obviously divorced Grace and Agnes, because they both survived James’s subsequent marriages.  In fact Grace also remarried, her second husband being George Smith.

William PIGEON (b.ab.1780/83 – d.3/4/1822, 42y, Stratton)

   m.(1821, Stratton) Mary Anne MEAD (b.ab.1798, Hempnall – d.1/9/1867, 69y, Stratton)

    |                               m2.(28/10/1839, Stratton) Robert CUNNINGHAM (bp.4/7/1814, Stratton – d.1896)

    |                                |                                           m2.(29/12/1872, Fritton) Elizabeth FRYER

    |                                |

    |                               └ Robert CUNNINGHAM (bp.5/1/1840, Stratton – d.) Watch Maker

    |                                      m.(15/12/1864, Stratton) Harriet TIDMAN (b.ab.1842, Blofield – d.)

    |                                       |

    |                                       |– Maria Charlotte CUNNINGHAM (bp.3/12/1865, Stratton – d.)

    |                                      └  Edward Robert CUNNINGHAM (bp.3/2/1867, Stratton – d.)


   └  William PIDGEON (bp.4/6/1823, Stratton – bu.25/1/1906, 82y, Wacton) Husbandman

In this case, William Pidgeon died at the young age of 42 in 1822.  His widow, Mary Anne then married Robert Cunningham in 1839 – she was about 41 years old and he was 25.  After Mary Anne died in 1867, Robert married again, his second wife being Elizabeth Fryer.  The descendants of Mary Anne and Robert Cunningham are not Pidgeons – they have no blood relationship to William Pidgeon senior, although his son William Pidgeon was a half brother to the younger Robert Cunningham.

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