The Story of Frank Mitchell 1941 to 1946

HMS Indomitable 24th March to 3rd May 1944

HMS Indomitable
HMS Indomitable
I have not found much about Frank's time on Indomitable but the information below covers the period.  Only 815 Sqn is recorded as being aboard  For the full record of Indomitable follow the link.  The FAA archive however shows that 854 squadron embarked (in the USA) in April and disembarked at Machrihanish (HMS Landrail) in May 1944.  I have also found a quote from Robin Marie suggesting that the return of Indomitable from the USA was in June 1944. "I think Indomitable left the Norfolk shipyard in June 1944[?].  see:-    This date looks wrong.

source of information below:-

HMS Indomitable was torpedoed off Sicily by a Ju-88 on 15 June 1943 while covering the Sicily landings. She underwent repairs in USA from July 1943 - February 1944. She then joined the Eastern Fleet and in the following year the British Pacific Fleet. She joined the Eastern Fleet in June 1944 for air strikes against targets on Sumatra with HMS Victorious on 29 August and 18 September, 1944. This was followed by air strikes against the Nicobar Islands with HMS Victorious on 17 and 19 October. She was involved in an unsuccessful attack on Medan, Sumatra, with HMS Illustrious on 20 December 1944.

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July 1943-Oct 1944

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