In August 1846 a public meeting was held with John Wood, Esq. in the Chair, when the water from the springs at Wall Grange was tasted and found to be excellent and vastly superior to the water supplied to Hanley and Burslem by Mr. Smith. The records also state that Mr. Bates (late of Shelton) brought forward a proposal to supply the district from hills on the other side of Leek without a steam engine to raise the water, but the proposition was not entertained.

It is worthy of note that the Water Board went to Parliament in 1949 to obtain powers for a supply of water similar to that which may have been in the mind of Mr. Bates. There were, however, at that time possibly good reasons for rejecting Mr. Bates' proposal and deciding to proceed with the Wall Grange scheme and the meeting decided to appoint a provisional Committee to bring the project before the inhabitants. The Committee met on 30th September 1846 and resolved to form a Company and to issue a prospectus, and "that His Grace the Duke of Sutherland be requested to honour the company with his name as its Patron", which invitation His Grace accepted.

The first directors of the Water Works Company numbered thirteen, a number suggested by the Duke of Sutherland.

And thus the Staffordshire Potteries Water Works Company was founded.