Victorian London A-Z Street Index

The third phase of our Victorian London Street Index is now complete and contains over 61,000 references.

A note of caution for family and local history researchers. During the latter-half of the nineteenth century, Metropolitan London was rapidly being rebuilt. Slums were demolished and replaced with new houses and a lot of demolition of roads took place to make way for the railways. Without consulting contemporary maps, a named road may not always be exactly the same road throughout it's history. Equally important, house numbers would change to keep pace with any demolition and rebuilding taking place. Courts and Buildings were named after the owner of the property, and when these properties changed ownership, these places were often renamed.

In 1888 the General Post Office and London County Council conducted a renaming and renumbering scheme to eliminate duplicate road names throughout the LCC and to renumber houses consistently with the lowest number being closest to the local post office. This means that a house located in 1851 need not be the same house today, or even in subsequent censuses.

In the street indexes, places shown in UPPER case letters refer to the Registration District for census returns, or in the case of the City of London they indicate the ward.

The year shown thus [1881] indicates the year of the original reference, thus:

  • [1749] Ted Wildy's Transcript of the Westminster Poll Book 1749
  • [1851] 2% Census Sample Middlesex
  • [1862] A Genealogical Gazetteer of Mid-Victorian London by Cliff Webb
  • [1871] PRO Census Street Index 1871
  • [1881] PRO Census Street Index 1881
  • [1899] Charles Booth's Survey of London 1899
  • [1997] Royal Mail Postcode CD-ROM
  • [b.xxxx] Birth Certificate
  • [c.xxxx] Census Return
  • [d.xxxx] Death Certificate
  • [m.xxxx] Marriage Certificate

To speed-up the loading process, the index of streets has been split into separate A-Z lists:


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