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Introduction date:Source of introduction:Extirpation date:
c 1985Unknown2000-2007 (c20 years)

This deliberate release of the green-backed form of the Wall lizard was first recorded in 1985. The colony is based at a disused quarry not far from Overton village, nr Ludlow.

It is beleived that the population size of this colony has never reached three figures, even at its peak in the 1990s. Animals were reported as present in 1999, but only in very small numbers.

A survey of the site in April 2007 yielded no sightings, despite good conditions and at an ideal time of year. Other reptile species were observed. It is feared that this colony no longer exists, or comprises very small numbers.


This fragile colony may no longer exist. One possible cause for extirpation could be the extensive vegetation clearance carried out on the site by the Forestry Comission at the end of 2004.

The Law:

This colony is likely to have been illegally established, as Part 1 Schedule 9 listed animals were probably deliberately introduced into the wild. The introduction is believed to have been around 1985, after the enforcement of the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981).

Ludlow Quarry face

Ludlow quarry face - Ideal habitat
(Ludlow 2007).

Ludlow habitat

More typical habitat within Mortimer Forest.
(Ludlow 2007).