This was an individual commission for a  full costume, including armour and weaponry, inspired by the Predator films. A full electronic system was incorporated within the suit to power the lasers in the removable helmet (left hand of the Pred' in the picture on the right),  pyrotechnic shoulder mounted gun, light and sound effects. A Pneumatic (compressed air) system was employed for the real time operating claw weapon.
Pred1.jpg (80329 bytes) Pred-kneeling1.jpg (47569 bytes)
Predator 1 Predator 2

These photos are of the flexible skin elements of the costume only. 

For your information

Second Skin, now Hybrid Enterprises don't make/sell Predator costumes or
parts thereof as a general rule due to licensing laws...the one above was made
when trading as Second Skin some years ago and was a one off project, to
fit a specific customer and friend of the designers. Although they do still
have moulds for the chest, hands, feet and head, the rest was scratch built,
with electronics and pneumatics included to make it all function as
naturally as possible in real time.

A fresh copy which would have to be custom made to fit the client, would
unfortunately be very expensive. You may be aware that work such as this has
a great deal of time, skill and effort invested in it. Accurate life casts
of the customer must first be made, followed by a great deal of sculpture,
moulding and fabrication work, as well as many specialised fittings to
accomplish the final effect. A rough cost estimate on a copy of the suit
would be upward of £40,000 (pounds sterling).


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