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     Roof Lining Membrane


Many loft area's suffer from the continual downfall of dust, mortar from between the tiles and general dust particles carried in through the natural ventilation in your loft, but now we can prevent all that build up by applying a breathable membrane to the inner face of the rafters, not only pinned to the rafters but also supported with battens. Not only does this prevent that build up on all your stored items, it also creates a safer and cleaner atmosphere. This membrane is  breathable and there is  no damaging effect on the structure of your roof as the airflow is still maintained unlike many other so-called solutions to this problem which can make the structure of your roof susceptible to damp.

Generally the application of this membrane and supporting fixtures will be completed within a day, leaving you with a more comfortable and cleaner environment, at a fraction of the cost compared to the more costly alternatives coverings such as spray foams or having to lay felt under the roof tiles.

We can now supply two types of membrane to suit your needs. The black economy and our quality white.

 The black economy membrane will create that barrier between those dusty tiles or failing felt products and your storage area at a very competitive price.

As an alternative to the black we can now supply our top quality white membrane, a much higher quality membrane which is both stronger and will transform your loft into a brighter and cleaner area. This is such a bonus for those that wish to use there loft area for more than just storage, perhaps a more usable space with that bright room environment, enhanced even more with a new Velux window for that natural light and ventilation.









These examples show how the dust membrane can also improve the appearance of a loft space and combined with suitable boarding, lighting, window and safe access the transformation of your loft will be complete and this new usable space will be used again and again.



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