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Please click on a link below to download WinTopo Freeware for all versions of Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download WinTopo button WinTopo Freeware 1.753
This download (2.49Mb) will install WinTopo Freeware, or upgrade an existing installation.


Alternative download links...

Server 1: Installer (2.49Mb) or Zipped Installer (2.41Mb)
Server 2: Installer (2.49Mb) or Zipped Installer (2.41Mb)
Server 3: Installer (2.49Mb) or Zipped Installer (2.41Mb)

Please note: This download will install both WinTopo Freeware and the evaluation for WinTopo Pro. The WinTopo Pro part only adds a small amount to the overall download. We hope that you will look at the WinTopo Pro evaluation, as well as using WinTopo Freeware. If you don't want the WinTopo Pro part after installing just delete the desktop shortcut icon.

WinTopo Pro

Professional Edition

available for only £200 UK Sterling
(about US$340 Dollars, or ¥27500 Yen, or €240 Euro)

WinTopo Pro has many benefits over WinTopo Freeware.

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WinTopo promotes the concept of CharityWare. Please read the FAQ section for the idea of CharityWare.

So, while downloading WinTopo, please visit the charity/NGO/Environmental web sites below:

The Hunger Site
The hunger site

World Wide Fund for Nature, Malaysia
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Malaysia

World Wide Fund for Nature
The World Wide Fund for Nature

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