Mission: House Of Nations School Part 2


During our extremely successful trip in July 2008 we were to experience the full wonder of what makes Faly the great visionary he is. He called us down to the school, which a this point was missing all interior and, more importantly, a roof. And he said: "Do you believe that ideas have consequences?", and obviously our response was "yes". Little did we know that we had released a vision that would have a massive impact on the rest of the work we were there to do, and that impact has continued.

Faly's vision involved not just re-roofing the school, or just completing the internal plastering. He wanted to add a second storey so he had more classrooms and the school could grow. Also, he wanted to include, as part of the second floor a stage that faced out onto the hillside, forming a kind of amphitheatre. This is in line with his vision for the school to one day specialise as an arts & drama school.

This means that Faly's initial budget was suddenly deperately short. So this year our first mission, before we even begin to think about another trip, is to finish raising the new outstanding target... Of 6000.