27th August 2009 - THE PLINTH: One of our friends has been given the amazing opportunity to spend an hour on the Plinth in London's Trafalgar Square. She is using this opportunity to speak about the Madagascar Project, and spread our website to the world via Sky Arts channel. If you can watch, check her out between 5am & 6am on Friday 28th August at One & Other (this website is unmonitored and is a live stream, so may contain offensive content)

8th March 2009 - Life of the Madagascar Project has been nigh on silent these days. Life just seems too busy sometimes... We are moving to formalize various aspects. We have drawn up Terms Of Reference for our accociation under Hertford Community Church. We are opening a new bank account which allows for more transparency and accountability. We are also formalising our membership (as part of the bank account and ToR requirements). So the behind the scenes of the Madagascar Project is under going some substantial changes, but we hope prayerfully these are changes that God wants and that he can use to make us more effective. Check back soon for more details...

17th October 2008 - We've been back a month and a half and are oly now beginning to get to grips with normal life AND all that happened in Madagascar! There are still new pictures surfacing! And now, we're looking forward...

26th June 2008 - We have surpassed even our increased fundraising target! Praise Jesus! A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who supported us in anyway! We cannot say how grateful we are!

24th June 2008 - Today we have purchased all our MALARONE! at a cost of just over 600... Shew, but there's no use sparing expenses for our teams health and safety. Oh... and it's only 4 DAYS LEFT!

18th June 2008 - After months of praying, waiting, hoping and seeking God for his will, Jessica Hartwig's passport is back! It is a complete miracle as the Home Office ASSURED us we wouldn' get it back before 28th July. But as usual GOD prevails and the victory is His! Oh... and JESS IS GOING TO MADAGASCAR!

17th June 2008 - God seems to have met our lowest expectations and the 14000 target is within reach. So we have decided to up our target to a whopping 16000! This is because there have been some unforeseen costs, changes in exchange AND it means we'll have LOADS more money to give them! YAY GOD!

15th June 2008 - Event fundraisers are over! The Hero's QUiz & Teddy Bear's Picnic went really well this weekend and we got loads of donationjs aside from the income of the evets themselves!

9th June 2008 - 2500 sent to Faly & his community to start preparations and work for the buildings and other work, like materials and supplies. As a guide 2500 is approximately 44 890 000 Malagasy Franc's!

7th June 2008 - Jumble Sale/Cake Sale/Car Wash was successful, reaching our target of 400! Still got loads of jumble left, so there might be another sale coming soon to a street near you, keep checking back!

3rd June 2008 - We have our flights back! Praise Jesus!

2nd June 2008 - URGENT: Prayer needed! An issue has arisen with our flights. WE NEED YOUR PRAYER!

30th May 2008 - Most flights now paid for, all except 2. Did find out overall TAX has gone up by 420. Praying God will provide.

29th May 2008 - OVAL hosted a Mad Car Wash, and we raised approx 160! Even though it started to rain half way through!

21sth May 2008 - Sponsored walk money has been collected, processed and Gift Aided! We have a grand total... 2700! Well done everyone, it was a gruelling 20 miles, but we are closer to our target because of it!

17th May 2008 - Image gallery is up and running! Further donations of over 700 recieved!

7th May 2008 - Hertford Churches Together pledges 500 to The Madagascar Project.

17th April 2008 - Flights to Madagascar booked and deposit paid for all 9 people going! Dates finalized, with the main party leaving the UK on Sat 28th June and arriving back in the UK on Thurs 24th July 2008. Other members of the team have varying travel dates within this period.

12th April 2008 - Sponsored Walk a massive success! At least 5 people walked a total of 20 gruelling miles, with many other walking distances from 6 to 16 miles. Specific amount raised is unknown but on intial figures suggest in the region of 2000!

3rd March 2008 - Auction of Promises @ Number 11 went down hugely well with just over 2600 raised! Thank you to EVERYONE who made the night such a huge success!