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Lizard on Elim Dune in the Namib Desert

Sidewinder caught by Benny (our driver) at Elim Dune

Walvis Bay at Swakopmund - seal chasing the boat at speed

Seal onboard

Seals at Cape Cross

Too many seals to count

More seals

and thousands more

Waterhole in Etosha - gemsbok and springbok

Zebra on the Etosha saltpan

Kudu at Namutoni camp waterhole in Etosha

Early morning - animals walking to waterhole in Etosha

Elephants in Etosha

Confrontation at a waterhole, Etosha


Ground squirrel, Okaukuejo campsite, Etosha

Springbok, Etosha

Giraffe, Etosha

Kudu, Etosha

Elephants, Etosha

Etosha - predators and prey

Mongoose, Namutoni campsite, Etosha



Springbok, waterhole, Namutoni campsite, Etosha


Springbok and wildebeest, same waterhole

Warthogs in the Namutoni campsite

Giraffe at waterhole, Etosha

Hippo at Mahango Park in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia

Baboon - in Mahango Park

Botswana - Okavango Delta - elephant from the air



Okavango - sequence of 5 pictures showing unsuccessful stalking of baby warthog by leopard


Warthog parents seeing off the leopard

Crocodiles in Okavango

Hippo at dusk in Okavango


Baboons in Okavango


Sunset in Okavango


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