Wild Untamed Imaginings CD
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Wild Untamed Imaginings sees a newly reformed arK returning to classic material, reinterpreting and rerecording the old songs with care, attention and modern technology. The album contains 11 tracks including: `Boudicca's Chariot', `Coats of Red', `Flagday' `New Scientist', `Hagley', `Gaia', `8th Deadly Sin', `Change part 2', `So You Finally Made It', `Kaleidoscope' and `Nowhere's Ark'. `Flagday', `Hagley' and `Change part 2' have only ever been recorded in demo form: `Coats of Red' and `So You Finally Made It' are recorded here for the first time

Of the album, Brian Watson said on DPRP (8.5 out of 10): "The art of great song writing, with meaningful lyrics and great tunes, played by really talented people is alive and well. Across eleven songs, none of them over five and three quarter minutes, Ark demonstrate amazing competence across the neo-prog, folk prog and the out and out rock spectrum. This is sing out loud, incredibly tuneful neo-prog. No song ever outstays its welcome, there's no filler and you're always left wanting a little bit more, whether that's on a song-by-song basis or as regards the album as a whole. A welcome, and heartily recommended return, then, for an excellent band"

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