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Ian Strang

MB ChB, Dip Soc Med, FFPHM, MA.

Accredited with UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)



Welcome to my Psychotherapy website:

www.glasgow-therapy.co.uk & www.ianstrang.co.uk

I studied at the Karuna Institute training in Core Process Psychotherapy and graduated MA in Buddhist Psychotherapy Practice. I see clients in Glasgow.I am accredited with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

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What is Psychotherapy? Is it right for you?

About me and my background

What is Core Process Psychotherapy?

How do I work?

Useful links

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How to contact me to discuss or arrange an initial appointment:

email: ian@glasgow-therapy.co.uk Tel: 0141 576 6478 Mob: 07917 130 831

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What is Psychotherapy?

Will psychotherapy suite me?

Psychotherapy is a confidential relationship space where we can reflect on the way that we lead our life and how we relate to our experience.
We can reflect on our desire to create changes so that we can lead happier more fulfilled lives.
Before we decide to go ahead you can ask lots of questions to make sure that going ahead with me is right for you. Psychotherapy is usually for a longer period than counseling.

What sorts of issues can you talk about?

You can talk about anything at all. Subjects you may wish to explore might be any of these:
  • a vague or clear sense of unhappiness
  • stress, anxiety, fear, panic attacks and post traumatic effects
  • depression or anxiety
  • overwhelming or traumatic incidents in your life
  • where you feel that you are not as in control of your feelings as you would choose to be: like getting angry, stressed or having feelings of guilt or shame.
  • loss, disorientation, bereavement & sudden changes that have caused you shock
  • family relationships from childhood, the past or the present, or domestic, sexual or other abuse
  • wanting to know yourself more deeply within a confidential & reflective relationship
  • issues that are embarrassing or confusing perhaps related to relationships or sexuality.

Over the years as a doctor, I have worked with people who are living with challenging conditions. In psychotherapy I believe there is so much more opportunity to explore and resolve these issues over a longer period of time.

I have found that many people discover that in spite of a unique experience of struggle and suffering they are not alone. They feel less alone and find there is relief through sharing. They discover that a lot of what they experience is a common reaction to suffering and distress.

What will we do during the sessions?

I intend that the sessions will be an an opportunity for you to tell you story and to explore more deeply issues that are important to you.

It is my intention to believe in you, have no agenda for you, to respect your views, to be honest, and to treat you kindly.

I will encourage you gently to be in touch with your feelings and help you to be comfortable doing this..

What will happen when difficult things need to be talked about, things which you might prefer people not to know about. How will I treat this information – will it be confidential with me?

I have a long experience of keeping confidentiality. I will treat what you tell me in confidence. We will discuss confidentiality at our first meeting.
I am bound by a code of ethics and my institute requires that I keep the confidentiality of my clients. As a student of the Karuna Institute I abide by their code of ethics.

How often, for how long and how many meetings?

Meetings are usually weekly for one hour

After an initial meeting for which I do not charge, we would meet weekly for six weeks. If we both decided to continue after this, we would review progress and contract together for a longer period of a few months after which we would have another review..

How much does it cost.

As a student I charge £15 per session. I will consider reducing fees depending on your ability to pay.

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About myself:

I qualified in medicine and worked as a general practitioner and as a consultant. I retired some years ago, became a wind surfing instructor and now I am concentrating on my personal development and training as a psychotherapist. In 2001 I voluntarily gave up being a registered medical practitioner and now concentrate on psychotherapy. A life-long passion has been performing early music. I enjoy gardening and photography. I am also the Chair of a trust supporting people living with HIV.

I support Amnesty International and environmental movements like Surfers Against Sewage. I am a member of the Bodhi Eco-Project which supports Mindful Living, the Practice of ethics, Care for the earth & Creative arts. I am a member of a Nonviolent Communication group: I prefer to call it Kind or Compassionate Communication. I use open source Ubuntu Linux running open source software.

About ten years ago I discovered Core Process Psychotherapy as a client and it had a profound effect on my life. I have been studying with the Karuna Institute in Devon and in 2011 I gained a post graduate MA in Buddhist Psychotherapy Practice from Middlesex University. I am accredited with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I study traditional Eastern practices, like mindfulness-awareness meditation, but keep up to date with Western approaches and contribute to research.

I hope that I may offer a fresh approach. I do one to one therapy work in Glasgow. I am also a volunteer counsellor with the Tom Allan Centre in Glasgow.

My qualifications are:

1967 M.B.Ch.B. from Aberdeen University
1973 Dip. Soc. Med. (Diploma in Social Medicine) from Edinburgh University.
1979 M.F.C.M. (Membership of the Faculty of Community Medicine.) the same membership was later renamed to: M.F.P.H.M. (Membership of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine.)
1989 F.F.P.H.M. (Fellowship of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine.)
2012 Accreditation with the UK Counsel of Psychotherapists
2011 M.A. in Buddhist Psychotherapy Practice from Middlesex University with The Karuna Institute
In 2001 I voluntarily gave up being a registered medical practitioner and now concentrate on psychotherapy.

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What is Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) has its roots in Buddhist awareness practice and Buddhist psychology along with Western developmental psychology and neuroscience. I believe Core Process Psychotherapy offers a sensitive relationship opportunity to bring a deeper appreciation of how things work within our own experience and the world we live in.

It is a joint journey between client and therapist which can be illuminating and healing. CPP os based on an experiential belief that each of us within us carries the keys to unravel whatever problems & challenges we are encountering. And that a therapeutic relationship can help us find and use these keys and resources more successfully.

I work on my understanding that each of us, and only us as individuals, is the expert on ourselves and that it is this that has the power to be changing and curative through Core Process Psychotherapy.

I see the facets of ourselves as ever changing – a process that is inviting us to react or respond in new ways. This can give us the potential to modify ourselves or work through pain and distress from moment to moment, continuing to grow and learn. In this sense, CPP practitioners work on the assumption that increased awareness is curative.

It is my belief that however out of touch we may feel, however doubtful about our inner strengths, that we may be able to tap into this inner core and find potential for well being and inner awareness.

In practice Core Process Psychotherapy is very gentle and aims to provide a safe holding place where we may together explore your inner self.



How do I work?

We will usually sit in chairs or on the floor, and I am comfortable with working with movement, posture and artwork.

Sessions typically start with a quiet orientating few minutes then we will see what is there for you and move from there. Much of the session will be seeing what is arising in the moment and in our relationship and the influence of past events in your life. We usually finish with a brief contemplative checking in as how the sessions was for each of us, then close with a short quiet spell.

There will be periodic reviews of our progress during which you will be asked to consider how you are now and how you may have changed as seen by yourself and as others see you.

I see clients in Glasgow in an area easily accessible by bus, underground and by car which has plenty of free parking at all times.

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Useful links

Karuna Institute at which I am studying.

Tom Allan Centre in Glasgow where I am a volunteer.

Core Process Psychotherapists in Glasgow

Esther Rieley MA 07792 148922 UKCP Accredited

Halina Baczewska  07527 141901 cpp.hal@gmail.com

Rachel Ball 07813 297 223

James Sutherland 0781 557 2466

Nick Swan 07941 339684

Philip Callaghan 0141 333 0808

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How to contact me to discuss or arrange an initial appointment:

email: ian@glasgow-therapy.co.uk Tel: 0141 576 6478 Mob: 07917 130 831

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