LGBT History Scotland

Glasgow Herald 1975

[SNP to be asked to safeguard rights of homosexuals in independent Scotland], GH 1975 Feb 20, 2b;

Shop for minority group, GH 1975 Aug 4, 3e;

Group attack councillors, Aug 15, 2h;

Appeals to Ross on council decision, Aug 29, 4i;

Inquiry into "gay" talk at [Polmont] Borstal, GH 1975 Sep 8, 4g;

[1975/09/07 Sunday Mail p1, Boys get shock visitors GAY TALKS IN BORSTAL [Polmont]. Two self confessed homosexuals were allowed to give a lecture on gay liberation to 30 teenage boys ...]
Article not viewed yet but said by Bill McConnachie to have been by John Breslin & Donald Blaimie. He says that afterwards the Governor of Polmont Young Offenders Institution said that the talk had calmed tensions that there had been about homosexual matters there.

General Teaching Council defer action on indecency case, GH 1975 Dec 3, ?;


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