This is a simple program which polls some news servers to get a list of the new
newsgroups since the last poll. It then prints said list. It keeps a file with
the dates of last polls of all servers, for use next time. I wrote it after
moving from leafnode to suck and s-news, because this combination does not
offer new groups. newnewsgroups will respond with the full groups list the
first time a given server is polled, or on demand with the -l switch.

typical usages:

poll servers listed in s-news newsfeeds file (/var/lib/news/newsfeeds):
newnewsgroups -a

poll a specific server:

poll all servers known about:

for help:
newnewsgroups -h
usage: newnewsgroups [-h] [-a] [-l] [-f rc filename] [server[:port]]...
        -h : help
        -a : poll server in feeds file (/var/lib/news/newsfeeds)
        -l : get full groups list, don't update rc file
        -f : specify rc file (default:${HOME}/.newgroupsrc)
        [server[:port]]... optional list of servers to poll,
                plus port numbers (default: 119)

If a rc file exists then the default action with no parameters will be to scan
all servers in that file. Otherwise either -a or a server must be specified if
any action is to be performed.


This is a sh script which mails the output from the above program to a user.


 newnewsgroups-0.1.tar.gz (23951 bytes)