1.3 HLS

A good spec for the 1980's no wonder Metro beat the Fiesta and all its other rivals.  A quality car.  An equivalent of the Rover 114 GSi.  A velour trim! I must say though, I can't stand the interior colour - its sick!  The text and graphics are quoted from the 1980 launch brochure:

"The ultimate family car of the of the 80's"    "That's high-style Metro HLS motoring for the family of the 80's"Austin Metro 1.3 HLS 1980

"The superbly equipped Metro 1.3 HLS has everything you could possibly need in a family car; advanced styling, spacious versatility, refined luxury, economy and performance.

Even to the casual glance, this is no ordinary motor car.  Gleaming paintwork, handsome road wheel embellishers, tinted glass windows, bright rubbing strips and square-styled halogen headlamps proclaim is exclusiveness.

Within, the image of opulence is confirmed.  Rich velour upholstery, cloth trim on doors and rear quarter casings,  a soft cloth headlining and moulded head restraints and complemented by dozens of other regiments. There's a push button radio, a digital clock set with the tachometer, useful fascia trays with rubber mats, big companion boxes front and rear, a moulded handbrake grip, a fully carpeted boot,  glove box and rear parcel shelf.  

All the standard Metro virtues of economy and safety are included, many of them enhanced by the HLS by added touches of luxury.  Reclining front seats that also tilt and slide forward to give easy access to the rear seats, and concealed seatbelt reels give an unhampered for rear seat passengers.  A comprehensive heating and ventilation system has hidden air extractors for the rear.  Electric wash wipe systems for the front and rear screens.  Twin for rear guard lamps, reversing lamps, mud flaps, dipping interior mirror, padded visors with ticked pocket and vanity mirror,  a trip mileage recorder, heated rear window and grab handles.

Perhaps the biggest Metro feature of them all is the quite astonishing amount of space within the car -  and the number of ways in which that space can be used.  The Metro's unique 'split action' rear seat, wide enough to seat three adults, is divided asymmetrically.  So you can fold down all or either part of it to create a variety of seating/luggage arrangements. 

Metro HLS interior

Optional trip computer pictured in the middle.