Grimsby Trawler Skippers
Surnames Beginning With 'F'

Farr, Alan.
Salvini: August 1951.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Belldock.
Farmery, Alan R.
King Sol: February 1955. Stranded at Iceland.
Lord Hawk: December 1967. January-May 1968.
Northern Sky: August 1968. July 1970.
Northern Chief: February-December 1972. January-November 1973. February 1974-March 1975.
Vianova: June-August 1975.
Royal Lincs: Jamuary, February 1976 (last trip).
Farmery, Sidney Philip.
Isernia: February, May 1950.
King Sol: December 1955.
Farnham, Ronnie.
Lord Howe: May, July, August 1963. January-October 1964. February-December 1965. February-April, December 1966-June 1969.
Northern Jewel: May-August 1966.
Lord Willoughby: July, August 1967.
Northern Sceptre: July, August 1969. November 1971.
Ross Juno: January-September 1970.
Northern Chief: November, December 1970. March 1973.
Vianova: August 1971.
Northern Sea: January-December 1972.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Northern Sky. Vanessa. Lord Fraser. Ross Valiant.
Favell, Ernest.
Serron: January 1961.
Northern Princess: October 1961.
Lifeguard: January, July 1962.
Northern Gem: January-March 1963.
Lord Fraser: May, June, August, October 1964. April, August, November 1965. February-November 1966.
Northern Chief: January 1967-April, June 1968-November 1969.
Royal Lincs: January 1970.
Vanessa January 1971-November 1973.
Northern Sky: May 1968. September, November 1972. September 1973. May-December 1974. February-November 1975. January, February 1976. Last trip of the vessel.
Feeny, J. (Ginger).
Paynter: December 1957. January 1958.
Spurs [1]: March 1958.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Woolton. Hertfordshire.
Fenby, G.
Aldershot November 1974.
Fenty, John.
Ross Civet: December 1966. January-April 1967.
Ross Cheetah: July-August 1967.
Ross Leopard: September 1967.
Gillingham: October 1967-February 1968.
Kamba (Ghana): June 1970.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Paynter. Spurs [1].
Fenty, Peter.
Vanessa Ann (first command).
Northern Sun February, May, June 1959. January-December 1960.
Northern Chief July-November 1961. May, July, September 1962.
Northern Jewel January, February, April 1962. August 1970.
Northern Eagle July, September, 1962.
Northern Sky January 1963.
Lancer February 1963.
Northern Spray August-October 1963.
Northern Prince: May-December 1965. April-December 1966. January-December 1967. January-June 1968. September, October 1970.
Grimsby Town August 1968.
Northern Isles: January 1971-December 1972.
Ross Revenge: January 1973.
Northern Gift: February 1973.
Lord Jellicoe: March-November 1973. January-November 1974. January-November 1975. January, February 1976.
Volesus: May 1976.
Boston Kestrel: August-October 1976.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Ross Rodney. Port Vale.
Ferrand, David.
Barnsley: December 1970.
Notts Forest: January 1974.
Hull City: September 1974.
Aldershot: May, November, December 1976.
Gillingham: January 1977.
Ella Hewitt (Fleetwood): June 1977.

Ferrand, Johnny.
Isernia: January, March, May 1955.
Royal Lincs: September 1955, (Maiden Trip). March-December 1956. February, March, December 1957. January, March, May 1958..
Lifeguard: May 1957.
Coldstreamer: September 1955. August 1958.
Princess Elizabeth: October, November 1958. February, April 1959.
North Cape: September 1959.
Prince Philip: November 1959. January, February, April, May, August-September 1960.
North Holme: January 1961.
Northern Foam: April 1961. January, March, April, July, September 1962.
Lord Jellicoe November 1963. January 1964.
Northern Eagle: February 1964.
Vindora: April, June 1964.
Trueman: September, December 1964. January-April 1965.
Lord Cunningham: February 1966.
Black Watch: July, August 1966.
Lord Willoughby: February 1967.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Sicyon. Dragoon. Northern Queen.
Ferrand, William E.
Isernia: February 1955.
Royal Lincs: September 1955, (Maiden Trip). February, September, October 1958.
Coldstreamer: December 1957. January, August, September 1958. October, December 1962. January 1963-December 1965. March, June 1966.
Northern Sun: October-December 1958. March, May, June 1959. January-December 1960.
Northern Chief: March-November 1961. May, July, September 1962.
Defiance: (Maiden Trip), January 1966. March, July, September 1967.
Northern Sky: March-November 1971.
Ross Renown: January 1972.
Ross Revenge: January-February 1972. May-July 1973. January-February 1977
Lord Mountevans March-May 1972.
Lord Jellicoe: December 1972-January 1973.
Ross Ramilles: July 1973.
Black Watch: September 1973.
Northern Queen: January-November 1974. January-November 1975.
Ross Kipling January-July 1976. June-August 1977.
Ross Juno April 1977.
Ross Kashmir October, November 1977.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Ross Rodney.
Fethon, J.
Lord Howe: November 1963.
Lord Hawk: November 1965.
Fieldhouse, W.
Tokio: October 1964.
Fisher, Albert E.
Gambri: (Maiden Trip).
Leeds United: June, August 1951.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Lord Cunningham. Fiat. Vascama. Cardiff Castle. Barnett.
Fletcher, W. (Sid).
Lord Cunningham: July, August, September, October 1963.
Lord Jellicoe: September, November 1963.
Vindora: August, September 1964.

Ford, A.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Lord Beaconsfield.
Ford, Henry Shakespeare.
York City: April 1938, Maiden Trip. September, October 1938.
Rononia: March 1942.

Ford, Laurie.
Andanes: February, April 1956.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Rinovia. Alsey. Sletnes. Kirknes. King Sol. Stafnes.
Formby, Robert M.
Blackburn Rovers: March 1973.
Aldershot: May, November, December 1973. January-November 1974. January-August 1975.
Forrester, Harry.
Preston North End: August 1934, Maiden trip. April 1936. April 1950, ship lost.
Forrester, John.
Zodiac: September 1895.
Foot, F.
Yarmouth: May 1897. Maiden trip.
Fradley, Jack.
Moravia: April 1932. Lost overboard.
Fraser, T.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Elmira.
Freer, Charlie.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Burke. Warwickshire. Walpole. Merrivale. Wigmore. Saon. Glen Kidston. Northern Gem. Northern Gift [1]. Curtana. Ogano [1]. Sanson. Nubia.
Freer, Edwin.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Simpson. Quail. Sheldon. Silanion.
Freer, George.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Clyde.
Freer, James Edwin.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Equerry. Kastoria. Rockflower.
Freer, Jas.
Known command(s), no known date(s): Sheraton. Silanion.
Freshney, William.
Northern Gem: October 1956. January-March, August 1957.
Bombardier: January 1958.
Lifeguard: March 1958.
Northern Princess: January, March 1959.
Sisapon: April 1959.
Northern Sceptre: May 1959.
Thuringia: June, August 1959. February 1960.
Northern Jewel: August, September 1963.
Northern Sun: January, April 1964.
Gillingham: July 1967.
Fuller, Walter.
Gullfoss: January 1933.
Derby County: December 1933, (Maiden Trip).

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