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Hello! A VERYWARM Welcome to the Wonderful World of Greyhounds!

My name is Richard Lobb and I'm passionate about homing racing greyhounds when they finish racing. They are truly "40 mph couch potatoes"!!. They are very intelligent and affectionate, easy to care for - needing only two 20 minute walks daily - and can be cheap to feed. They are superb on a lead - and in a car. Barley Kennels was originally created  for Walthamstow Owners Association - but now run by Joy Battley. The greyhounds on the web site were mainly from Walthamstow Stadium.but now roughly half are from the Retired Greyhound Trust and the other half from various trainers and owners.  I run this web site - which was designed to download as fast as possible on the slowest system - so there are no whistles and flutes!! - on behalf of the Barley Homefinding Scheme - which as Barley Kennels is a branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust.

Greyhounds cost about £25 ($37) a week each to keep at the kennels, with all the overheads, which means we are always struggling to make ends meet!. So any donations or sponsorships gratefully received!! The cost of keeping a greyhound at home is much less. My three together cost about £12 ($18) a week for basic food - treats extra!.

Our Kennels, called BARLEY KENNELS, No.1 Claverhambury Kennels, Galley Hill, Walthaham Abbey, Essex, EN9 2B is situated in Claverhambury just outside Waltham Abbey Essex (North East London).  

Detailed directions on request from either Joy on 01992 890 540 or me at greyhounds@ntlworld.com

It is OPEN to the general public daily from 10am to 1pm for dog viewing. But any afternoon visits must be arranged by prior appontment.

The individual dogs on the adoption pages are available for adoption subject to a satisfactory Home Check - but please be aware that many dogs are homed within 2 or 3 months and may have already gone. If there is a "GONE HOME!!" notice then obviously they are not available but the "RESERVE" notice just means there is someone interested subject to a Home Check. But the photos do give an excellent idea of the range of dogs we hold.

Please may I also make a special plea for the male dogs!!! :-) They make as wonderful pets as bitches and are often no bigger - although I love the fact that my large male Blackie can be petted without having to bend over - this is true of my bitch Beamer also! Dogs are often better pets with children and are definitely more loving and are as clean in the house. So if you don't actually have a special need for a bitch - PLEASE consider one of our wonderful Dogs - you'll never regret it and they'll love you for it!!! :-)

The date of the last update will be found on the Adopt Dogs 1 page once the massive reconstruction is finished!!..

Please browse around - CLICK on the YELLOW PANELS to go to a page (the figures in brackets indicate the size of file and give some idea of download time) - any constructive comments welcome - email queries quickly answered.

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