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Models of information artifacts: 2. OSM

Ontological Sketch Models

This is a new approach that I am working on with Ann Blandford. In brief: OSM looks for misfits between the user's conceptual model of a domian, and the conceptual model inherent in an interactive device. These misfits are a lightly formalised subset of the cognitive dimensions (see my other pages), giving an approach that is less broad-brush than cognitive dimensions yet not as over-detailed and intricate as, task-action grammar or many other HCI formalisms. Purely task-based approaches such as GOMS cannot spot the the same misfit problems because they do not take account of the conceptual models.

We are developing a methodology making use of a form-based 'OSM editor' to allow designers (non-specialists in HCI) to set up a model quickly and easily. An analysis program then scans the model and delivers 'usability alerts', warnings of potential troubles caused by misfits.

Publications and Reports

At present there is little written about this approach.




Examples of small OSMs

See OSM examples



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