The Visual Vision and Human Cognition

T R G Green

Invited talk at Visual Languages '96, Boulder, Colorado

The full conference proceedings are available as:

Proceedings of 1996 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages.
Eds: W. Citrin and M. Burnett.
Los Alamitos, CA: IEEE Society Press, 1996.

ISBN 0 - 8186 - 7508 - X

Since the Proceedings only contains an abstract of my talk, I have prepared this shortened HTML version for web-based reading.


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About the Author

I am a cognitive psychologist interested in the psychology of programming, the design of notations, and cognitive models of users. I received my BA in Psychology and Philosophy from Oxford University in 1963 and my PhD in Psychology from the University of Sheffield in 1975.

This research was done while I worked at the MRC Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge, UK, but I am currently a Visiting Preofessor at the Dept of Computing, Leeds University.

My home page gives more information about my interests and publications.

Thomas Green, December 1996