Tis of a verdant pair I sing and of their verdant year

So gather round, your glasses found, their doings you shall hear.

Striking experiences, 1 Universities call it the academic year, HM Revenue call it the fiscal year: it's time that the much-scorned tribe of Christmas-Letter-Writers had a word to describe the 365 and a bit item1adays from one to the next. Well: at the start of the Letterary year, i.e. late Dec, we found ourselves playing bass viol/flute at an evening of Village Carols in a rural pub. Round Sheffield and other parts of Yorkshire it has remained the custom to sing local versions of carols, ever since [fill in date at whim, e.g. 1830]. Everyone for miles around is crammed into the local pub on the appointed evening. Local words, local tunes, built like country furniture, sturdily unfashionable. What a strong community was there - and how good at using up all the space.

Greetings from Greens

Christmas letter, 2008/9

This is a web version of our paper letter. I'm afraid the little photos look even worse than they did on paper! If you're interested, there are bigger versions, and more of them, in this album.

Sheffield carols?