Cupping Database


First please ensure that you have the Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or above installed.   See Introduction for more information.

Expand the distribution Compressed archive to a suitable location, your user home or documents folder would be suitable.  For Windows the program should NOT be installed in the Windows or Program Files folders.  Run the CuppingDatabase.jar to run the program.

If you have any problems installing or running the program please see the Troubleshooting section (link on left)

Note that the distribution folder contains an example database, the first time you run the program it will advise you that no user database has been found and it is using the example database.  The example database is then renamed to CuppingData and becomes your user database.  This ensures that if you reinstall the program over the original or update to a later version any data you have added will not be overwritten.

See the Cupping Database Install.rtf file included in the distribution for more information on installation and running of the program.  This file also includes information on the use of the included troubleshooter program and an install script for Linux.

Upgrading previous installation

If you have installed a previous version of CuppingDatabase on your computer you can safely extract and install newer versions to the same folder.  You should allow the extracted files to overwrite each existing file.  This will not overwrite your own database folder (CuppingData).

If you prefer you can extract the new version to a new folder on your computer and try it independently of the existing version.  If you wish to utilise your existing data on the new version simply copy your database folder CuppingData from the existing to the new folder.

After installing with either option above please check the menu option Help | About to confirm that you are running the latest version.


Delete all files in the installation folder and any created shortcut/desktop icon.


Cupping Database has not been updated since 2008 and is no longer supported.  The program is no longer available to download.