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This page is intended to assist those having problems with this web site. A few problems have been brought to my attention, and it is my intention to try to resolve them. If you have an issue with any aspect of this site, please use the comments page to send details to me, and I will look into it.

Animation issues

A problem was raised regarding animations in web pages not working. If you have Checked "Tools", "Advanced" and ensured that the boxes are ticked to allow animations, your problem may be related to the settings in "Zone Alarm" firewall. Open the zone alarm control panel, select "privacy" (on the left), then select "Main" (on the top), then ensure that "Ad Blocking" and "Mobile Code Control" are switched OFF. Your animations should now run.

Pop-up Issue.

A few people have experienced problems with the occasional pop-up advert appearing as they navigate around the site. I am unable to find out how this is happening and would welcome any advice as to how to remove whatever it is that activates them. Fortunately it is only occasionally and does not pose a serious problem.

Screen Size Issue.

A problem was raised regarding monitor size affecting page layout in the browser. The auto wrap feature caused buttons in some of the index pages, to move from the right side of the screen, to the left side of the screen, completely out of position, due to there being insufficient width on the screen to show them in line. I have changed the layout of the offending pages, and reduced the button sizes. I believe this now allows smaller screens to show the index as intended. If you know different, please let me know, and tell me the screen size affected.

Sound File Problem

A few people have experienced problems with the two sound files I included on the site.

1/ some computers crashed when opening the diary page, due to the sound file automatically starting up. I have now removed the auto start feature, and have included controls to allow users to choose whether they wish to play the clips in question. It is also possible to disable web site sound files through your browser, tools, menu. (Internet Explorer Users)

2/ Sound stutters when file is activated. I have noticed this on my own Pc. I have found that if I wait until the sound file has finished it's first stuttering run, it runs smoothly the second time around. I suppose once it's downloaded the file to a temp. folder, it can access it faster. This is not guaranteed, as one visitor has informed me it always stutters on his machine (A Macintosh. I was always told that macs were infallible, well obviously not! (sorry mac users, just kidding) ) He uses the "Netscape" browser. I downloaded "Netscape 7.1" and found that it didn't like the sound file at all. It opened a new browser window, and made me use my default "windows media player" to play the track in a separate window. Very inefficient. I tried it again by double clicking the icon it had replaced the controls with in the Victor Meldrew window, and this time it told me to download "Quicktime" plug in. I did, it was a massive file, & IT DOESN'T WORK. I give up. Now I know why I use IE6 and WMP. I suggest you do the same, it's simpler.

The sound files have now been edited to make them smaller, by reducing the playback quality. They should play without any problems.

Pages Slow To Open

A few users have notified me that some pages are very slow to open. I discovered that some of my pictures and backgrounds were huge, thus taking an age to download. I have reduced pictures and background images to a more manageable size and they now load up much faster. However, if you are a dial up internet user, then I'm afraid I can't do anything about the time taken to load pages. I suggest that these users copy the pages and read them offline later to save costs. The rest of you will just have to be patient. (I'm told it's a virtue!)

Netscape users: -Photo's Fail To Enlarge

A "Netscape" browser user informed me that he had a problem in the photo galleries. His browser showed the thumbnail images in the scrolling strip at the top of the page, but when he clicked on one, it failed to show the enlargement below. I have now downloaded "Netscape" and will view my whole site on it, and discover if this is a general issue or not. I will also find out if there are any other "Netscape" issues. To be honest, I created this site with the "Pc" and "Internet Explorer" in mind. This has now reminded me that there are a lot of different browsers out there, but I can't cater to them all. Sorry!

Netscape users: - Photos Gallery update 

I tried viewing the site using "Netscape". Most was as it should be, and the problem with photo enlargement mentioned above, did not occur, they enlarged very quickly, but the whole layout of the thumbnail gallery pages was changed, and the scrolling thumbnail pictures appeared as one long line of thumbnails, causing the page to expand in width to accommodate them all. Give it it's due, "Netscape" provided it's own scroll bar at the bottom of the page, but by the time you clicked the last thumbnail, the enlargement appeared out of sight, about a yard over to the left of the page, off screen. I really do know now why I use IE6.

Other "Netscape" Issues.

Interactive index issues. "Netscape" can't open the interactive Xmas card, and produces a page of gobbledygook when trying to open "Pictures from Mars", "Happy Life", & "Pay Rise". Stick with IE6 It works!

Red "X" instead of picture?

I have noticed that when returning to a page, some buttons/pictures are not displayed, and a red "X" is shown in it's place. I don't know why this happens, but it is easily remedied by right clicking on the red "X" and selecting "Show Picture" from the drop down menu. The buttons/pictures will then appear correctly.

If you can assist with any of the issues  raised on this page, I would be grateful for any advice you can give me.