New Musical Express (UK) - 14 December 1974


Bowie European Tour - Unique Presentation


David Bowie will definitely tour Britain and Europe in the spring, he revealed in Philadelphia at the weekend. He will play selected dates at major venues in April, May and June. It is almost certain that Wembley Stadium will be included in his itinerary, and - provided suitable venues can be negotiated - it is likely that he will visit other British cities.


Bowie has unique and ambitious plans for the European tour, involving a more spectacular production than any previous rock show. He intends to feature a gigantic set incorporating five separate stages, all with "something different" happening simultaneously, while Bowie himself switches from one stage to another. Obviously, this project will necessitate hiring the largest possible venues, and it will also incur a huge financial outlay.


As previously reported by NME, two leading British promoters have already declined the opportunity of presenting Bowie, because of the huge expense involved - which would have to be passed on to the public. It now seems probable that Mel Bush will promote Bowie's British gigs, although he was not available this week for comment. However, it is understood that several Saturdays have been booked at Wembley Stadium during the spring and early summer for the presentation of pop and rock shows.

Bowie's new album "Fascination" - recorded at Sigma Sound in Philadelphia - is being issued in America in January. RCA do not yet have any plans for its release in this country, and it seems likely that it will be withheld to coincide with - or immediately precede - his British dates.


The album is all r-and-b and comprises eight tracks. They include "Win", "John, I'm Only Dancing" (his third attempt at this song), "Young American", "It's Gonna Be Me", "Right!", "Can You Hear Me?" and the title track - plus one other which has not yet been named.


Bowie is to tour Brazil for three weeks from January 10 with his "Philly Dogs" package - an extension of his recent American "Diamond Dogs" road show, and re-named because of his current r-and-b involvement. Because of his dislike of flying, Bowie intends to travel by sea to Caracas in Venezuela - and then journey overland by Land Rover, via the Amazon, to Brazil.




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