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 Education: -


       Craig with Stanley the Centre's Striated Caracara

As a licensed Zoo and as a member of BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) Kirkleatham Owl Centre participates in education programmes. We do this in two ways, by offering on site facilities and also an outreach facility whereby we will visit schools with native and non-native species of live owls and/or reptiles mammals and invertebrates. We can tailor your visit to take in a particular activity: - Adaptation, Feeding, Breeding etc. Please be sure to let us know well in advance if you wish us to concentrate on a particular subject.

Working alongside our spectacular species of owls and other birds we have an assembly of "Mega Bugs,"  a collection of lower vertebrates and invertebrates which include: - Giant Millipedes, Spiny Stick Insects, Argentine Horned Frogs, Bearded Dragons, Giant Land Snails, Domino Beetles and many more . 



Both services require advance booking preferably at least one month ahead to avoid disappointment. Parties of 15 or more visiting the Owl Centre will qualify for a discount of 20% on current admission charges. For schoolchildren we permit one adult free per 4 children. We strongly advise an adult visit prior to the day of the planned visit (this is free for one adult). If you require risk assessments and insurance details or any other documentation, please let us know in advance. Using the expertise of a licensed zoo like Kirkleatham Owl Centre will ensure your visit is professional, educational and of course great fun.


Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus)

These two juveniles were hatched  at Kirkleatham Owl Centre in July 2005 and are pictured here aged approximately 40 days. This particular year's clutch of five eggs all hatched but unfortunately an overnight storm flooded the scrape and turned the area to mud. We rescued the pair in the photograph (two weeks old at the time) and cleaned off the caked mud but sadly the other three died. This remarkable species of owl is a  circumpolar inhabitant of the Arctic and are superbly adapted for life in such a harsh environment.                                      

LIke all zoos in BIAZA  Kirkleatham Owl Centre's education department is a professional unit, so you can rest assured you will receive an informative session and not just a display of birds or bugs. Cameras are permitted at both the Centre and at your own school.  On site visitors can also use the facilities of Kirkleatham Museum which is run by the Local Authority and offers free admission, however advance booking is also required.

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 Some of the Education Team!!

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