My name is Janet Straw (nee Greaves) now living at Cherry Willingham near Lincoln. I lived at Walkeringham from 1945 until 1953 residing at Highfield House Farm,Mill Lane. I am the eldest of 7 children,my father being John Greaves 1912 - 1984.

My father used to say to me "there has always been a John Greaves of Walkeringham". Having recently completed the Greaves Family Tree I can now confirm that statement as true, at least for the last 300 years. Before that it was Thomas Greaves and before Thomas it was his father Phillip, who died in Walkeringham in 1702.It is not completely clear where Phillip originated from but Beckingham seems quite likely. I came across another Phillip Greaves who married Margaret Windle in 1642 at Beckingham. The date suggests they could be the parents of our Phillip, but I have no evidence to back this up. Phillip (a labourer), married 3 times and was the father of 12 children, however only 2 of his 5 sons reached manhood. Thomas, his eldest son (also a labourer) married twice and had 10 children. His eldest son John (born 1703) being the first in a long line of 'John Greaves'.

All the above were born and died at Walkeringham with the exception of John born 1912. He was born at Walkeringham but died at Potterhanworth, Lincolnshire. As you can see the Greaves did not venture very far and mainly worked on the land. It is known that the Greaves farmed in Walkeringham from as far back as the late 1700s. The 1806 enclosure map of Walkeringham shows various allotments owned by John Greaves.

John Mastin Greaves farmed the Glebe Farm at Walkeringham prior to his retirement in the 1930s. The middle name of 'Mastin' has always been a mystery until I discovered that the Great Grandmother of John Mastin Greaves was called Ann Mastin. A John Mastin came to Walkeringham from Laneham in the mid 1700s and settled there. Whilst doing this project I have made contact with other Mastins (in Derbyshire) who are also descendants of John Mastin.

Having lived at Walkeringham as a child it has been a very satisfying experience researching my ancestry. It has meant numerous visits to Walkeringham (a real trip down memory lane) and to relatives still living in the Walkeringham area, including Derrick Greaves of Gringley-on-the-Hill (my uncle).


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