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Leeds Championship Show 22nd July 2007



Irish Setter

Judge: Mr George Stevenson




My thanks and admiration to all of you who braved the appalling weather and appeared at the show,
as you can see absentees were low. I was amazed at the condition and presentation of many of the Irish, you clearly worked very hard. On the down side found too many suspect teeth and gay tails. However I was proud
to judge such a quality entry with some outstanding dogs.

Dog CC : 5824 LORRIMER Mrs J Sh Ch Danaway Destiny
Res Dog CC : 5891 SCHOFIELD, Mr D I & MORGAN Mr A D Cataluna By George
Bitch CC : 5842 MUIR Mrs L Sh Ch Romarne Mellissa Jw
Res Bitch CC : 5870 POWIS Mr & Mrs J P Sh Ch Amberwave Spangle JW
Best Puppy : 5743 BROWNLIE, Miss K & MERCER Ms B Lindalloch Sunset At Apollogunner
Best Veteran :
BEST OF BREED : 5824 LORRIMER Mrs J Sh Ch Danaway Destiny

Class 1113 MPD (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5845 MYERS Mrs C G Riverbrue Xanthus By Astrazone
What a really nice young boy very promising, behaved himself, nice head, good lay of shoulders,
reach of neck, sound fore and aft well angulated. Moved well for a baby.
2nd: 5759 CROCKER, Mr B A & HAMMICK Miss N T E Riverbrue Dionysus
Out of the same stable as 1st close decision but on the day movement was the difference lots to be admired
again well balanced, sound in front nice dark eye, typical head correct ear set., good topline and tail set, a little erratic on the move but patience is key to this youngster naughty but nice.
3rd: 5830 MCLARNON Mrs C Northamber Just Cause For Glenavna

Class 1114 PD (11 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5743 BROWNLIE, Miss K & MERCER Ms B Lindalloch Sunset At Apollogunner
A quality puppy with all the right ingredients, presented to advantage and moved soundly, straight front
pleasing head and expression, good lay of shoulders sound at the rear which was confirmed in movement. Pleased to award Best Puppy.
2nd: 5845 MYERS Mrs C G Riverbrue Xanthus By Astrazone
3rd: 5766 DRINKWATER Mr A J & Mrs B A Brabrook Shochalaza
Class 1115 JD (11 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 5856 NORTH, Mr A & HOLEHAN Miss W Erinade Starwars
This is a quality dog, one of the nicest juniors I have seen in a long time, he oozes quality and
showmanship took my eye straight away presented in tip top condition beautifully balanced in every
quarter, soft gentle expression, nice dark eye, well laid shoulders leading to a sound straight front,
good topline leading to a well angulated rear and tail set, a joy to watch on the move.
He scores high in every department I hope this you dog realises his potential, which he has
in abundance.
2nd: 5745 BUCHAN Mrs J A Loskeran Jitterbug
Sound young junior unfortunate to meet 1 lots to admire from a pleasant expression, sound front
and rear moved well. In good coat and presented in top condition.
3rd: 5913 SWAINSTON Mr K Glenvarna Himself
Class 1116 YD (11 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 5856 NORTH, Mr A & HOLEHAN Miss W Erinade Starwars
2nd: 5777 FRYER Miss D Jonola Starstruck At Redchester
Promising young dog lovely bone, nice tight feet, good front. Soft expression, dark eye and balanced,
well angulated and moved soundly.
3rd: 5750 CARTER Mr & Mrs C H Kerrimere Just Rumours
Class 1117 GD (14 Entries) Abs: 6
1st: 5906 STOCKTON Mr & Mrs K Kespas Infrared JW
Very promising dog shown in good condition, Like his head and expression, good front nice and
straight, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, sloping top line to a well angulated rear moved with drive correct set tail.
2nd: 5725 BARKER-BELL, Mrs G & BELL & BARKER-BELL Mr & Mrs Balintyne Take A Chance On Me JW
Attractive expression, good front, sound in all quarters but on the day lost to movement although close.
3rd: 5885 RORKE Mrs J C Cataluna Captivatione To Zakhan

Class 1118 PGD (20 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: 5889 ROUT Mr & Mrs R D Shaytell Totem
I liked this dog from the start 0f the class, strong in character with lots to his credit, in top condition
strong head, dark eye, well arched neck and well laid shoulders, straight front and tight feet. Good
top line, sound in rear producing good movement.
2nd: 5894 SHELDON Mrs C A Delsanto Isaac JW
I like this dog a lot, on the day I thought he just lacked a bit of sparkle he has so much
quality I am sure he will make the top positions, lovely expression good front and top line, well
angulated good spring of ribs.
3rd: 5896 SKETCHLEY Mrs L Kerrimere Dakar
Class 1119 LD (18 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5891 SCHOFIELD, Mr D I & MORGAN Mr A D Cataluna By George
Without doubt the mover of the day it was a pleasure to watch. Not in the best of coat but all
qualities shown through, well balanced and shown to best advantage. Strong head, dark eye,
nice straight front good topline, everything in the correct place at the rear giving the movement
that won the class. Res Dog CC
2nd: 5839 MUIR Mrs L Grayrigge Ewan By Romarne Jw
I have admired this dog since he was a puppy, close to 1st only movement cost him the top position
and there was nothing wrong with his. As always from this kennel presented in tip top
condition and pleasing to the eye. Lovely head, reach of neck, correct set of ears and topline,
well angulated at rear splitting hairs with these two.
3rd: 5846 McCULLOCH Mr D & Mrs M Cullmadons Celebrity
Class 1120 OD (16 Entries) Abs: 2
This class was full of quality and those placed were in my view the best of the bunch on the
1st: 5824 LORRIMER Mrs J Sh Ch Danaway Destiny
This dog is the epitome of an Irish Setter, in my view, nothing exaggerated, everything
balanced and proportionate, the softest of expressions so appealing, lovely dark eye,
nice reach of neck, correct ear placements, straight front, much sought after topline and
well angulated  rear. Sound mover who flowed round the ring handled to show all his
attributes. I am sure his destiny is to leave  a significant legacy in our breed Dog CC and Best of Breed.
2nd: 5722 BAILEY Mrs C Covarney Monello JW Sh.CM
My notes say much to admire, well balanced in good coat, nice head, of good conformation and
used the ring to show his good movement.
3rd: 5797 HOLLEY Mrs J E Sh Ch Danaway Discreet JW

Class 1121 MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5731 BERRY, Mrs B & MORRIS Mrs L Brinara Winter Cherry
What a little beauty, caught my eye straight away, Sweet expression, well balanced for one so young,
well chiselled head, good straight front, well laid shoulders, compact, nice sloping topline leading to
good tail set and well angulated rear. Moved well.
2nd: 5794 HINSLEA Mr B F & Mrs E Northamber Causin A Riot
Another quality youngster, well balanced everything proportionate, nice head and expression,
good front, topline and sound at rear, moved well.
3rd: 5897 SKETCHLEY Mrs L Kerrimere Paris In Spring

Class 1122 PB (17 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 5823 LEWIS Mr J & Mrs L Lindenjo Lillibet
Very appealing youngster, lots to admire here, lovely expression, straight front pleasing head in
good coat, balanced on the move.
2nd: 5736 BOTT Mrs M Bardonhill Days Are Diamond
A quality puppy as you would expect from this kennel, sound in every quarter and moved well,
gentle soft expression, correct shoulders, well boned and nice tight feet, balanced outline.
3rd: 5761 DALE Mrs L C Anlory Dreams

 Class 1123 JB (15 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 5840 MUIR Mrs L Romarne Annabel Jw
What a tight class, both 1st and 2nd from the same stable and I am sure will find themselves in
this position regularly, nothing exaggerated in this bitch, lovely sweet expression, correct set ears,
 straight front, well boned, gentle topline good well angulated at rear, sound on the move with a
bit of flair, presented in tip top condition.
2nd: 5841 MUIR Mrs L Romarne Hayley Jw
So close to her stable mate and handled and presented again to show all her qualities, all the
ingredients to go on to the top flight.
3rd: 5737 BOTT Mrs M Bardonhill Blonde Moment
Class 1124 YB (15 Entries) Abs: 5
1st: 5868 POWIS Mr & Mrs J P Amberwave Blush
This young lady has flair in abundance really showy and with the merits to place her at the top
of the large class. Liked her balanced outline, soft feminine  expression, lovely reach of neck
and well laid shoulders, gentle topline sound at rear giving good drive in movement, will
watch her progress with interest.
2nd: 5877 RICHARDSON Mr J, Mrs L & Miss L H Tatterslee Bon Affectueux Avec Montegreenan
Full of type this young lady, has all the essentials, presented in good condition, moved well
liked her balanced outline.
3rd: 5754 CHORLEY-NEWTON, Mrs S E & CHORLEY Miss K Outfoxed By Kerryfair JW
Class 1125 GB (12 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 5829 MCDONALD Mrs D E Delsanto Martinique
My notes refer to this bitch as a cracker, all the boxes ticked, expression, bone structure,
construction, angulation, moved and presented in top condition.
2nd: 5931 WILKINS Mrs J Margretwoods Kitty Cat JW
This is a sound bitch whose coat let her down today in full coat this bitch will challenge the best,
her expression is typical Irish, very elegant, lovely outline, good at front and good bend of stifle
moved with drive and enthusiasm.
3rd: 5730 BERRY, Mrs B & MORRIS Mrs L Brinara Mercedes

Class 1126 PGB (24 Entries) Abs: 6
1st: 5869 POWIS Mr & Mrs J P Amberwave Truffle JW
Having hands of this bitch was a pleasure, she just oozes quality from every department, lovely
head, beautiful dark eye,  enquiring expression which is so typical and appealing of an Irish,
good reach of neck  well laid shoulder, correct ear and tail set, In good muscle tone lacking
in many today, moved with panache.
2nd: 5793 HILLOCKS Mrs I Jonola Liberty X JW
Another quality Irish showed to advantage, well balanced nothing over the top, lots to admire
from a lovely expression sound front, well angulated rear sound mover.
3rd: 5758 CROCKER, Mr B A & HAMMICK Miss N T E Brabrook Fantasy Believer With Riverbrue

Class 1127 LB (22 Entries) Abs: 7
1st: 5729 BERRY, Mrs B & MORRIS Mrs L Brinara Backseat Driver
In lovely coat this bitch deserved this ward in a strong class, she is well balanced with style
complimented by lots of credit. Liked her sweet expression, lovely dark eye, well chiselled
head, sound in front good reach of neck laid into well placed shoulders gentle top line
leading good tail set and well angulated rear end, moved with confidence and style.
2nd: 5922 WATERTON Miss S Lynwood Strands Of Silk At Sandstream JW
Different to 1st but again much to admire, her success is well justified, preferred the head and
expression to one today, well bodied first class mover from sound construction ,
3rd: 5772 EVANS Mrs B C & Miss J E Brabrook Marbela
Class 1128 OB (13 Entries) Abs: 5
1st: 5842 MUIR Mrs L Sh Ch Romarne Mellissa Jw
My Bitch CC winner and what a stunning Irish Setter, presented, as always, in top condition
she has received many accolades in the past and deserves them all, has all the qualities I was
hoping for and wasn’t disappointed in any department her movement is something we should
all want in our Irish, it just confirms how well she is made.
2nd: 5870 POWIS Mr & Mrs J P Sh Ch Amberwave Spangle JW
A bitch I would be proud to own full of quality reflected in her title, she has many CCs and RCC
to her credit and it is no surpise.
3rd: 5831 MCLARNON Mrs C Northamber Baccarat Via Kerryfair JW



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