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 Paignton 2006


MP (6,2) 1 Heron’s Caskeys Happy Hour, absolutely delightful, showing great promise at only 6 and a half months old. Beautifully shaped head, lovely dark eyes and raised brows giving that desired quizzical expression. Elegant neck, super outline, excellent bone and feet, croup and quarters. At the moment everything in its right place, and so perfectly handled. Best Puppy in full agreement with my co-judge. 2 Howlett & Condron’s Siochanna Tiaquin Tirney, another quality one, sweet head, arched neck, well bodied, good depth of brisket, firm topline, moved well. 3 Penford’s Millcroft Moon Molly.

P (12,4) Super class – I loved the first four. So much quality in one class. 1 Chorley’s Outfoxed by Kerryfair, beautiful quality girl, won by virtue of her gorgeous head and dark appealing eyes. Long neck going smoothly into good shoulders, balanced outline, lovely coat and colour, well-sprung ribs, very promising indeed. 2 Gisbey’s Balbriggan Ace of Hearts by Suteresett, close up to 1st. Spectacular in outline, sweet head, arched neck, good shoulders, in beautiful bloom, closely followed by 3rd and 4th. 2 King’s Kirkavagh Primera.

J (20,2) Another good class. 1 Brown’s Shandwick Irresistable at Tifosi, 4th in the super puppy class, just loved her overall balance and outline, Lovely head, neck and shoulders, excelled in bone and feet and showed well throughout her 3 classes, despite the heat. 2 Ellis’s Brayville Love Affair, very classy and superbly presented, so well balanced and elegant, feminine head, lovely arched neck, good depth of brisket, excellent second thigh. 3 Watt’s Shenanagin Shooting Star.

Y (13) 1 Brayville Love Affair. 2 Mugford’s Lynwood Theme Song, unplaced in Junior but looking lovely in this class. Sweet head, good front and feet, correct sloping topline, good stifles. 3 Hopewell’s Davset Little Eva.

N (17) 1 Townsend’s Follidown Water Lily, gorgeous headed girl, very happy and cheeky, beautiful outline, lovely neck and shoulder, excellent quarters, plenty of coat. So like her lovely mother who won the CC today. 2 Wiggen’s Brinara Guilletta, elegant, upstanding girl, well-shaped head, good neck, topline and quarters. Good bone and feet, smooth dark coat. 3 Shandwick Irresistable at Tifosi.

G (13,3) 1 Douthwaite & Wharfe’s Gracewood True Magic JW, beautifully proportioned bitch, feminine head, raised brows, lovely flowing topline from head to tip of tail. Good bone and feet, excellent quarters. Won easily here. 2 Tulley’s Highclare Catchfly, flashy dark girl, good neck, well-sprung ribs, deep brisket, good topline and movement. 3 Condron’s Covarney Miss ‘B’ Havin’.

PG (17,3) 1 King’s Kirkavagh Jumilla JW, gorgeous bitch in full bloom, nice size, excellent in all departments, so well balanced and moved well, lovely outline. 2 Gurney’s Danaway Demure, well named, this girl is not overdone in any way, just so well put together. Good neck, firm topline, good bone and feet, well-bent stifles. 3 Meadows & Ritchie’s Clonageera Rhapsody.

L (14,5) 1 Drinkwater’s Brabrook Red Rose JW. Stood out for her excellent conformation, balance and outline. Lovely bone and feet, in beautiful bloom, so well handled – had to win this super class and the res cc. 2 Williamson’s Caskeys Vermilion at Bluesprings, different type to 1 but close up, lovely head, good outline, well-off for bone, good quarters and moved well. I see her dam is behind quite a few of today’s winners. 3 Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Miss Dior.

O (11,3) 1 Townsend’s Sh.Ch. Follidown Red Hot Poker JW, this delightful bitch had everything I was looking for – she is beautifully made all through, and the icing on the cake – an exquisite head with the sweetest expression and delicious raised brows. Lovely coat and colour and moved well. I was delighted to award her the CC. In the challenge the very handsome dog had a bit more verve on the move, but my co-judge and I agreed they made a lovely couple! 2 Gardner’s Int.Ch. Carnbargus Contentment, this elegant bitch looks much younger than her 7 years and shows her royal breeding. Beautifully made, so well balanced, lovely neck and shoulders and topline, good front, well sprung ribs, sweet head. 3 Mugford’s Lynwood Promises Promises to Gimaroch.

Penny Jeffries


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