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Manchester Championship Show

It was a real pleasure to have so many lovely dogs to go over and I was very happy with those I placed. The disappointment was that there were a lot of plain heads, expressionless and totally lacking the chiselling and raised brows that are so important to a true Irish expression. My other criticism was too many short, upright upper arms spoiling the whole front assembly and leading to a lack of reach on the move.

MPD (10,2). 1 Roffey & Evans Danaway Lancelot. Striking beautifully balanced baby, just 6 months. Good definition in head with low-set ears and sweet expression. Good neck and shoulders with correct topline and tailset. Lovely dark coat presented in super condition. Moved steadily. I preferred his size and overall balance to the winner of the puppy class. BDB. 2 Willis Danaway The Lionheart. Litter brother to the above but less mature at the moment (not a fault at this age). Good straight front, neat feet, firm topline and correct tailset. Not quite the depth of chest yet or work in the head. Moved out well using his tail. 3 Davis Moyna Summer Breeze at Corribeg.

PD (13,3). 1 Milligan-Bott & Bott. Scotselaw Detroit Spinner By Thendara. Pretty puppy with a gorgeous dark, glossy coat and plenty of it. A small dog but everything in proportion. Well-chiselled head, soft, dark eye and the sweetest expression. Small tight feet and good bone. Moved out well from strong quarters. 2 Pike Redclyst Thomas The Rymer. Good typical puppy dog with good head and expression and lovely raised brows. Lovely arched neck of good length leading smoothly into beautifully laid back shoulders giving a lovely outline. Needs to steady on the move. 3 M. Summer Breeze at C.

JD (13,2). Litter brothers in the first two places who are developing at very different rates. So much to like about both of them but, at the moment 1 Stocker Kirkavagh Bikala. I could not believe how this dog has improved. He is a stylish dog with a racy outline. His head is still developing and is pleasing and kind. Good front, neat tight feet , plenty of bone. Excellent neck, shoulders and topline. He is developing a decent spring of rib with length of rib-cage and strong well-arched loin. Good angulation in strong quarters that propelled him round the ring. 2 Bott Kirkavagh Black Tie Affair at Bardonhill JW. Lovely well-chiselled head with the most delightful expression. He also has lovely neck and shoulders; well-sprung ribs and good forechest. He still seems quite a baby next to his brother but I prefer the glorious colour and quality of his coat. A bit flighty on the move. 3 Roberts Cairacaillie Roco.

YD (15,1). A good class with some very nice dogs but the first stands out. 1 Ciechonska Caskeys Concept at Aoibhanne JW. A young dog that cannot be ignored he has style and ring presence. Super head with lots of work in it giving a true quizzical expression. Good straight front. Good forechest, good spring of rib and well-ribbed back. Good length and angulation in upper arm with well laid back shoulders. Lovely topline and tail set. Strong rugged quarters, short from hock to heel, that he used well on the move. RCC. 2 Stockton Kespas Infrared JW. A handsome well-balanced dog with a good head and kind expression. Not quite the angulation either in shoulders or quarters of one but shown in superb condition and stylish on the move. 3 Swainston Glenvarna Sungod JW.

GD (11,3). 1 Frampton The Pearl Fisher of Strathmead JW. Although a little heavier in head than I choose, he has a lovely expression with low-set ears, raised brow and kind eye with plenty of work between the eyes. Good straight front with forechest. Well off for bone. Tight well-padded feet. Really good angulation in shoulders. Well sprung ribs with good depth. Strong arched loin. Good quarters. Moved out well with correct tail-carriage. 2 Richardson Kirkavagh Stravinsky. A dog I have always liked but is taking time to mature (which is no bad thing). Lovely Irish head with lots of work in it. Dark wistful eyes and gentle, kind expression. Good front, neck and shoulders and rib-cage. Good topline. Lovely colour and condition of coat. Needed to tighten up on the move. 3 Luto Rappaty Bobby Dazzler JW.

PGD (15,1). 1 Smith Reddins Tillerman JW. The stunning qualities of this dog are his lovely well- chiselled head and his stylish movement. He has lots of definition in the head without being overdone lovely muzzle, good stop, lots of work between the eyes and lovely raised brows, just what I look for in an Irish head. Lovely neck and shoulders with shoulders well laid and fine at the withers. The finishing touch is his lovely dark glossy coat. He moved out so well, really covering the ground, and with lovely tail carriage. 2 Lorrimer Danaway Destiny. A lovely well-balanced, unexaggerated dog. Very nice type of head with plenty of definition. Not quite the quizzical expression of one. Good bone and tight well-padded feet . Well-muscled dog in good condition who moved well. 3 Spence Springle Nereus JW Sh.CM.

LD (12,3). 1 Mugford Scotselaw Jackson at Lynwood JW. A very appealing dog. Lovely head and soft expression. Good front. Tidy feet. Well-boned. Lovely arched neck of good length leading smoothly into well-laid shoulders. Super wide quarters with good angulation. Shown in lovely condition. Moved with good reach and drive. 2 Hogsflesh Lyngor Prophet JW. A sound well-balanced dog without exaggeration. Well-defined head with gentle expression. Good depth and spring of ribs. Good topline and tailset. Moved soundly. 3 Laidlaw Glencarron MacDuff Sh.CM.

OD (8,3). 1 Richardson Sh Ch Kirkavagh Fidalgo JW. A sound rugged Irishman who is still improving at 6 years old. Expressive head with lots of work in it. Dark eye and kind expression. Good strong topline. Super rib cage with good spring of rib and depth; with ribs taken well back. Wide, powerful quarters with well-developed first and second thighs enabling a strong driving action on the move. CC & BOB and pleased to see him short-listed in the Group. 2 Lorrimer Sh Ch Karidell Connoisseur. Another lovely Irishman beautifully presented. Loved his head. Has all the essentials but not quite the quarters of the winner. 3 Holley Sh Ch Danaway Discreet JW.

VD (7,2). A lovely class of veterans. 1 McDonagh Thendara Incognito Among Ronzalda. This dog still has a huge zest for life. Nice size with good bone and shown in good hard condition. Lovely, expressive head with nice muzzle. Drove out from good quarters using his tail well. Best Veteran. 2 Hanby Duncarreg Red River at Chantstor. Another with an attractive head and lovely expression. Nicely proportioned with good ribs and quarters. Just a little heavy over the shoulders. Moved happily and with drive. 3 Lorrimer Sh Ch Danaway By Design.

MPB (14,1). A lovely class of promising babies. 1 Warner Tamwood Treasure. What a little treasure she is. The prettiest head with a lovely dark eye and the sweetest quizzical expression. Good front with forechest. Good bone and lovely tight padded feet. Super neck and shoulders. Good width in quarters. Moved out well with lovely tail action. One I would have liked to take home! 2 Burton Atron Tiffanie at Redhara. Another lovely baby with a well-chiselled head and sweet expression. Good front, nice spring of rib and good quarters. Tight feet. Lovely dark glossy coat. Moved well. 3 Douthwaite & Wharfe Gracewood Royal Affair.

PB (16,2). 1 Wilkins Margretwoods Kitty Cat. Still only 9 months but rapidly changing from a cuddly puppy to an elegant young lady. Pretty head with lots of work in it and melting expression. Super well-arched neck leading smoothly into well laid back shoulders. Good width throughout. Drove well on the move with lovely lashing tail. B.P. 2 Bott Bardonhill Cutie. Not quite the elegance of one but lots to like. Another pretty head with plenty of work in it. Well-sprung ribs. Good width of thigh, short from hock to heel. Shown in lovely condition with gorgeous, gleaming dark chestnut coat. Moved happily. 3 Ellis Brayville Love Affair.

JB (10,3). 1 Warner Strathmead Snowbunting. Another beautiful youngster from this exhibitor. Perfectly balanced with lovely proportions and excellent spring of rib. Pretty well-chiselled head with raised brow and the sweetest expression. Well-boned with neat, tight feet. She moved well from strong quarters with well let down hocks. 2 King Kirkavagh Bayakoa. A more racy bitch, very pretty and with lovely elegant neck into well laid shoulders. Rather out of coat and not quite at her best today. Moved well. 3 Tuite Rua Coming Up Roses.

YB (19,6). 1 S.Snowbunting. 2 Waterton & Dowle Barleydale Honeymoon. Loved her pretty feminine head, low set ears, raised brow, plenty of work in head with good breadth in muzzle. Good body properties throughout. Moved with drive and good tail action. 3 Box Fernstart Irish Rhapsody.

GB (17,4). 1 King Kirkavagh Jumilla JW. Lovely youngster in super coat and condition. Pretty head with lovely eye, long low ears and a wistful expression. Good front and forechest, well sprung ribs and good topline. Excellent quarters with good width of thigh and short and strong from hock to heel. Presented a lovely balanced picture both standing and on the move. 2 Hall Glennara Klipspringer JW. A longer cast racier bitch. Pleasant head with good definition. Good angulation in upper arm and shoulder. Well sprung ribs taken well back. Strong loin. Good angulation in quarters. Moved with drive. 3 Davie Lochfrae Tommy Girl JW.

PGB (16,3). 1 Waterton Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream JW. I loved the elegance of this bitch. Lovely head and eye with true Irish expression. Lovely arched neck fitting smoothly into well laid back shoulders. Good length and angulation in upper arm. Racy outline with good strong well-muscled quarters and correct tail-set. Moved out well with drive and lovely lashing tail. 2 Webb Caspians Amity JW. Another nice typy feminine bitch with a lovely wistful expression. Good ribcage, strong well-arched loin and good width in quarters. Neat, tight, well-padded feet. Not very consistent on the move. 3 Spence Springle Selene.

LB (31,9). 1 Hall Glennara Fleur de Mai JW. A racy elegant bitch, beautifully made throughout with wide sweeping quarters that powered her round the ring. Attractive head with plenty of work in it , low set ears and gentle expression. Shown in super condition. RCC. 2 Milligan-Bot t& Bott Lunaline Lady Madonna By Thendara. A very pretty bitch in beautiful coat and condition, but I was most taken by her striking movement. She really reached out in front, made possible by of her good length and angulation in upper arm matched by well laid back shoulders; and drove from behind from good quarters. However, I feel she still needs a little more maturity for top honours. 3 Rance Caspians Modesty.

OB (10,5). A class of five lovely bitches. 1 Warner Danaway Clara Belle. I was thrilled to see this lovely bitch looking so good. She is perfectly balanced of lovely size. Very feminine with the most beautifully chiselled head, raised brows, melting expressive eyes and good breadth in muzzle. Lovely length of neck leading smoothly into beautiful shoulders and a strong, gently sloping topline with correct tail set. Good width in front and good forechest. Good quarters. Moved round the ring with strength and grace, covering the ground well and holding her topline. Congratulations to her owner for returning her to such splendid condition so soon after her litter (dam of my minor puppy bitch winner). Delighted to be able to award her the CC. 2 Smith Reddins Quiz. Another lovely bitch with a delightful head and quizzical expression. Excellent neck and shoulders and good quarters. Moved well with good tail carriage. 3 Powis Sh Ch Amberwave Spangle JW.

VB (2,1). 1 Stevenson Lochlorien Sunrise. This bitch has really improved with age. Very sound and drives well from good quarters looking enthusiastic and happy.

Gillian Townsend

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