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GBAS 11th November


Irish Setters



As for my entry, I was pleased with it overall but would comment that in general feet could be improved and what has happened to oval skulls and the proportions of the head as required by the breed standard?  Apart from these comments I enjoyed judging the dogs and was pleased with presentation and cleanliness of the exhibits despite the rain!



MP (10,2)


1.        Naylor & Morrisons Bardonhill Bardolino BP  - lovely baby quite mature in some ways but still has plenty of scope.  Well off for bone, tight feet, correct topline, rich dark coat of good texture and nice head albeit slighty stronger than I would like. Moved steadily .

2.        Rowan & Smiths Lochfrae Love Story – Similar remarks apply, pleasing in head, good bone and depth of chest strong hindquarters not quite as settled on the move as 1.

3.        Sterritt’s Glenvarna X Factor at Riversett


P (7,2)


1         Repeat

2         Mugfords Lynwood Field of Dreams -  A little bit leggier than 1 at the moment but has a lovely head, good front angulation and shoulders, correct topline and strong hindquarters, moved well. 

3         Sterritts Glenvarna X Factor at Riversett


J (5)


1.    Brownlie & Mercers Apllogunner Wngers Star – Lovely head, arched neck good depth of chest but 

a little upright in front good topline when stacked properly, moved well and in good condition.   

2.        Loughhlins – Rohmamor Back to the Future  , Striking dog, good head but heavier than 1 would normally like, super front, strong hindquarters and good over the croup just a bit too much dog  for me overall.

3.        Mrs G Barker-Bell Ballintyne Chances  Are



Y  (7, 2)



1.        Mc Neils Glencarron Shakatak – Very difficult decision for me in this class.  Very nice young dog who did not put a foot wrong .I loved his type, Not quiet the head and refinement of 2 but good outline and conformation, a lovely youngster in terms of balance and quality, not quiet the free striding movement of 2.

2.       Buist  & Wylie’s Clachnahar Alfie Moon – Superb type in outline, head planes and angulation and he can move so well, overall just what I was looking for ! Lovely dark coat of good texture just a shame he was not co-operating on the day and had to the price.

3.    Martin’s –Silvagem First Edition


N   (4,1)


1         Buist & Wylie’s Clachnahar Alfie Moon.

2         Brownlea & Mercers – Applogunners Wengers Star

3         Mr & Mrs C H Carter’s – Kerrimere Just Rumours



UG  (9,1)


1         Sturrock’s Forfarian Goodfella _ Lots to like about this dog but to be honest a bit too strong for me but his overall construction and soundness shone through.  Still a lovely type but I would just like a bit more elegance.  Very sound on the move.

2.        Box’s Fernstart Irish Red – Again another very sound dog but not as mature as 1, Nice shape to his head, soft exprssion and more racy & elegant than 1.  I am sure when he matures he will do well

3.      McLoughlin’s- Rohanmar Back to the Future




G  (11,2)


1         Burkes’s Clachnahar Ami Pierot JW – Litter brother to my 2nd in Yearling and quite similar although perhaps slighty shorter coupled.  Beautiful head, well arched neck, gently sloping topline, good spring of rib, well off for bone and in lovely coat , moved well off strong hindquarters.

2         Maxwell’s Romarne Justified  ShCM – A stronger dog all through than 1 but nicely made with pleasing head, firm topline and full rich coloured coat good depth of chest and angulation, moved well.

3         Rout’s Shaytell Totem.



PG  (8,1)



1         Chorley-Newton & Chorley’s  Northamber Rushes back to Kerryfair – Very Handsome young dog with a lovely outline, good length of neck  firm topline good spring of rib and strong hindquarters.  A taller dog and still needs maturity and a bit more coat to complete the picture.  Moved well.

2         McCulloch’s – Cullmadons Celebrity -  Not quite as good in head as 1 but still handsome.  A very well made dog who has plenty of substance without being course, moved happily and freely round the ring with correct tail action. Overall presents a very pleasing picture.

3         Rowan’s Lochfrae Archimedes




L (9,1)



1         Davie’s Lochfrae Ralph Lauren JW –  CC & BOB this dog was looking fabulous today!  Refined but masculine head with soft expression, correct earset,  strong arched neck flowing neatly into the shoulders and gently sloping topline, correct angulation fore and aft and well sprung ribs.  He moved soundly round the ring with style and correct tail carriage in super coat and condition.  Pleased to see he was in the final selection for the BIS.

2         Fauvrelles Shaytell Adante – Unlucky to meet 1 in such good form.  Lots to like about this boy, super head and expression, firm topline, which he held on the move, in lovely coat and condition not moving quiet as well as 1 today but still close up for RCC.

3         Lauwer’s Sumaric Shadow of Mr Jingles.


O (4)


1         Laidlaw’s Glencarron McDuff ShCM – RCC.  Lovely sound dog, everything fits together

 without  exaggeration which enabled him to move really well with a free easy action.

Pleasing in head and presented in beautiful bloom.

2         McLaughlin, Park & Hough’s  IR SH CH Lestannons Micky Blue Eyes JW – Rangier dog than my winner but still a lovely make and shape.  Rich dark coat in good condition and  liked his head and expression, moved well.

3         Loughlin’s Thendara Versace among Rohanmor.




MP (5,1)



1         Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Durize – Won this class on her steady movement.  Well made baby   

       with a very pretty head and clean outline very promising.

2         Martin’s Silvagem Pearl of the Orient – Very close decision. Another well made puppy with a     

        well shaped head and soft expression , good bone and moved OK just felt my winner had better 

        reach of neck at present and was slightly  better on the move today.

3         Blackie’s Romarne Heidi.



P (8,4)



1         Mugford’s Lynwood Follow Your Dreams -  Very pretty bitch of lovely type, good angulation,

       correct topline and tailset, moved true and steadily for one so young.  Just had the edge on maturity

       over 2.

2         Naylor & Morrison’s  Anlory Durize.

3         Martin’s Silvagem Pearl of the Orient.



J  (11,2)



1         Chorley-Newton & Chorley’s  Outfoxed by Kerryfair JW – Beautiful young bitch with the a well shaped head with plenty of work in it and soft expression.  Arched neck into firm topline , good ribcage, angulation and coat colour, just lacking a bit of tummy feathering at present.  Sound stylish mover which is when her virtues become even more apparent.

2         Williamson’s Kirwilldale Acushla. - another good youngster,  not quite as pretty in head as 1 but  still  feminine with  true Irish expression.  Plenty  of substance and bone but elegant in outline,  well bent stifles, gleaming rich coloured coat, moved well.

3     Brownlie& Mercer’s Apollogunner Emirate Dawn




Y  (9,5)



1         Wilkins Margaretwoods Kitty Cat -  Racy elegant youngster with a striking outline (no lumps or 

        bumps here)! Feminine head of correct proportions and soft wistful expression., good layback of 

        shoulder, ribcage and strong hindquarters. Gleaming topcoat but just needs a bit more feathering

        to complete the picture, moved true.


2          Brothwick’s Lotushill Manhatten –  Feminine bitch with lots to like about her, well off for bone and moved well just not quite as good in topline or front angulation as my winner

3         .Beaton’s Kettleshill Love me Tender.



N  (4,1)



1         Willismson’s Kirwilldale Acushla.

2         Brownlie & Mercer’s Apllogunners Emirate Dawn – Pretty head, arched neck, tight feet, not quite the topline of 1, moved well.

3         Sharp’s Hallglen Racing Silk..



UG  (9,1)



1         Sturrock’s Forfarian Married to the Mob -  In full coat, pleasing in head and outline, strong 

        hindquarters but would like just a bit more angulation in front, moved well with correct tail action.

2         Borthwick’s Lotushill Manhatten

3         Beaton’s Kettleshill Love Me Tender



G  (4,1)


Loved 1 & 2, very little to separate them as both have the qualities I am looking for in a bitch

1         Nevitt’s Romarne Jessica –  Classic head with true Irsih expression, low set ears, strong arched neck ,good layback of shoulder and  front angulation, firm gently sloping topline  and strong well angulated quarters., moved well.

2         Box’s Fernstart Irish Rhapsody -  Most feminine bitch of lovely type, again well made and 

       moving well, I could have done with 2 Red Cards in this class.

3         Johnson’s Landscot Little Missy.



PG  (10,3)



1         MacDonald’s Lochfrae Calamity Jane –  Very pretty bitch with good reach of neck flowing neatly into the shoulders.  Firm topline  with good shoulder and rear angulation.  Moved well and in good coat would just prefer tighter feet.

2         Laidlaw’s Glencarron Dimple – Longer cast than 1but still very well made and feminine, presented in good bloom and moved with style.  Close decision but just preferred the head of my winner.

3         Munro’s Fetteresk Nener Say Never



L (11,3)


1          Kavanagh’s Withersdale Ivy – beautiful bitch of lovely type and as usual presented and handled to  perfection.  Loved her head , general conformation & coat colour. Moved well to win this class and was very close up for top honours but I just felt she did not give 100% in the challenge.

2          Naylor & Morrison’s – Anlory Valpolicella JW – close decision! Another lovely girl who scores in topline , soundness and  stylish movement but not quiet as good in head as 1 and thought she just needed a bit more feathering to complete the picture.

3          Wilkins Margretwoods Perfect Peach.


O  (7,3)


1         Mugford’s Lynwood Promises Promises to Gimaroch – She was my Best Puppy winner last ime I judged at this level and I haven’t changed my opinion of her. Truly lovely bitch from any angle, every thing fitting together without exaggeration. Very feminine in head with most appealing expression , good coat texture and colour, moved round the ring with style and drive.  I was delighted to award  her the CC on this occasion and I hope she gets the all important 3rd soon

2         Hunter’s  Sh Ch Braidmont Geisha Girl – very close decision between these 2.  A very worthy Champion, this girl scores in her excellent conformation and balance and although she could do with just a bit more tummy feathering it does not detract from the overall picture, again superb  on the move which gained her the RCC

3         Sterritt’s Thendara Daniella



Mel Hillocks (Judge)