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Birmingham National 2006


It is always a pleasure to judge at this well organised show, thanks for some good stewards that always help. Irish Setters for me are as beautiful as any dog. My priorities are, soundness, balance and type, but in movement was disappointing. In general on a positive note my winners were sound, surely these dogs should be the ones to use at stud.

MPD 1st Powis Amberwave Breezer. Nice puppy, good head for a puppy, well set shoulders, well boned and good feet, moved quite sound. 2nd Pallister Penwym Italian Job. Not as mature as one but again nice head for a baby and was also quite sound on the move. 3rd Bundreds Amberwave Buccaneer At Dumadry

PD 1st Willis Danaway The Lionheart Good puppy class. Lovely head, dark eye, super expression, well laid shoulders, strong top line, good tailset, nice depth of brisket, good bone and feet, one will be interested in his future. Best puppy and forth in The Puppy Group. 2nd Roffeys & Evans Danaway Lancelot. Again a very good puppy dog, close up to one, litter brothers will change place many times, look with interest to the future of these puppies. 3rd Cuddys Balbriggam Royal Rebel

JD 1st Butler Covarney Wait ‘N See Rubymoon A very nice young dog. Pleasing head, well constructed front, balanced throughout, good angulation behind, kept it together on the move. 2nd Sketchley Kerrimere Dakar Nice expression, good front assembly, balanced, moved quite well. 3rd Davis’s Moyna Summer Breese at Corribeg

YD Because they are in between ages I find this a difficult class to judge. 1st Meavoy’s Cymbeline Travers. Very nice type. Good head, well placed shoulders, kept his top line on the move, made a balanced picture. 2nd Burtons Redhara in the Red Still a young dog. Pleasing head, dark eye, good depth, just needs to get things together. 3rd Abbeys Haremach Emerald Rimef

ND 1st Butlers Covarney Wait ‘N See Rubymoon 2nd Brooks & Westerby Colanme Tan Tongue Toffee Quite a nice type, moved steady and was unlucky to meet one in top form. 3rd McAvoy Cymbeline Travers

UD 1st Pickersgill Barleydale Huntsman with Maolruadham Nice dog, good bone, well made good front, well angled behind, lovely expression, moved well fore and aft put down in good condition. 2nd Joynson’s Rappatty Robbin About Again nice dog, has a lot to like about him, lovely type just needs to steady himself on the move. 3rd Brooks & Westerby Colanme Ton Tongue Toffee

GD 1st Lawrences Sametsuz up to Mischielf via McConkeys Good overall shape, best of heads and soft expression. Well muscled hindquarters, moved well. 2nd Swainston Glenuarma Sungod J.W. Nice dog. Has all the essentials just not as steady today 3rd Jones’s Coppershell

PGD 1st Lorrimer Danaway Destiny I really like the dog. He has a beautiful head, very good body proportions, a picture standing and moving put down to perfection, must have big future. 2nd Greenam Amlory Quantus of Juleset J.W. In my notes I have two very good dogs in this very good class, I am sorry that I cannot comment further.

LD 1st Smiths Redding Tillerman J.W. This dog for me was quite outstanding in an excellent class. Beautiful head, very good body proportion, balanced throughout, moved very soundly fore and aft with great drive, very close decision for top honours R.C.C. 2nd Bott & Morgan Ember Gene Simmons Sings Quemsha (IMP) Lovely head neck and well laid shoulders. Put down in very good condition. Unlucky to meet one on top form 3rd Bailey Covarney Mohello J.W.

OD 1 Ritchie SH.CH. GLR CH Gwemdarift Dom Perifnon J.W. Oozes quality, he has it all. Balanced throughout, excellent conformation, most alert expression, good front, good bone, absolute pleasure to watch him move around the ring CC & BOB 2nd Lorrimers SH CH Karidell Connoisseur. Stylish lad, gentle intelligent expression, good reach of neck and clean shoulders. Well turned hindquarters, presentation immaculate like always from this kennel, one needs more C.C. 3rd Wicks SH CH Popeswood Pie In The Sky at Birguma

Clive Davies

Setter Irish (Bitches)

On the plus side I had many very nice bitches who could change places on another day. I was thrilled with my CC winner, not realizing the emotion it would emit, on the down side some mouths and eyes were suspect and movement must be addressed.

MP (8) 1 Chorley-Newton Outfoxed by Kerryfair. Lovely puppy so balanced so young. Pretty head with raised brows, dark expressive eyes, good length of foreface, depth and finish to muzzle. Strong arched neck of moderate length, straight front to strong legs and neat feet. Deep chest with ribs well back. Most pleasing outline and length, firm topline, steady movement. 2 Russells Melmara Ruby Tuesday. Bigger and more substantial puppy than winner. Nice shaped head, straight front with good forechest, depth and length of ribs. Strong quarters, steady mover. 3 Powis Amberwave Blush. Another good puppy, lovely length of head, raised brows, dark expressive eyes. Very good forehand, needs to drop behind. Moved very well.

P (22,2a) 1 Chorley-Newton Outfoxed by Kerryfair. 2 King Kirkavagh Primera more mature than 1 and very together. Pleasing head with good length to foreface and finish to flew. Clean outline, good angles fore and aft. Steady mover on strong legs and neat feet. 3 Parker Kirkavagh Placida.

H (13,3abs) 1 Wilkins Margretswood Kitty Kat Striking young bitch with lovely head and expression. Dark eye, raised brows and wide nostrils. Deep chest with ribs well back, straight front, clean shoulder, strong arched neck, moved well holding firm topline, in very good coat. 2 Townsend Follidown Wisteria slightly larger bitch with a pleasing outline, clean head with good length and finish t foreface. Straight front, strong quarters used to advantage on the move. Feet need to tighten. 3 McDonagh Ronzalda Esmeralda.

Y (13,2a) 1 Pollards Grayrigge Mairona Pretty bitch with dark eye and kind expression. Strong arched neck of moderate length, well placed shoulders, straight front, good body length from back of ribs. Drove off from wide quarters, neat feet. 2 Townsend Follidown Wisteria. 3 Pollard Grayrigge Maeve.

N (11) 1 Townsend Follidown Wisteria. 2 McDonagh Ronzalda Esmeralda Dark coated bitch, pleasant head with good length to foreface. Straight in front, Strong neck, not quite together yet but moved well using her tail. 3 Sheldon Delsanto Maisie.

UG (13, 2a) 1 Wellers Bambarella Freedom Well coated bitch with a very pretty head, dark expressive eye, strong neck , clean shoulders, straight front, deep ribs reaching well back. Neat feet moved well. 2 Townsend Follidown Wisteria. 3 Evers-Swindell Talharon Tales of Love.

G (9) 1 Douthwaite and Wharfe Gracewood True Magic This bitch is built on such clean lines with no exaggeration. Pleasing head and expression, strong arched neck to clean well laid shoulders. Straight in front with good legs and feet. Good ribs, firm topline. Moved well driving from strong quarters. 2 Hillocks Liberty X Pleasing head but not quite the length of foreface of winner. Dark eye with kind expression, straong neck, deep ribs, moved well, holdinh her topline. 3 Hall Glennara Klipspringer.

PG (18,1a) 1 Walsh Millcroft Moon Ballad Not a large bitch but great substance, dark eyes with raised brow giving that expression. Strong arched neck to clean laid shoulder, good forechest and deep ribs. Strong well angulated quarters. Dark coat, most pleasing bitch all through. 2 King Kirkavagh Jumilla This was another lovely bitch though quite different. Gorgeous head and expression, very clean flowing topline, straight front, good legs and feet. Moved with drive, close decision. 3 Webb Caspians Amity.

L (16,2a) 1 Sones Withersdale Ivy Presented to perfection and the ultimate in femininity, today this bitch completely stole my heart. Such a lovely head with raised brows giving the softest of expressions. Good length and finish to foreface. Strong arched neck, clean shoulders, straight in front.. Ribs well back, firm topline, adequate rear angulation with good width. Steady mover with a tail that did not stop. An honour to judge and award the CC. 2 Smith Reddins Bobbin A very nice bitch who did her best to throw it all away, but not the coat and finish today. Good head with dark eye and pleasing expression. Straight in front, good legs and feet, deep ribs, firm topline, moved OK. 3 Waterton Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream.

O (7,1a) 1 Powis SH CH Amberwave Spangle At nearly 6 years old looking better & better. She has the loveliest of well balanced heads, I like the length and finish to foreface and raised brows. Straight front with clean laid shoulders, forechest and deep ribs, firm topline held on her free flowing movement RCC. 2 Townsend SH CH Follidown Red Hot Poker. Not easy to separate thes two very nice ladies. She also possesses a lovely head, but not quite the expression, which was perhaps what split them. Strong arched neck set into clean shoulders, deep ribs with good body length. In good coat, moved with drive presenting a most pleasing picture. 3 Warner Danaway Clara Belle.

Mrs Gillian Barker-Bell

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