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MPD (11,2) 1st Walsh’s Janter Moon Magician of Millcroft, BP; a nine month old, for me, looking just as an Irish Setter should at this age. He possesses substance and condition without coarseness yet has sufficient ruggedness that I like to see, his happy disposition appealed along with his rich coat colour and texture. He has a good balanced head, could tighten slightly around the eye as he matures and I hope he will balance up in the loin. 2nd Bettis’s Ornella Cooper Ess; a younger and more compact puppy, balanced throughout, moving steady if not a little of line on the straight. He has a soft expression and good colour. 3rd Martin’s Silvergem First Edition.

PD (8,1) 1st Tuite’s Rua Henry; A cleanly made dog, good angulation’s fore and aft. Only ten months so I hope he grows a little more in height. He has keenness in his soft eye and shows this on the move whilst using his tail and pulling in the ground before him, would like him to go slightly faster to see his full potential. 2nd McAvoy’s Cymbeline Travers; a larger puppy who moved with great enthusiasm on good limbs and arched feet. Nice balanced head and expression just needs to all tighten. 3rd Stocker’s Kirkavagh Bikala.

JD (16,1) 1st Ciechonska’s Caskeys Concept at Aoibheanne, I liked a lot about this young dog, firstly his quality, it shone over most of the dogs today I’m afraid. Secondly, he is balanced and stands strongly on angulated limbs giving a firm topline. A refined Irish head with good colour to both eye and coat. At this stage of his life he looks very promising and he will be one I will look forward to seeing in the future. He moved correctly and with ease to challenge the best today and collect RCC. 2nd Swainston’s Glenvarna Sungod; similar size and balance to my winner, he moved soundly and freely. My preference is for a break in the coat giving movement and for a tighter eye. 3rd Brown’s Caskeys Charlie Brown.

SpY (4,1) 1st Shaw-Rainey & Rainey’s Gwendariff Simply Red Plays Starchelle; a good rangy youngster, there is nothing overdone about him. He is balanced throughout and has a soft expression. He is in good condition both muscle-tone and coat-wise, he moved swiftly yet soundly around the ring. 2nd Webb’s Redblush Burnt Orchid; smaller and shorter coupled dog than my winner, this slightly hampered his movement by crabbing as he went round. A smooth coated dog with soft expression. 3rd Bettis’s Tatsbro Winter Cooper.

ND (6) 1st Burton’s Redhara in the Red; a young dog just out of puppy. He moved soundly and stood squarely giving a gently sloping topline. Would like a different expression and with time this may come. 2nd Lewis-Storey’s Seadog Jajay’s Cabin Boy; rangier and racier dog than my winner with plenty of coat unfortunately lacking lustre. Careful steady mover. 3rd Vant’s Barleydale Hadley.

GD (10,1) 1st Armstrong’s Atron Limited Edition; a young dog with good body properties, great bone and substance without being coarse. Exuberant mover using good quarters and his tail. Not as refined as I’d prefer but couldn’t deny him the class. 2nd Mulcahy’s Craythornley Magic Star; another strongly made dog yet still not overdone in anyway and a nice sized animal. In good coat and straight moving, would like a better topline he stood slightly rounded. 3rd McVey’s Lochfrae Ralph Lauren.

PGD (17,4) 1st McLarnon’s Duncarreg River Swift at Glenavna JW; a dog coming into his best, maturity wise. However, I have seen him in better coat and condition. He is balanced throughout with soft expression, maybe a slightly darker eye and moved soundly. 2nd McAvoy’s Cymbeline Fiseal; preferred the type of my second placing, well made limbs and neat feet. He has good body properties and once moving at the right pace showed his potential, unfortunately flew his tail a tad and maybe it was the sun during this class, but again not the darkest of eyes. 3rd Rout’s Shaytell Tenor.

LD (13) 1 1st Hogsflesh’s Lyngor Prophet JW; I couldn’t deny this dog his class. He is so honest and hides nothing, moving soundly and straight. He has matured well with good rib and quarters, standing on straight limbs, unfortunately, he just lacks the refinement and finer furnishings I desire for the top draw awards.2 Watt’s Shenanagin Shareholder; just showing his age on this warm day, another honest dog stood and on the move. Finer made than my winner but not quite in his best coat condition or muscle tone. Balanced head and kind eye. 3rd Lewis-Storey’s Lynwood Pioneer of Seadog.

OD (6,2) 1st Richardson’s Sh.Ch.Kirkavagh Fidalgo JW, a striking quality dog. I have done this dog well before and although it was a few years ago, he doesn’t disappoint me now. He has matured into the finished animal in excellent condition throughout. He has a balanced head and with soft expression set on clean lines. A good-sized dog with sufficient rib and depth with a firm gently sloping topline to square finish to his quarters. Can carry his tail a little high at times on the move but couldn’t deny him the CC today. 2 Heron’s Sh.Ch.Caskeys Vaguely Scottish JW; this dog is of a good size and has a handsome balanced head. Good forehand with a dark coat not quite the finish of my winner, moved ok could be a little more passionate. 3rd Foster’s Sh.Ch.Shanoah Highly Delighted.

MPB (5) 1 Jones’s Janter Moonlight Serenade; a nice sized bitch in good condition and possesses overall good body properties with a balanced head. Would prefer her to stand squarer to the front, which is slightly detracting when on the move. 2 Crossen’s Janter Mog Ruith; a very young puppy her head needs to develop albeit quite balanced in profile. Again she has very good body properties and steady sound movement. 3 Sharman’s Kerrimere Midnight Express.

PB (6,1) 1st King’s Kirkavagh Bayakoa; a clean non-exaggerated balanced puppy. Her size and steady straight movement won her this class, I would just prefer a little more work to her head, but she is young and time is with her. 2nd Tuite’s Rua Coming up Roses; a smaller bitch than my winner, she has an appealing expression, she is balanced with good depth, rib and muscle which is evident when on the move. 3 Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Cereza.

JB (15) 1st Pollard’s Grayrigge Mairona; a pleasant appealing bitch of correct dimensions with good coat and condition. Her balanced head and soft expression complimented her steady sound movement. 2ndMorrison’s Laurieston Snowdrop; another good bitch with balanced body properties and shown in super condition, she moves soundly and calmly. Although she has a balanced head, her overall size and expression lost her the class. 3rd Vant’s Barleydale Happiness.

SpY (7,1) 1st Douthwaite & Wharfe’s Gracewood True Magic; immaculate turnout and condition, I’d prefer a darker coat and to have her slightly better balanced, but her construction and sound movement gave her the class. 2 McLarnon’s Northamber Baccarat Via Kerryfair JW; I liked this bitch overall as she stood and thought her my winner. Her size, expression, condition and colour scored over my winner but she failed I’m afraid on the move when she was to some extent keen with her tail. 3 Nevitt’s Romarne Jessica JW.

NB (8,1) 1st Pollard’s Grayrigge Mairona. 2nd Morrison’s Laurieston Snowdrop. 3rd Pollard’s Grayrigge Maeve.

GB (13,2) 1st Waterton’s Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream JW; this bitch was shown in good clean condition and moved methodically, she has neat feet and spring of rib to a firm loin and a credit to her handler/owner. 2 King’s Kirkavagh Jumilla JW; a younger bitch giving away a little to my winner. However, she was in equally as good a condition and perhaps slightly better coupling, good forehand with straight front, not quite as enthusiastic on the move as I would have liked. 3rd O’Connor’s Caispern Miss Austen.

PGB (16,4) 1st Vallance’s Braidmount Georgie Girl; a substantial bitch but retaining her feminity from her balanced head to her set-on of tail. She is well constructed albeit a little upright in front angulation for me, she stacks four square without any exaggeration and was in lovely condition and of a good colour. Having said all this, she is not quite my type but her honesty and straight-forwardness won her the class and subsequently the RCC. 2nd Tuite’s Rua Primavara; This bitches type, size and colour appealed to me. She has brow and expression, good body properties and a keenness to please. Her animated movement just needs to find the right pace to complete. 3rd Proctor’s Serrula Angelique.

LB (15,5) 1st Proctor’s Serrula Angelina; I wrote three years ago that this bitch was a pleasant surprise to go over and that doesn’t change now. A good constructed rangy bitch yet of correct size that oozes quality and type to me. A well-balanced feminine head with soft expression and quizzical eye. She has a good forehand and neat feet on good limbs, she has depth and rib to strong loin and good width of thigh. Sound free movement carrying her tail just right with just a little movement to it, she just has to concentrate on the move as she can excite and be a little bendy with her runner. It was gratifying to give her the class and CC; BOB was awarded to her on her substance yet femininity and her steady sound movement with the correct use of tail. 2nd Hall’s Glennara Fleur De Mai JW; a nice sized bitch with everything in the correct place. Her overall condition wasn’t as lustrous as I’d desire, she has good eye colour and shape on a finer head than my winner. Steady sound movement. 3rd Pollard’s Grayrigge GraceO’Malley JW.

OB (8,3) 1st Swainston’s Twoacres Kittiwake at Glenvarna; an easy winner here, this bitch is honest and stacks up well to go over. You find everything in the right place from a balanced head and expression to the spring of rib and her sound steady movement. She just lacks the type and lustre you look for when it comes to top awards. 2nd Rielly’s Summergate Making Magic; bigger rangier bitch, she was shown in good condition, not quite the muscle-tone of my winner, which was evident when she came to move. 3 Cardwell’s Carek Song of Spring.

Peter Hall