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Leeds Championship Show 2004

Min Puppy Dog 6 (1ab)

  1. Lawrence, Sametsuz Up to Mishief via McConkeys, Elegant young man with a lovely outline, good head into well defined neck and shoulders, strong quarters moved soundly but tended to carry  his tail high, promising puppy.
  2. Murray& Roberts, Colanme Wizard of Oz,  strongly made dog , head ok, rich dark coat, movement a little slack.
  3. Hogsflesh, Clannad Streetcred.

Puppy dog 4

      1 .  Mugford, Scotselaw Jackson, Nice headed dog, good topline and shoulder placement, sound rear construction with strong quarters, moved very well for a young Irish using his tail to good advantage, Best Puppy

      2.  Loughlin, Thendara Versace Among Rohanmor, Flashy young man but sound, nice enough head good outline, failed to winner on front construction.

      3.  Colanme Wizard of Oz.

Junior Dog 17 (3abs)

  1. Holley, Danaway Discreet, beautiful head eye and expression such clean lines, lovely body shape, strong neck into fine shoulder placement, strong on hindquarters excellent coat and condition, movement ok , really appealed just needing time to mature and will make a good one, strongly considered for high honours
  2. Milligan Bott, Thendara Botticelli, upstanding raw youngster, refined head, very proud of himself showing a lot of character, good front and sound body qualities, nowhere near finished as winner.
  3. Sketchley, Kerrimere Blaney


Sp Ylg Dog  11 (2abs)


1.       Danaway Discreet

2.       McVey, Lochfrae Ralph Lauren, Lovely head, nice outline, good body, nice coat, not as positive  in hind movement as winner but much to like about him.

3.       Williamson, Corriecas Oscar


Novice dog 6 (1ab)

1.       Armstrong, Atron Limited Edition, Really nice dog with excellent character, stood reserve in strong junior class where he was  a little immature to those above, has a strong male head but in no way coarse, lovely body and quarters, strong bone, lovely temperament should do well.

2.       Fryer &  Hillocks, Jonola Liberation, elegant young man sporting a good outline both standing and moving needs to mature

3.       Hopewell, Davset Bardon Boy


Graduate Dog  13 (5abs)


1.       McDonagh, Ronzaldo Don Magnifico, Nice shape, movement ok, good dark coat, nicely angulated could do with a bit more bodyweight but a very pleasing dog

2.       Savage, Tagamagos Survivor,  nice headed dog with good overall ouline, good body properties, sound movement, lost to winner on front construction.

3.       Greenan, Anlory Rio Rojo with Juleset


Post Graduate Dog  26 (3abs)


1.       Bailey Covarney Monello, super dog, lovely outline, well coated excellent condition, moved with drive as one would expect from sound construction both for and aft

He has a well defined head on good neck and shoulders, personally I would prefer a softer expression but could not deny him Res CC,

2.       Meadows, Gwendariff Moet Et Chandon, beautiful head and expression, lovely outline, moved soundly with drive, appealed in all respects very close to taking this class, losing out only on adult finish to the winner, I feel this dog has more to offer with full maturity.

3.       Levick, Corriecas Giovanni


Limit Dog  27  (4 abs)


1         Hyslop, Thendar Maverick, what a lovely type , good head, true front, strong quarters, this dog has that lovely Irish expression, a sweet happy man who moves as well as you can ask , good in every respect but let himself down in the challenge lacking the enthusiasm he showed in this class.

2         Heron, Caskeys Vaguely Scottish, lovely headed young dog, nice size, sound movement, coating nicely, quality abounds he needs to finish maturity but lots to like

3         Pallister, Penwyn Washington Redskin.


Open Dog  13 (1ab)


1.       Gurney, Danaway Fortune Teller,  sweet expression on a most beautiful headed dog, lovely true front, fine neck and shoulders super in topline, well angulated rear quarters, movement sound and happy, correct tail carriage,  has the true refinement I look for, delighted to give him this super class on a day when he showed so well, continued to do so in the challenge and took the CC, congratulations on his title.

2.       Richardson, Sh Ch. Kirkavagh Fidalgo, lovely head on a lovely shaped dog in top condition, gleaming dark coat, nice tight feet, movement sound and true, good tail carriage a well deserving champion.

3.       Milligan- Bott, Sh Ch. Thendara Don Corleone.


Min Puppy Bitch  12  (2abs)

1.       Nevitt,  Romarne Jessica,  A really pretty girl,  s sweet feminine  expression, lovely neck and shoulders, good topline sloping to strong quarters, moved soundly.

2.       Carr, Jonola Sparkles Bright over Laumidorn, larger build than winner but full of quality, rich dark coat, good front, good body and strong quarters.

3.       Savage, Tagamagos Fairy Queen.


Puppy Bitch  12 (1ab)


1         McLarnon, Northamber Baccarat via Kerryfair, pretty headed youngster, good eye and expression, well bodied, nice coat, sound front and rear construction, moved soundly a really promising baby.

2         Davies, Zymore Sapphire,  pretty bitch quality throughout, feminine head with lovely expression, flowing topline from excellent neck and strong quarters, moved very well showing classic elegance.

3         Bain, Scotselaw Jacinth.


Junior Bitch  14 (3abs)


   1, Milligan-Bott, Lunaline Lady Madonna by Thendara,  Absolutely outstanding quality, correct head, eye, expression, superb shape, beautiful rich dark coat, true in front and topline rear quarters strong and well muscled, strong on hocks, movement correct and true with drive she has everything including a most beautiful tail to complete.I would normally not consider a youngster  in Irish for top honours but this girl  had everything I could ask and took my eye completely  could not be denied the CC and in the challenge with the dog winner she could not put a foot wrong, I feel she has a very promising career ahead, good luck to my best of breed.

   2. Oconnor Caispern Miss Austin, no disgrace in coming second in this class, a beautiful head on a lovely shaped neck, lovely bodyshape, good front, strong sound hind quarters ensured sound movement holding firm topline.

  3   Hillocks, Jonola Liberty X



Sp Ylg Bitch 16  (4abs)


1.       Davie, Lochfrae Tommy Girl, outstanding head, lovely neck, true front construction, lovely rear angulation, good sound movement, really top quality, pity she lost her coat it would have completed the picture.

2.       Mugford, Gimaroch On a Promise, again lovely head, neck and shoulders, firm rear quarters sound movement,

3.       Butler Holley. Shandwick Maggie May.



Novice Bitch  18 (2abs)


1         Northamber Baccarat Via Kerryfair

2         Zymore Sapphire

3         Jonola Liberty X



Graduate Bitch  18 (4abs)

1         Webb , Caspians Amity, nice size that I really like, nice head, with a good eye, nicely bodied, good front, soundly well muscled quarters could show a little more animation on the move

2         Waterton, Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream, lovely typey bitch, a bit of a handful,  very elegant sound mover nicely coated

3         Stephens  Tatsbro Rainshadow at Sachris



Post Graduate Bitch 20 (3abs)


1.       Townsend, Follidown Red Hot Poker, Classic headed upstanding bitch of top quality, demure in outlook, lovely dark eye, good depth of body sound movement

2.       Blackshaw,  Lanstara Bedazzled,  same qualities as the winner and very similar in type, excellent driving movement, just preferred head of winner

3.       Pike, Scarletti Katie Scarlett


Limit Bitch  22 (4abs)


1.       Gardner,  Carnbargus Congratulation,this superb headed bitch won the best class of the day, have place her well as a youngster, now in full coat with the most terrific hind quarters she presents the complete picture, has bodied to full maturity, not showing full confidence in the challenge  she had to settle for the Res.Cc  I hope she gets  her title she does deserve it.

2.       Henderson, Sametsuz Honey Trap, top quality bitch with a lovely head wonderful expression lovely clean lines, super coat condition and stylish mover has all the qualities required to push for top honours.

3.       Sones, Withersdale Kizzy



Open Bitch  6 (1ab)


1.       Muir , Romarne Melissa,  Quality bitch in top condition, lovely coat, good head and eye, strong in neck, good topline sound hindquarters, I would prefer her a little more feminine

2.       Stockton, Sh Ch Clonageera Inspiration for Kespas, sound honest bitch with little to fault, nice head sound in movement but lacking sparkle on the day

3.       Henderson, Sh Ch. Sametsuz Making Mischief




Judge        Roy Rout.