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Irish Setter Club Of Wales Dogs

I would like to thank the breed club for the honour of their show, my helpful stewards who made the day relaxed and enjoyable. Not forgetting the exhibitors for a lively entry and the way they supported the winners.

Just a few general comments; tails they were like flags. I find it completely out for the breed, not only does it spoil the outline but also not what the standard says carried as near as possible on a level or below the back. Eyes, where is the dark hazel to dark brown that gives the kind intelligent expression? Finally there were a few mouths, if not stopped, bad mouths could creep back as in the early eighties.


Minor Puppy Dog (12, 2a) Some lovely babies.


  1. Hays Cataluna Come Away With Me to Shaunavon, lovely, moves well, uses his tail as he should. Pleasing head with good work and dark eye. Well angulated front and rear, a strong young man who gave his handler a hard time.

  2. Evans’ Goldings Casanova, nothing really to separate these two and am sure will change places, same remarks apply, another that moves well, just a little younger but well off for bone with a good spring of rib.

  3. Rielly’s Summergate Hylander, good head for age, plenty of bone and moved well.


Puppy Dog (11, 1a)


  1. McDonagh’s Ronzalda Don Magnifico, at the top end of puppy, good head for age with plenty of work, nice kind eye, straight front, well anulated upper arm and shoulder, strong well bent stifle and lovely tight tiny feet. Topline good on the move.

  2. Prangle’s Heathclare Magical Spell. He could do with a spell to make him not so heard to handle, moved well , tail slashing, pleasing head for age, good straight front and spring of rib.

  3. Holley’s Danaway Discreet, only a baby, dark eye and work in head. He needs more time.


Veteran Dog (3, 1a)


  1. Carr’s Laumidorn The Invisible Man, soft expression, neck flowed into topline that was kept on the move, well sprung ribs, well bent stifle, moved with drive.

  2. Wall’s Hazelbeck Peregrin, a lovely 10 year old with that old soft irish expression, looking well for age, moves O.K.


Junior Dog (10, 1a)


  1. Greenan’s Anlory Quantus, dark coat, moved well keeping topline and tail correct and lashing from side to side, dark eye, and stop, well angulated fore and aft, used his strong hocks.

  2. Rout’s Shaytell Tenor, good dark eye, again plenty of work in the head, well bent stifle, moves well.

  3. Muir’s Grayrigge Ewan by Romarne, a taller dog who has plenty of bone, well sprung ribs with strong stifle, moves with style, presented in gleaming coat.



Special Yearling Dog (22, 3a) What a class this was in quality but unfortunately also a lot of high tails and three suspect mouths.


  1. Mortimer’s Covarney Crusader, beautiful, strong contender for RCC, this dog’s movement was a pleasure to see and his tail carriage was correct. I hope this young man will go on to higher things, he has a delightful head and eye, good front, well angulated in upper arm and lay back of shoulder. Topline kept on the move with good spring and depth of rib, well bent stifle and drives from hock, good luck for the future.

  2. Condron and Syman’s Covarney Cruiser, litter brother to 1st , not quite a mature at the moment and a little short on coat, unlucky to be up against his brother, another I am sure will get top honours when mature.

  3. Edwards’ Copperswood Endurance, unlucky to meet 1st and 2nd , but also of good quality and should also do well when mature.


Maiden Dog (10, 1a)


  1. Muir’s Grayrigge Ewan by Romarne, as above.

  2. Morris’ Sumaric Socrates, moved well, kept tail down on move, good topline, with well bent stifle, pleasing head.

  3. Prangle’s Heathclare Magical Spell, as above.


Novice Dog (16, 3a)


  1. Greenan’s Anlory Quantus, as above.

  2. Condron and Syman’s Covarney Cruiser, as above.

  3. Muir’s Grayrigge Ewan by Romarne, as above.


Undergraduate Dog (14)


  1. Condron’s Covarney Chesney, this kennel had a good day. A good irish head with soft melting expression, strong well sprung ribs, neck flowed into topline carried down to strong well bent stifle, moves well using tail, another one that could mature well.

  2. Andrews’ Popeswood Pageant at Bonhomie, short on coat at the moment but I am sure he will trouble the best when he is furnished. Same remarks, moves well.

  3. Evans’ Goldings Silver Fox, gave his owner a hard time, needs a big outdoor ring to show off to best as he is also quality and when able to stride out and show his slashing tail and strong movement.


Graduate Dog (8) A lovely class.


  1. Pike’s Scarletti The O’Hara, good bone, with dark eye and work in head, good small tight feet, topline kept on move, strong well bent stifle, moved with drive.

  2. Rutherford’s Pure Genius Clonageera, another pleasing boy close up, moved well, good feet and pleasing head.

  3. Drinkwater’s Brabrook True Blade, another good mover, but short on coat today, well balanced dog who when furnished will trouble the best as well.



Post Graduate Dog (16, 3a) a hard class, there was very little to separate the first five.


  1. Carr’s Laumidorn The Invisible Man, a good head and eye, well sprung rib with depth, moves well, kept topline and used tail.

  2. Hogsflesh’s Lyngor Prophet, you couldn’t overlook this boy, not flashy, just a good honest dog, well off for bone, very good mover who keeps his tail down and uses it, good tight feet.

  3. Naylor and Morris’ Anlory Muscavado, another sound dog, short on coat today, but moves well using tail, kept topline on move, driving from hocks.


Mid Limit Dog (8, 2a)


  1. Rielly’s Baibreeze Peer Gynt at Summergate, what a lovely boy, moved with style, beautiful soft irish expression with plenty of work, good front, well angulated upper arm and shoulders that flowed into good topline, well sprung ribs, well bent stifle with good width, short hocks, another that is just coming into maturity, considered foe RCC. I am sure he will go far, I wish him well.

  2. Rodda’s Teramour Happy Go Lucky, good bone, head has true irish expression, well sprung ribs, shoulders and stifle well angulated, moved with drive, unlucky to meet winner.

  3. Morley’s Kylenoe Crystal Bear, excellent shoulder and upper arm, well bent stifle, moved well, would like a little more muscle, not in best coat at the moment but could do more if all things right.


Limit Dog (13, 1a) Excellent class, very hard as some good dogs.


  1. Rutherford’s Clonageera Kieren, beautiful irish head with irish expression, well angulated upper arm and lay of shoulder, uses hocks well but really needs to be outside and in a large ring so he can really stride out, not in best coat for top honours but RCC.

  2. Harris’ Teramour Call Me Lucky of Trapwell, good boned dog, front straight with good shoulders, well sprung rib, kept topline on move and drives.

  3. Drinkwater’s Cataluna Texas Wild, moves well, keeps topline and tail fine, short on coat at moment.


Open Dog (12, 3a) Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go over some top winning dogs and the sporting way my CC winner was accepted.


  1. Wall’s Hazelbeck Golden Flame, he is a good honest dog, moves correctly, he has a lovely soft irish expression, not overdone in any way. I have never seen this dog look and be so well presented. Pleased to give him his 3rd ticket and with my co judge B.I.S. He also went Best Veteran in Show.

  2. Richie’s Sh. Ch. Gwendariff Dom Perignon, fills the eye, he is immaculately presented with not a hair out of place, so unlucky to meet the winner today. Moves with drive and correctly, a worthy Sh. Ch.

  3. Bott’s Sh. Ch, Shenanigan Some Might Say It’s Bardonhill, in the highest of company and a well known winning dog, today just lacked the sparkle but another worthy Sh. Ch.


Special Beginners Dog (9)


  1. Drinkwater’s Brabrook True Blade, as above.

  2. Greenan’s Anlory Quantus, as above.

  3. Clannad Clever Clogs.



Alan Vanderbilt Memorial Open Dog (4, 1a)


  1. Bott’s Sh. Ch, Shenanigan Some Might Say It’s Bardonhill, as above.

  2. Jones’ Goldings Manxman in very strong limit class, good bone, well angulated, good on move.

  3. Brewer’s Bluebyeyou Mystic Sinndar, moves well, short of coat at the moment.


Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to go over your dogs.


Barbara Kay (Berfield) Judge