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4th October 2003



It was an honour to judge this club show and thank you to the exhibitors for a quality entry.  I had no problem choosing the first three or four in most classes, but I am not sure about the merits of placing seven dogs, particularly in a class of eight.  Heads and expressions appear to have improved and I only found one suspect mouth and one monorchid.


Minor Puppy Dog


1)         Davie ’s LOCHFRAE RALPH LAUREN.  Racy, well-balanced puppy with refined head.  Good shoulders and bend of stifle, neat, tight feet.  Moved steadily.


2)         Condron’s COVARNEY CHARLESTON.  Smaller but only six months.  Nice head and expression.  Gave his handler a hard time.


3)         Gargrave’s KIRKAVAGH SHARDARI.


Puppy Dog


1)         Davie ’s LOCHFRAE RALPH LAUREN.


2)         Hillock’s SPIRIT OF THE SOUTH TO JONOLA.  Smaller and preferred head of 1st.  Moved well, but not as firm in topline.


3)         Stocker’s KIRKAVAGH NIJINSKY.


Veteran Dog




2)         Morgan’s RENEMAU BLUEPRINT.

Two old favourites of mine.  Both same age.  Loved their heads and conformation.  Both moved well, just preferred firmer topline of 1st.




Special Field Trial Dog


1)         Chapman’s PTARMIGAN BOY.


2)         Rowell’s ARGAMEOLS JUNIPER.

I’m not sure that either of them was enjoying this alien environment.  1st was more steady on the move.


Special Beginners Dog


1)         Penny’s BARNELLIN ALCHYMIST.  Pleasing head, good dark coat.  Moved well.


2)         Davis ’s BRAYVILLE LADYS MAN AT CORRIBEG.  Same remarks apply, but preferred front angulation on winner.


3)         Stubbs’s CLONAGEERA LEONARDO.


Junior Dog


1)                  Mortimer’s COVARNEY CRUSADER.  Very mature, well-balanced dog.  Pleasing head, good neck and shoulders.  In lovely coat and condition.  One to watch.


2)                  Henson’s TATSBRO IRISH MIST.  Not co-operating on the day.  Good front, moved well.  Preferred head and stifle of winner.


3)                  Fauvrelle’s SHAYTELL ANDANTE.


Special Yearling Dog


1)                  Mortimer’s COVARNEY CRUSADER.


2)                  Crabtree’s MANTAFIELD DOUBLE TROUBLE.  Loved his racy outline with good neck and shoulders and firm topline when he eventually stood.  Moved well.




Maiden Dog


1)                  Hillock’s SPIRIT OF THE SOUTH TO JONOLA.


2)                  Lucas’s BRAIDMOUNT GENTLE GUY.  At the end of the line in Junior Dog.  Loved him as a puppy.  Needs to mature and grow into his frame.


3)                  McDonagh’s RONZALDA DON QUICHOTTE.


Novice Dog


1)                  Rout’s SHAYTELL TENOR.  Reserve in Junior.  Pleasing head and outline.  Immature.  Moved OK.


2)                  Hillock’s SPIRIT OF THE SOUTH TO JONOLA.


3)                  Lucas’s BRAIDMOUNT GENTLE GUY.


Undergraduate Dog


1)                  Wright & Pallister’s CERVANTES ORLANDO VIA PENWYN.  Won this class on maturity.  Pleasing outline.  Moved well.


2)                  Henson’s TATSBRO IRISH MIST.


3)                  Fauvrelle’s SHAYTELL ANDANTE.


Graduate Dog


1)                  Crass’s AVONTYNE TONIGHTS THE NIGHT.  New one to me.  Lovely racy outline with firm topline.  No trace of coarseness.  Super hindquarters, moved well.


2)                  Torpy’s FOLLIDOWN RED GROUSE.  Similar in outline, heavier in build.  Both possessed lovely heads.


3)                  Dodds’s SCARLETTI RHETT BUTLER.


Post Graduate Dog


Lovely class of dogs.  1st, 2nd and 3rd could change places any time.


1)                  Bailey’s COVARNEY MONELLO J.W.  My notes say superb!  Beautifully presented.  Well coated.  Good conformation, moved well.  Considered for higher honours.


2)                  Lewis’s CHEVENEY SARGENT PEPPER AMONG VALSARCH.  Have placed well before.  Slightly longer cast, so not as firm in topline.


3)                  Hogsflesh’s LYNGOR PROPHET J.W.  Looked really well, appears to have fined down.


Minor Limit Dog


1)                  Hockley & Gisby’s SUTERESETT BILLIONAIR BEAR.  Notes say “head to die for”.  Well-balanced dog, winning on front angulation.  Just failed in furnishings in the challenge.


2)                  Lorrimer’s KARIDELL CONNOISSEUR.  Lovely head and expression, slightly rangier and more positive in stifle, but overall movement not as good.


3)                  Launchbury’s MORCHALE HIGHLANDER J.W.


Mid Limit Dog


1)                  Pallister’s PENWYN WASHINGTON REDSKIN.  Lovely head on this dog.  Won on front and rear angulation.  Moved with drive.


2)                  Jones’s GOLDINGS MANXMAN.  Pleasing head and expression.  Not as racy in outline, but very sound.  Did not “sparkle” on the day.  Moved OK.


3)                  Condron’s COVARNEY CHOCOLATE MOUSSE.


Limit Dog


1)                  Edwards’s CEDRUS SOLITAIRE.  Have given this dog a very strong class before.  Masculine with no trace of coarseness.  Pleasing head and expression, well-laid shoulders and good angulation fore and aft.  Moved well.  Put down in super condition with an abundance of feathering to complete the picture.  Pleased to award him his third C.C.  Best in Show on referee’s decision.


2)                  Foster’s SHANOAH HIGHLY DELIGHTED.  Don’t think I have seen this one before.  Another pleasing head and expression.  Super hindquarters moving well with drive.  Not the coat and condition of the winner.


3)                  Hanby’s DUNCARREG RED RIVER AT CHANTSTOR.


Open Dog


1)                  Wall’s HAZELBECK GOLDEN FLAME.  Well-known dog, I don’t think I have seen him look better or move as well.  Lovely headpiece, well-angulated front and super bend of stifle.  Trimmed to perfection.  Pushed really hard in the challenge but topline just beginning to flag at the crucial time.  Res. C.C. and Reserve Best in Show in agreement with my co-judge.


2)                  Bott’s SH.CH. SHENANAGIN SOME MIGHT SAY ITS BARDONHILL J.W.  Worthy Sh.Ch. looking really well on the day.  Very difficult to fault on examination.  Moved well.  Shown to perfection as usual.


3)                  Kniveton’s SH.CH. ORSTONE INTERCEPTOR.




Judge:  Shelagh Vant