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I had a great day – and for all those concerned about my feet – they didn’t hurt until it was all over!!!.    I trust it was apparent I was looking for a well made, racy setter who could move.  We do seem to have forgotten about this important requirement with the desire to obtain as much coat as possible.  Coat is the icing on the cake but it is imperative that the ‘cake’ underneath is correct , and we must never forget that lack of coat is remedied after a time, but incorrect construction never is.  I was very happy with my winners, but feel that a little more muscle condition would not come amiss.



MINOR PUPPY   (4-1)  

Ross’s Autumnglow Zepher   Well made youngster – just right for his age. Promising work in head with gentle expression.  Steady on the move.  

Dckson’s Balnagowan Breakthru  More mature looking – not so steady on the move at present.  Shows promise.  

Rielly’ Summergate Hylander


PUPPY (6-1)  

McVey’s Lochfrae Ralph Lauren    Well balanced – good body properties.  Neck well set into shoulders.  Good strong quarters.  B.D.P.  

Tovey’s Brabrook Red Shadow   Preferred head of this one – more work and gentle expression, however neck not quite so tidy in set as one above. Moved very steadily.  

Wade’s Ronzalda Don Pasquale


JUNIOR (5)  

Berry & Morris’s Brinara Indus  Beautiful balanced flowing outline, steady on move. Well chiselled head.  In super coat and body condition. Promising.  Glad to hear that this gave him his J.W.  

Swainston’s Glenvarna Tiberius   Close up to one – similar remarks apply – moved well  

Lennoz’s Brackenfield Cameron  



Berry & Morris’ Brinara Indua  

Shepherd’s Casachared Flynn O’Flannaghan  Lovely outline – beautiful head and expression.  In good coat and condition  

Myer’s Astrazone Special Brew –  Loved his outline and balanced, sadly did not move with as much drive or enthusiasm as he can.


NOVICE (2)  

Schofield’s Chirgwin Wild About the Boy  Looked young in previous class – balanced outline moved well – Good tail set.  

Lennox ’s Brackenfield Cameron   Again looks immature – happy  moved with lovely tail action, would prefer a couple of pounds more weight.  Super healthy coat



Prangle & Cuff’s Aristocrat of the Hollow  Balanced lad,  Sweet head and expression with good ear placement –. Correct neck running nicely into shoulders. Correct tail set.  

Ross’s Autumnglow Legend – More rangy lad, needs time to come together. Pleasing head and expression.


GRADUATE (7-0)  

I thought the first three in this class were exceptional.  My decisions were hairsplitting.  Could change places on another day.  

Rutherford ’s Pure Geniuse by Clonageera Beautiful balanced dog, Filled my eye completely.  In super coat and condition.  Beautifully worked head with gentle expression.  

Wilder’s Riverman Joshua JW – Same remarks apply – just slightly stronger in skull. Movement a joy.  

Drinkwater’s Brabrook TrueBlade JW Did this young man well as a puppy  have not changed my mind – just looked a little immature in this company.  



Hgflesh’s Lyngor Prophet  Stood away in this class – beautifully balanced, super neck and shoulders. Chiselled head.  Moved well  

Stevenson’s Lochlorien Inspector Morse Among Andley  Not as mature as one, still some finished to do, but beautifully racy with refined head and gentle expression.  In good coat.  

Lawrence ’s Sametsuz Good Fortune of McConkeys


LIMIT  (18-1)

Two super dogs headed this class – have liked them both before and have not changed my mind.  

Rutherford ’s Clonageera Kieren  - Gave him R.C.C. last time I judged stating that he just needed time to finish.  He has had the time and he has.  Beautifully balanced and not overdone in any way. Neck flows into super shoulders – quarters are wide and strong.  His head and expression is just melting.  Moved soundly  Delighted to award him  C.C. just had to give way to his sister for B.O.B.  

King’s Brenrue Kracker Jack JW  Bigger lad but still very balanced, lovely coat and condition.  Moved well – bad luck to come up against 1 today  

Brewer’s Bluebyeyou Mystic Sinndar


OPEN (3)  

Ritchie’s Sh. Ch. Gwendariff Dom Perignon JW  This dog is presented to perfection in wonderful coat and condition.  Would just prefer a better layback of shoulder. Moved well  Could not be denied today R.C.C  

Ross’s Autumglow Jazzman   Well made  - but not the finish of one at the moment. Moved very well  

Shepherd’s Backenfield Quadrant 





2 very pretty bitches  

Cameron’s Balnagown Ballroom Blitz  

Lewis’s Lindenjo Lacey   - one just had the edge on maturity today – both nicely made and moved well.  Very promising  

Hyslop’s Summergate Foxy Lady


PUPPY (7-1)  

Brinkwater’s Brabrook Red Rose   Absolutely fabulous – balanced, beautiful outline – head t die for -  moved a dream – just wish she were mine  B.P  

Steven’s Emeriki Enchanted Lady at Follybrook   - another from the same mould – needs to break in head  - but time is on her side.  Promising.  

Borthwick’s Lochfrae Issey Mayake  - not as good as her brother at the moment , very loose movement.


JUNIOR  (9-3)  

Lennox ’s Brackenfield Candytuft  Beautiful balanced outline, sweet head and expression.  Superb mover.  Promising.  

Stevenson’s Lochlorien Miss Marple Cops Andley   Similar type to above, not quite the flowing outline – again sweet head and expression.  

Shepherd’s Rothkin Leawarra



Harris’ Goldings Helleana of Trapwell  Super outline and handled well, Very pretty head and expression, Moved well in super coat and condition.  

Shepherd’s Casachared Rose O Donegal  Again such a pretty bitch, well balanced with lovely outline,  Moved well.  

Tolladay’s Clonageera Paris to Bethersden  


NOVICE  (6-1)  

Schofield’s Chirgwin Flame in the Wind -  Just missed being in the cards in previous class – lovely outline, moved well.  Just a little strong in head for my preference.  

Lennox ’s  Brackefield Candytuft  

Stevenson’s Lochlorien Miss Marple Cops Andley



Hogflesh Lyngor Wind of the Spirit  Very happy girl, well balanced, super outline, moved well.  Sweet head – gave me a look full of mischief  

McNeil Glencarron Dailuane   Not quite as mature as one, but good neck and shoulders.  

Stephenson’s Lyngor Wisdom



Drinkwater’s Brabrook Waikiki Roamancer JW  Super type – beautiful outline. Moved true. In lovely coat and hard condition.  

Stockton ’s Kespas Intuition JW   Not judged her since a puppy – has grown well into herself, very pretty – shades of her mother,  moved well. Unluckly to meet one above today.  

Launchbury’s Morchale Skyeburst



King’s Brennrue Alicia  Is maturing nicely – beautiful outline, good neck flowing into correct shoulders.  Pretty head and expression. Moved soundly. Easy winner.  

Powis’s Amberwave Spangle JW  Have liked her from the ringside for a while – close up to 1 – but today 1 on top form.  Both very promising.  

Bowman’s Bonahaird Pirouette


LIMIT  (15-1)  

Price’s Severnvale Seventh Heaven JW  Have liked this bitch from ringside and was not disappointed on going over her.  Super outline, very sweet head and expression, Moved a dream. R.C.C. her day will come – time on her side  

Lewis’s Brenrue Alice Springs to Lindenjo  Gave handle a hard – close up to one, again a lovely outline – not quite so positive on the move today.  

Kavanagh’s Withersdale Kupola  - this bitch has matured beautifully – so pretty and Moved well.


OPEN  (8-2)  

Ritchie’s Sh. Ch. Ir. Clonageera Klassique Gwendariff   Mouth watering. Just love everything about her, When you look at her the chiselling is superb and the expression is to die for.  Movement was terrific. Presented immaculately.  Such a correct  type of Irish Setter C.C. and B.O.B. – Proud to see her go Group 3 (my notes say wish she were mine)   

Stockton ’s  Sh. Ch. Clonageera Inspiration for Kespas  A litter has done her good – she has matured delightfully. Similar in type to above, not exaggerated in any way  again a very pretty bitch .  

Powis’s Sh. Ch. Amberwave Dazzle JW 



Liz Rose-Hay (Judge)