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The Irish Setter Breeders Club Southern Open Show  Mr J Hall (Tarodene)

The ISBC held their Open Show at Frogmore, Camberley.  My thanks to the committee for the privilege of judging at our premier club.

A very hot day which may have resulted in a high number of absentees.  No bad mouths on the day, but movement must be addressed.


1 Stocker's Kirkavagh Nijinsky
A very promising dog.  Excellent shoulders, not too long in the leg at this stage and a very good coat.  Excellent feet, moved well.  Will follow his progress with interest.
2 Waddell's Riqitta Game Spirit
3 Jones Riberadecasa Kelly


1  Willetts Capsians Disraeli JW
Excellent young dog with a very good head, neck and shoulders.  Correct top line, well balanced and moved with style.
2 Spences Springle Nereus
3 Fauverelle Shaytell Andante


1 Bouttels Ixia Timber
Well balanced dog with very good front.  Nice feet, moved very well in the heat.
2 Willetts Caspians Giancarlo
3 Whitelocks Viana Red Connor


1 Willetts Caspians Giancarlo
2 Fauverelle Shaytell Andante
3 Gladwish Clannad Clever Clogs


1 Spences Springle Nereus
Second in junior dog.  Good head, neck and shoulders.  Good bend of stifle.  Good feet, moved well.
2 Gramlich Targina Star Trek at Rickashel
3 Whitelock Viana Red Connor


1 Ramsey Danaway Toy Boy at Setterford
Won this class on his overall balance and movement.  Excellent head, and shoulders, good feet and very good ring presence.
2 Pike Scarletti The O Hara
3 Baddeley Aoibheannes Lovesong


1 Fry Strathmead April in Paris
Well balanced dog. Excellent head with a kind expression.  Good shoulder placement.  Good bend of stifle, moved well.
2 Stevensons Lochlorien Inspector Morse Among Andley
3 Johnsons Obi Wan Kenobi


1 Gramlich Caspians Invincible At Rickashel
This dog caught my eye when he came into the ring.  Not a flashy dog but you cannot help notice his correct head, good shoulders and top line.  Moved with style.
2 Edwards Cedrus Solitaire
3 Rorkes Seatamarisk Wayfarer At Zakhan


1 Richardsons Sh Ch Kirkavagh Fidalgo JW
RES Best Dog A worthy show champion, I love this dogs head.  Excellent shoulders into a good top line.  Good feet.  Just needs a little more muscle tone.  Excellent movement.



1 Wards Muharraq Spring Rhapsody at Almerja
Best Dog & Best In Show.  His overall balance combined with his free flowing movement, plus that extra sparkle factor made him stand out.  In good hard condition.  He did not show his eleven years.  Very well presrved from his clean teeth to his coat condition.  This made him the star of the day, and he just got stronger as the the day went on.  How this dog has not gained his title surprises me.  Well done.
2 Richardsons Shandwick Arathorn
3 Edwards Sh Ch Delsanto Luke



1 Bott Anlory BMI Baby Bardonhill
Fell in love with her, she was so willing to please her handler and I am sure she will have a very good future.  she has a beautiful head with a melting expression, good coat, very good feet and moved so very well.  Best Puppy
2 Waddell Riqitta Tamarillo
3King Kirkavagh Nativa


1 Bott Anlory BMI Baby Bardonhill
2 Pollard Grayrigge Eithine
3 Cartwright Clereleys Luck Be A Lady


1 Hall Glennara Fleur De Mai
Very feminine bitch with a lovely head, excellent front and feet and very good croup.  Moved very well.  I believe this was her JW- well done!
2 Bott Anlory Chianti Del Bardonhill
3 Stevenson Lochlorien Miss Marple Cops Andley


1 Muir Romarne Melinda JW
So well balanced and a very feminine bitch, loved her expression.  Correct top line  into correct tail carriage, lovely feet.  Very good movement.  She pushed her litter mate for the Res BB I could have taken her home!
2 Hall Glennara Fleur De Mai
3 Boutell Ixia Talulla


1 Bott Anlory Chianti Del Bardonhill
Second in junior bitch.  A good head, neck and shoulders into a good top line.  Good bend of stifle, good feet.  Moved well.
2 Stevenson Lochlorien Miss Marple Cops Andley
3 Patersons Harreds Bridie


1 Hall Glennarra Fleur De Mai
2 Bott Anlory Chianti Del Bardonhill
3 Waterton Lynwood Strands Of Silk at Sandstream JW


1 Webb Caspians Amity
Two excellent bitches, I just preferred the front of the first place bitch.  Excellent head and shoulders, good front and very neat feet, moved well.
2 Brown Kirkavagh Corrida


1 Muir Romarne Melissa JW
RES BB Excellent class.  This bitch has all the same notes as her litter mate, and when you add substance with femininity you must get quality.  As a note it will be interesting to see if her litter mate will out win her in the future!
2 Richardson Kirkavagh Frivola
3 Elkins Avacet All They Way


1  Bott Bardonhill Flaming June
A quality bitch, well balanced with a lovely head and expression. Very good over the back into a good croup and tail set, good bend of stifle, neat feet.  Moved well.
2 Fauverelles Goldings Mavoureen
3 Budd Keskasy Sea Adventur


1 King Sh Ch Kirkavagh Kooyonga
A quality bitch and so worthy of her 13 c.c.'s, this is a bitch I would be proud to own.  Well balanced from head to toe and moved well in the very hot sun.  BB and RBIS, just had to make way to the dog who showed himself to the max on the day.
2 Weller Strathmead Stormwin over Fenrua
3 Stevenson Lochlorien Sunrise


1 King Kirkavagh Gazala
An old favourite of mine and not showing her age.  A lovely head, good top line and tail set.  Good shoulder placement and excellent neat feet.  Moved well.
2 Pollard Ch Grayrigge Fionnuala
3 Brown Kirkavagh Valoris