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Finland June 2003

wpe66900.gif (3528 bytes)          Results of the ISF championship show  held on Saturday 18th May 2002

    Hanar Miniorklass (4-6 months)     Tikar Miniorklass (4-6 months)
1st hp Hot Sensation's Unique And Gentle 1st hp Hot Sensation's Unique Corazon
      2nd hp Danamoor I'm Innocent
      3rd hp Hot Sensation's Unique Charm
      4th hp Hot Sensation's Unique Patita
      5th hp Hot Sensation's Unique Style
    Hanar Valpklass (6-9 months)     Tikar Valpklass (6-9 months)
1st hp Copper's Bloody Well Right 1st hp Copper's Bounce Back
      2nd hp Eel Garden's Irish Mist

Best Puppy Copper's Bounce Back

Hanar Juniorklass (9-15 months) Tikar Juniorklass (9-15 months)
1st ck Copper's Prince Of Thieves 1st ck Teatrick Angeleyes
2nd hp Simply Red's Valiant 2nd ck Copper's Prinsessan Pa Arten
3rd hp Teatrick Ask For More 3rd hp Dubliner Imagine
4th hp Teatrick Afternoon Tea
5th hp Discovery's Irish Clare
Hanar Unghundklass (15-24 months) Tikar Unghundklass (15-24 months)
1st ck Dark Auburn's Michigan 1st ck Hot Sensation's Salsa Queen
2nd ck Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale 2nd ck Hot Sensation's Sacarina
3rd ck Hot Sensation's Star Fighter 3rd ck Dubliner Sexy Thing
4th ck South Side's Movitz 4th ck Dark Auburn's West Virginia
5th hp Hot Sensation's Tiger Rag 5th hp Hot Semilla
Hanar Oppen Klass I (2-4 years) Tikar Oppen Klass (2-4 years)
1st ck Ember Sean Connery 1st ck Red Tails Future Star
2nd ck Dubliner Fisherman's Friend 2nd ck Asqaya
3rd ck Red Tails Absolute Irish Lad 3rd ck Riverdene Cabernet Sauvignon
4th ck Ashrims Coq Rouge 4th ck Danamoor Diamonds 'n' Pearls
5th ck Ember Pierce Brosnan 5th ck Copper's Runnin Wild
Hanar Oppen Klass II (over 4 years) Tikar Oppen Klass II (over 4 years)
1st ck Eel Garden's Zquishing Zquirrel 1st ck Dark Auburn's Fun In Dublin
2nd ck Bright Soul's Double Trouble 2nd ck East Meadows Bridge To The Sun
3rd ck Balintyne's Wild About Harry 3rd ck Bright Soul's Dancing Queen
4th ck Out Breaker Love Memory 4th ck Gaerlic Burning Sensation
5th ck Red Tails King Of Hearts 5th ck Queensett's Jaques Selosse
Hanar Premiumklass Tikar Premiumklass
1st ck Danamoor Don Quixote 1st ck Jww-98 Dark Auburn's Kiwi I Dublin
2nd ck Dubliner First Impression 2nd ck Gaerlic Brown Girl In The Ring
3rd ck Amadeus 3rd ck Hot Sensation's Purple Rain
4th ck Sv-00 Eel Garden's Trick Or Treat
5th ck LpI LpII Hot Sensation's Peak Performance
Hanar Seniorklass (7-10 years) Tikar Seniorklass (7-10 years)
1st ck Copper's Man In Command 1st ck Bright Soul's Count On Me
2nd ck Thendara Derek 2nd ck Eel Garden's Tea For Two
3rd ck East Meadows A Lassie To Gaerlic
4th hp Copper's To The Lady's Smile
Hanar Veteranklass (over 10 years) Tikar Veteranklass ( over 10 years)
1st hp Eel Garden's Kerrylaw 1st ck Sv-96 Copper's My Wild Irish Rose
Avelsklass (progeny) Uppfodarklass (breeders)
winner Ember James Bond winner Red Tails


Dog Premium: Ember Sean Connery                                                 Bitch Premium:  Red Tails Future Star

Res Dog Premium: Eel Garden's Zquishing Zquirrel                      Res Bitch Premium: Asqaya


Best In Show: Ember Sean Connery

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Best In Show and Reserve Best In show

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The Senior Winners