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Ellie's Diary 


Wednesday 9th May 2007

My goodness, I can't believe it's been over a year since I last wrote my diary. I've been so busy I just don't know where the time has gone to.

After my last entry we had a bit of a problem as Mummy hurt her shoulder at Crufts. We don't really know how she did it, but it was very sore for a while. It took ages to sort out and she had to keep going to the vet for injections. After a few months she could run properly so started going to shows again, but she had to be careful as it would come back sometimes. Eventually by the end of the year it seemed fine, and the vet cut the injections down to every couple of months.

I had some good times in the show ring and managed to win a couple of best of breeds, plus I did quite well at the benched shows too. We even too Morsey out to one show and he also won a rosette!

This year has been a whole new chapter in my life. We started out really well as Mummy and I went to a show in Wales. I won best lady and best in show, Mummy won best mature dog in show and we won the brace class together. It was a really lovely day and I had plenty to tell Morse about when we got home.

We all went to Crufts again this year although it was just Mummy and me showing, then me and Morse doing discover dogs. When we did Discover dogs we met a famous lady off the telly. She was really nice to us and told us all about her reds. George said she reads news or something, not really sure what that means, but apparently she did something called ice-skating as well.

Soon after this we all went on our holidays to the kennels for a couple of days. Whilst we were there Mummy started getting pains in her tummy. As soon as we got home George & Cheryl took her to see the vet and they said she had a bug. They gave her some injections and tablets and she seemed a bit better for a while. Then she started to get poorly again. Cheryl took her back to the vet and they changed her tablets and scanned her tummy with a machine, but couldn't find anything wrong. The next day she was a bit brighter and was able to eat some breakfast, but then the day after she started feeling poorly again. By the evening she didn't want to eat anything and just wanted to sleep all the time. George & Cheryl were really worried about her so they took her back to the vet. They said they were worried now too so they looked inside Mummy's tummy. Apparently she had something very serious called Cancer on her liver so the vet said he couldn't make her better.  He said that she would be in a lot of pain and it would be best to leave her asleep.

A while later George & Cheryl brought Mummy home and dug a big hole. Morsey and I went to see her, but she wasn't moving and didn't speak to us. I think she must be having a really long sleep. We watched as Cheryl pinned some rosettes to Mummy's collar and wrapped her in her favourite bed, then put her in the big hole. I don't really understand why she had to go in the hole because we can't play with her or talk to her now. We both really miss her and I know everyone in the house misses her because they keep crying.

The next day I was taken in the car for a ride to a lady's house who has lots of cats. She put some funny stuff on my tummy and then put a machine type thing on me. She said I was pregnant.  (Apparently that means I was having babies!) My boyfriend will be pleased. I think I mentioned him ages ago, but haven't seen much of him lately. His name's Zac and he's a really handsome chap.

Anyway the weeks went by and we all still really miss Mummy. My tummy got bigger and bigger until last week when I felt the babies coming. It was quite a painful experience and there was a lot of mess, but by the end of the evening I had 5 lovely sons and 4 lovely daughters. The next day one of my little girls stopped feeding and went limp. George & Cheryl tried to feed her with a funny little bottle thing, but she wasn't interested. After a while she passed away. I was very sad to lose my baby and don't know what went wrong, but she was quite small so perhaps she wasn't quite ready to be born yet. George buried her with Mummy so they will keep one another company.

Now my babies are 6 days old and getting bigger almost by the minute. I'm really proud of our children and I can't wait for them to meet their Daddy as I'm sure he'll be proud too. I haven't decided what to call them yet so I'll have to give that some thought. For now, I just need a sleep. Being a mum is hard work!


Thursday 2nd February 2006

 I canít believe itís February already. I was going to begin with Happy New Year, but I suppose the moment has passed now. 

So much has happened since the last time I wrote my diary that I hardly know where to begin.

At the beginning of December we went on our holidays to the kennels for a few days. That was quite interesting as there were some new dogs there who I hadnít seen before. There is a dog who lives there who we often see, I think heís called a German Shepherd. Heís really big and hairy with huge great paws at least twice the size of mine. He plods around the yard with his owner who lives at the side of the kennels. He seems quite nice, but doesnít say much.  In the kennel next to us was a very small dog who wore a red coat and shook all the time. He says he feels the cold, even though he has a heater in there,so he has to wear his coat as well.  There was also a brown and white dog a bit smaller than me who had a black and tan puppy with him. He was really cute and wanted to kiss everyone he met. We were only there for a few days this time, but we enjoyed making some new friends and I always like to walk around the field there. The only problem is I always manage to get really muddy!

Shortly after returning home from the kennels and being bathed we went to another show. This time it was a smaller one without benches. There were quite a few reds there and I went in before Mummy this time. I must have been quite good as I won a blue. Then Mummy went in and got a red. Iíll get another one one of these days.) She then went on to get best Irish and got a special certificate which qualified her to show at Crufts. She hasnít had one of these before, but sheís already qualified to show there for the rest of her life anyway.

After that was Christmas and pressie time!  I enjoyed seeing what everyone had for presents, ours were food based, just the way I like them.  Nick had another guitar which makes a different kind of noise to the other one he already had.  Itís certainly a lot louder.

New yearís eve was the usual loud fireworks going off everywhere. I donít mind too much but Mummy and Morsey donít like them at all. Eventually the bangs stopped and everyone was able to get some sleep.

Then the following weekend we went to a benched show that was a long way away. It was in a sports centre and it was quite cold in there.  We had to wait a long time before it was our turn to show. I went in before Mummy this time and got a white card, but there were lots of girls in my class so I thought that was pretty good. Then Mummy went into her class and won again! That is now 4 shows in a row where she got a red.  This meant she had to stay to compete against the other ladies. When she went off with Cheryl I couldnít see very well what was going on as our bench was nearer to the dog ring, but George went to watch.  I could just about make out that they all ran around again then I heard some clapping, shortly followed by a cheer and clapping. I was getting quite excited in case Mummy had got best lady again. Eventually she came back to the bench and Cheryl was carrying a pink rosette and a green & white card. I still wasnít sure if this was good or not, but Mummy soon told me she got reserve best lady. We still had to wait though as it meant that if the other lady got best in show Mummy would have to compete for reserve best in show. As luck would have it the lady won so Mummy had to go back in. Unfortunately she didnít beat the man, but she was just pleased with what sheíd done anyway so we all went home very happy. I was very tired and pleased to get to bed.

I suspect there must be another show coming up soon as weíve had our feet and ears trimmed again and I heard mention of baths either tonight or tomorrow.

Morsey has been indoors for the last few weeks as Iíve had lady problems. I can hear him talking sometimes. Every time someone has something to eat I can hear him complaining about where his bit is. I also heard him get told off for using the hall mat as a skateboard.  Apparently someone came to the door and he came flying in from the lounge and jumped on the mat which slid all the way to the door where he landed with a crash.

I think heíll be coming back in with us soon and Iím looking forward to playing with him again. I will be able to have proper races around the little field then, although if Iím having a bath I might not be allowed in there until after the show. I suppose Iíll just have to wait and see.





Monday 14th November

Itís been ages since I had a chance to sit down and write my diary and lots of  things have happened so I thought I had better start writing!
Following Mummyís success at our last show we went to another one, this time at the place with big hills behind it.  The rings were nice and big, and there were lots of reds and people there.  I saw some of my friends and while we were waiting for our classes we had plenty of time to look round and have a good run.
Mummy went in first again and she won her class again! Thatís two shows on the trot where she got a first.  She was really pleased with herself and we all hoped she might win best lady again.
The day soon passed by and then it was my turn to go in.  I tried really hard to stand still and I didnít jump around when we moved round the ring.  There were quite of lot of us though so I wasnít confident of getting a card. When we had all been seen we stood in the line waiting for the man to choose.  He was quite quick at making up his mind, and chose me for the red card!  I was really excited and found it hard to stand still while he wrote things down.  My friends were all really pleased for me and Mummy said she was very proud. Of course George and Cheryl were pleased with me too. It was at this point that auntie Sandy spotted some fluffy bits on one of my paws which were hastily trimmed off. (Donít know how Cheryl missed that!)
It was soon time for us all to go back in for the man to choose his best lady.  We all lined up with Mummy at the front, then another lady before me.  The man had a quite quick look and chose the lady standing between Mummy and me as his best lady.  He then got the 2nd to her in and gave her reserve best lady.
I thought weíd finished and was ready to go home, but I had forgotten that Mummy still had to compete against the man dog who won Ďmore mature malesí.  It was quite some time before they got to this point and I couldnít really work out what was going on, but there seemed to be quite a lot of activity in the ring and I heard someone say that the referee had been called. I thought this might mean there was going to be a fight, but it turned out that when the two judges canít agree on best in show or best whatever, the referee chooses.
Eventually Mummy had to go back in the ring again and the other judge who had judged the men dogs went over her and moved her, whilst our judge looked at the man dog.  They obviously didnít agree because again they called the referee in.  The referee looked at both Mummy and the man and got them to move around again, I could just about see them from my bench as they were in the closer ring now.  After a short while I saw her walk towards Mummy and give her a big rosette and a funny looking piece of material that was red, white and green.  There was lots of clapping, but then they still werenít finished as they then started taking lots of photos.  I was beginning to think I was never going to go home, but eventually Mummy came back to her bench and once sheíd had a drink we packed up the bag and went home.
There are lots more trophies on our mantelpiece, and at least one of them is mine now.  The funny material thing that Mummy won is apparently called a sash.  She had to have it put across her back for her photos to be taken.
The weekend after that show I knew something was happening as Georgie came through with the ladder and there was lots of noise and activity in the house.  It turned out I was right as that weekend the boys came in and gave us all a hug and a kiss saying they would see us in a couple of weeks. Then a couple of days later I saw our things being packed up so I thought we must be off to the kennels.  Yep! Sure enough the next morning we all got into the car and were taken to the kennels.  We all had a hug and a kiss goodbye and then George and Cheryl left us to have our holiday.  It was pretty relaxing really, a walk every morning and evening, lazing around the kennel talking to the other dogs on their holidays, plenty of food and drink. Then before we knew it they were back to fetch us home!

As soon as we got home we all had baths, which was fine because it was a nice day and I had a long turn under the dryer.  But only a couple of days later we all had baths again!  I couldn't work it out, two baths in one week. The only explanation could be a show, so when Saturday came and we all got into the car I wasn't surprised.  It wasn't a long journey, and it was bright and sunny out.  Mummy was first in the ring this time and at this show she got a blue.  Morsey was being a pain so eventually he went back in the car and didn't show in his class. He kept singing to everyone and bouncing up and down on his bench! Boys, they're so embarrassing sometimes.  Later in the day it was my turn.  There were loads in my class. A few girls I knew and some I hadn't seen before. The lady went over us all one by one and we all moved and stood, but this time I didn't get chosen. I know I was fidgeting a bit, but I didn't think I was that bad.  Anyway, we packed everything up and went home where Georgie made our tea. 
The next week everything was pretty normal until Thursday night. It was dark and the bath came out again. Morse went and hid in the kennel and I tried to hide in the garage. Mummy had her bath first, then George came and found me and put me in the bath. It wasn't too bad and the spell under the dryer made up for the nasty bit.  But the next day everyone went off to school and work as normal. I found this really confusing, but once everyone got home it all became clear.   The boys went off somewhere once we'd had our tea, then a little while later I saw the big black bag being put into the car.  Soon we were all travelling down the fast road, but I had no idea where we were going.  As we turned a corner I recognised the road to the kennels.  I started to try and tell them we'd gone the wrong way, as we couldn't be going there again so soon surely!  But no one would listen to me, they just said I shouldn't talk so loud in the car.  A short while later we arrived at the kennels and the back of the car went up, but the lady only took Morsey and Mummy and I stayed in the car.  Now I was really confused. How come he was getting another holiday?
Next thing I knew we were back on the fast road and it was very dark.  The road seemed to go on forever, so I decided to have a little sleep.  When I woke up we were coming off the fast road into what looked like a car park.  I couldn't see any other dogs so I didn't think we could be there yet.  George got Mummy and I out of the car and we all went for a little walk around.  It was very cold and windy so I was quite glad when we got back in the car again. We had a drink and chewy and soon set off again.
What seemed like days later, we finally arrived at our destination. It still wasn't a show, but a place with cars and a building which had lots of lights on. George and Cheryl disappeared for a short while, then came back and took us for a walk. It was still really cold and windy, but this time we didn't get back into the car, we went inside the building.  It was very warm and bright inside and we went through a door and along a very long corridor. Then we came to a door and went inside.  It was like a big bedroom but with a sofa and telly in.  Mummy and I had a good sniff around and soon found our beds.  It wasn't long before I nodded off to sleep. It had been a very long day.
The next morning we all got up and George & Cheryl took us for a quick walk.  We were soon back on the road again and on our way to the show. Or so we thought!  After quite a distance the car stopped and we could see some other cars stopped too. It turned out they had closed the road so we had to turn around and go back the way we had come. We then followed little roads, round twisty bends, up and down hills. I was beginning to feel quite travel sick! I thought we would never get there, when suddenly we were back on a big road again and I heard George say he could see the showground.  What a relief! I was so glad to get out in the fresh air again.
We soon found our way inside and our benches where we settled down to wait for our classes.  We had some breakfast and a drink, then we were given some more chewies and left to have a rest.
Some time later Cheryl came and gave us both a good brush and got our leads out.  Soon I found myself going in the ring while Mummy and George watched from the side.  There were quite a lot of girls in my class and the lady standing next to me gave me a treat. She said she enjoys reading my diary and that I shouldn't forget her when I write next time. So hello lady in the black and white jacket, and thank you for the treats.  We all tried hard to be good and I don't think I could have been too bad as the lady who was judging chose me with some others to have another look at.  I didn't get a card in the end, but at least I got through the first pick. 
I noticed then that I could no longer see Mummy. I knew she was supposed to be in next and there was quite a lot of activity for a while. Then a lady took me back to my bench while Cheryl went to find George and Mummy.  It turned out she was in another ring because she was entered in something called a stakes class. Unfortunately they hadn't finished judging when she was due to go in her breed class so Cheryl had to fetch her out before she found out if the judge liked her.  Mummy did say that he made a fuss of her though and seemed nice.
Anyway, Mummy made her class on time. This time she was in the class called Open as there weren't any just for mature ladies, and this time she got a blue.  She was really pleased with her blue and stayed to watch the winner to see if she got best lady. I gather that best lady went to another class winner and then the man dog beat the lady for best Red.  Before I knew it we were back in the car and back to the hotel (I heard George say that was what the building was called), having first visited our favourite chip shop.
By the time we all got to bed I was really tired, and I just don't know where the day went to. It seemed to go so quickly.
We're all home again now, including Morsey and I think I need a couple of days to get over all that travelling. I wonder where we're off too next?!



Friday 7th October

Things have been a bit mad in our house this week. We went to a show last weekend at the place with the quiet airplanes. It started off a bit cold and dark, but the weather improved during the day. When I went out for a little walk it was really sunny and quite warm.  We had all had a bath the day before which was great because it meant I had a turn under the dryer, so we were all clean and shiny. Even Morsey came this time, although he kept singing and bouncing on the bench.  He went for a nice long walk, but it didn't lessen his excitement so eventually he went for a 'quiet time' in the car.
Mummy went in her class first. There were loads of them, even though it was the class for more mature ladies. The lady took quite a long time to go over them all, feeling them carefully and watching them run around the ring. After a while she chose some and let the rest go, then she wanted to feel them all again and see them all move again.  Eventually she chose Mummy as her winner.  It was really exciting. She won the same class last year and the funny thing was that the same three ladies who were first, second and third last year were in the same places again this time! Mummy came back to her bench all pleased with herself. I think it must have tired her out though because after she'd had a treat and a drink she went off to sleep for a short while. Later on it was my turn. The lady got us all to run around the ring a couple of times before having a closer look at us. I had to go first. She stroked me all over and talked to me, then I had to do my triangle and run up and down. Again there were lots of girls in the class, but I was lucky enough to get picked out. We all had to run again, then the lady started to choose her winners. I tried really hard to stand still, but I kept getting an itchy foot so I had to move it.  I got told off for not standing still, so I thought I would try leaning against Cheryl to see if it helped the itching - it didn't.  After the lady had chosen a couple she came back to me again, then walked away and chose another girl. Then she came back again and chose me this time so I got a green. I was really pleased with that, especially since there were quite a lot of us. I went back to the bench to tell Mummy, who by now was awake and ready to go for another walk, what I had done. She said she was very proud of me and that I must have been good.
Eventually all the ladies classes had been judged and she had to choose her favourite. Mummy had to go back in, so I wished her luck as she left the benches. I couldn't see much at the time, although I did hear the cheers, but Mummy told me what happened when she came back.
All the ladies had to line up together and Mummy was asked to stand at the front (presumably because she was the oldest), then they all had to run around twice more before standing up for the judge to look at again. She went over Mummy and then the next lady and worked her way round all the other girls. Then she stood back and had another look before going to the table and picking up a card and rosette. Mummy thought the lady was coming to have another look at her, but then she gave the card and rosette to Cheryl and everyone cheered. Mummy was really excited, she knew she had done something really special and lots of people came and hugged her and Cheryl.  I could hear lots of noise from where I was but didn't know at the time what was going on. The judge then had to choose her next best lady. She asked the one who was second to Mummy in her class to come in and decided to give it to her. Then they both had to run around the ring again together whilst everyone clapped and cheered. Mummy said it was wonderful.
When all the noise had died down Cheryl came to fetch me off my bench again. Apparently my Dad wanted me to go in a class with him for family members. I didn't really know what to expect although I think I did this once before when I was very young. Anyway myself and some half brothers and sisters had to line up beside my Dad in the ring so the judges could look at us all. Apparently they were looking to see how alike we all were or something.
Unfortunately no one else turned up for the class so Daddy won, but I'm sure we'd have done well even if there had been lots in the class as my Dad is really handsome.
Before the show could end Mummy had to compete against the man dog who had won best dog. He was a really big, strong looking man with lots of coat, very handsome. I gather that the men often win when it comes to this point, and today was no exception. Mummy wasn't really surprised, she was just pleased with what she had done. There was quite a spell to wait whilst people took lots of photos, then Cheryl had to collect all the trophies Mummy had won. You should see our mantlepeice!
Then it was back in the car to come home. It was dark by the time we arrived and Georgie had our tea waiting for us. I suddenly realised I was quite hungry. I hadn't had anything since I stole part of George's sandwich at lunchtime. Mummy on the other hand had been given two beefburgers from the snack place that they had left over!  I was quite glad when we were all settled down in the conservatory watching the telly, cuddled up on the sofa. Well Morsey and I were pinning George down on the sofa, Mummy was curled up on Cheryl's lap on the big chair. It just goes to show that no matter how much we win and how exciting it all is, when we get home we're all just part of the family again.

     Mummy at the ISAE champ show after winning the Challenge Certificate October 2005

Friday 26th August

Since I last wrote my diary I've been to 3 more shows and seen loads of my friends. It's so nice to be out and about again.
Mummy and I went to a show by the big hills which was just for gundogs. When we left in the morning it was really cloudy and it didn't look like the day would be very nice, but it soon brightened up and was quite nice by the time we went in.  Mummy went in first as she was in the class for mature ladies, she got 3rd. She said she got a bit excited when she ran around and got told off for being naughty after the class. It wasn't because she didn't win, but because she didn't give herself a fair chance by playing around.  It was quite a long wait after that for my class. I soon found there were a lot of other girls for me to compete against. I tried really hard to be good and managed to stand still for quite a while. I got a blue.  I was really pleased with myself and Cheryl was very pleased with me, she says I now have something called a stud book number. I don't really know what that means, but Mummy says she's got one too and it means we can go to Crufts every year now. I think there's a bit more to it than that, but I don't really understand.  Mummy says it just needs for Morse to get a place like mine and we'll all have this special number.
After that we went to another show.  This time it was a really long drive to a place I don't think I've been before.  We all set off in the car about lunchtime, it seemed to take forever to get there, but eventually we parked outside a white house.  George and Cheryl disappeared for a few minutes then came back and we set off again.  I was beginning to think we would never arrive, when we turned off the road into a big showground.  We went along a track until we came to some funny looking things that looked like mini houses on wheels. George told me they were called caravans.  We stopped outside one and spoke to some people then went on into a big field surrounded by trees.  Once the car had stopped Cheryl opened the back and let us out of the cage.  We all ran around like mad dogs, stretching our legs glad to be out of the car.  We met one or two other dogs while we were running around but then Mummy said we should go back to the car so we ran over and lay down waiting for George and Cheryl to catch up.  As soon as the car was opened we jumped in and had a big drink from our water bowl. We were all tired then what with the journey and the run round the field (it was quite big so it was a long way round!)  We drove back to the caravan where we stayed with the back up for a while as the people were having a barbeque. Smelt really nice.  Eventually it started to get dark so we were taken back for a quick run to the big field before returning to the white house where we had parked earlier. When we got there Mummy moved into the main part of the car so she could sleep on the back seat, and Morsey and I settled down in the cage part.
Next morning the traffic woke us up early and Mummy barked to go out. Cheryl and George soon emerged from the white house and took us all for a walk along the road and gave us a fresh drink.
A short while later we set off for the show again. We went back to where we had been the night before only we went to a different track where the field was a car park.  As only Mummy and I were entered in the show Morse had to go in the crŤche. He wasn't very impressed, but they were really nice people there who gave him drinks and offered to take him for walks. He got put on a bench next to another Irish so he had someone to talk to, but he said the other dog didn't talk very much.
Anyway, we then went into the show and found our benches. It was already getting warm and sunny and it wasn't even nine o'clock.  We got comfy and were each given a chewy.  Time seemed to pass really slowly and it was aged before it was my turn to go in. By that time the sun was really shining hot, it was very warm in the ring.  The poor lady who was judging had been out there all day in the heat!  There were quite a few in my class again and I wriggled a bit as I was quite hot, but she must have liked me cos I got blue again!  Then it was Mummy's turn. She was good, well quite good anyway and she got fourth.
Then it was back over to the crŤche to fetch Morsey before heading home. What an awful journey that was!  We pulled out of the field where the show was and crawled along the road for about an hour. It awful. It's a good thing we've got air conditioning in our car, we've got our own fan too, but the sun was still quite hot.  Eventually we got onto the fast roads and we all had a bit of a sleep.  When I woke up we couldn't have been far from home as things looked quite familiar and we were soon pulling into the end of our road.
I was really glad to be back in my own bed, my dinner always seems to taste better at home too.
Then last Sunday we went up to the place with the airplane that make no noise. What a shock when we arrived, the place looked like a bomb site. There were big lorries everywhere and horse and people.  I started to think we had come to the wrong place, but I recognised the buildings. The only difference was that there were horses in them rather than dogs. We drove to the end of the field where there was a new large building and loads of cars.  It took ages to find somewhere to park the car, but eventually we found a spot.  The boys went off to play cricket and we stayed in the car whilst George and Cheryl went to have a look around.  When they got back they were clearly not impressed. Apparently it had said in the schedule that providing the weather was okay, all judging would be outside, but all the rings were inside and there was clearly no room for outside rings.  There was talk of going straight home, but as we had travelled quite a long way it was decided that we would stay.  There were Blondies in before us and quite a few of them, so it was a while before we went it.  It was my turn first.  I didn't like it in the new hall, it was hot and uncomfortable, the ring was small and it was very noisy.  I didn't want to stand still.  I know I was a bit noisy but it really wasn't very nice there at all.  Eventually the lady chose me and three other dogs to have another look at. We all moved again and this time I got a yellow.  There was another class, then it was Morsey's turn.  It was the first time he'd been in the ring for several months so I was feeling very nervous for him.  Apparently he was quite good, he didn't feel frightened of the other dogs so he didn't grumble at anyone and didn't spend half his time hiding behind Cheryl's legs looking frightenedly  out of the corner of his eye!  He stood up to begin with and stood for the judge, although he did sit down when she touched his tail. At the end he stood for a while but started to get a bit upset and sat down. Cheryl got him to stand once more then just let him sit and talked to him at the end of the class.  He told me he didn't like the place much either, and although he felt better because he didn't feel so worried about the other dogs, he still felt very nervous.   I hope he'll soon get back to normal. I know he's a pain, but he is my big brother.


Wednesday 20th July

I was right, I did go to a show at the weekend!  We set off quite early as Mummy had to be in the ring for 9am. Morsey didn't come this time and got very upset when we left him behind.  Apparently he later went playing football and chasing around the garden so he obviously didn't miss us for long.
It seemed quite a long way to the show, but then I haven't done that many journeys in the car for a while.  We went to the place with the big hills behind us. It was quite cool to begin with but George put our 'igloo' under the trees and then set out the chairs.  There were benches there but we didn't go on them. I'm not sure if they were meant for our show but some people did use them.  After a short while Cheryl took Mummy to a nearby ring.  There seemed to be some sort of delay as they were waiting by the side of the ring for what seemed like ages.  There were quite a few people waiting to go in and there were some men in red jackets and another man who later turned out to be the judge, all standing in there, so I can't imagine what the hold up was.  Anyway, eventually they all went in and Mummy was stood somewhere in the middle between a blondie (golden retriever) and another dog that looked like some sort of hound.  This was a class for older dogs but some of them looked really young, especially the very small fluffy dogs.  As the class started the sun began to get really hot  so they all tried to stand in what shade their was and there were quite a lot of them.  It took a while but eventually it came time for the man to make up his mind on his winners.  It looked as if he was looking at Mummy but it was hard to see from where I was.  After a while he pulled out a little fluffy dog, then he pulled Mummy out. I was really pleased. When she came back she said she was pleased too as she thought it was a strong class with plenty of competition.
Then it was back into the igloo for a while.  Mummy was a bit excited after doing well and wanted to be allowed to go and play, but we had more work to do later.  When she was getting a bit fed up she kept asking to be taken out so eventually Cheryl took her for a little walk. I was quite happy in the igloo. It's got a comfy bed in the bottom and it was lovely and cool in the shade.  A bit later on Cheryl went for a walk and came back with some chews for us. They were really nice and lasted ages, even for me!  It seemed to be taking a long time for our class to come round so I had a sleep. When I woke up ages later the Irish still hadn't gone in and the blondies were still being judged.  Everybody was starting to get fed up as it was a very hot day and there was no shade over by the ring where we were to be judged.  George and Cheryl kept us in the shade and just watched from a distance, and I felt sorry for the people who were waiting in the heat by the ringside.  I can't imagine why they would put the blondies in the same ring as us, especially when there are so many of us in both breeds.   Anyway, eventually the blondies finished and it was the turn for the Irish.  Again there seemed to be some delay before they began and people seemed to getting a bit annoyed by now. I could hear several people who were standing near us waiting to go in who sound quite cross.  There were quite a lot of dogs for the first lady to judge so it was a while before they got around to us girls.  Cheryl got me out of the igloo and started to give me a good brushing. I love being brushed by like to lay on my back to have it done. I kept getting told off for laying down as every time I did I got covered in dust and leaves again.  We waited in the shade of the tree until the class before mine had finished then we went over for my class.  There were only 3 of us this time. I had seen one of the other girls before but the other one was a stranger to me. Wow was it hot in that ring!  I was stood first so I didn't have long to wait before being gone over. I bet the lady who was judging must have been hot as she'd got to stand in the sun for all the classes, not just mine.  Anyway, I tried my best to be good and stand still while the lady stroked me and looked at my teeth.  Then I rang round the ring which was quite hard going even though I'm pretty fit.  The judge then went over the other two girls.  She seemed to like all of us as she kept looking from one to the other, but then she decided and pulled us all into our places.  I got third, but didn't really mind.  I was just glad to get out of the heat.  I thought I behaved quite well and Cheryl said I was good so that's what really matters. It's been such a long time since I was in a show I was worried I might have forgotten what to do, but it all came back to me once I was there. I'm looking forward to the next one now.  I don't think it will be this weekend as I heard George and Cheryl telling Morse we're going for the group walk again on Sunday. Great! That means I can go swimming with Charlie again. I might try and go a bit deeper this time.  I wonder if we'll go to that nice river again?


Thursday 14th July

Wow! It's been really hot. On Sunday we all went for a walk with the group. It was great and although it was very warm we walked a lot of the time in the shade. We had great fun chasing each other around in the undergrowth. I didn't much like getting brambles stuck in my feathers though. Ouch! When we reached the lake we all had a paddle. Morse and Charlie went for a bit of a swim but I got a bit worried when I couldn't touch the bottom so I came out again. There were some really tall grass type things near the edge and I got a bit lost once and found it hard to get out again, but I got there in the end. There were not quite so many of us there this time, but still plenty of people to play with. We went a slightly different route this time too. There's a very young fluffy boy called Samson who comes on our walks, but he got tired half way round so his humans took him home.  He's only a baby, but I expect when he grows a bit he'll soon be able to keep up with the rest of us.
We went to a river under a bridge which was lovely and cool. It was quite deep in one part and had a sort of waterfall, so it was shallow on the other side. Charlie the collie jumped straight in and swam about. Morse tried to follow and got a bit of a shock when it was deeper than he thought. George had to pull him out by his collar.  We soon realised that if we walked on the waterfall part we could choose to go on the shallow or deep side, and that was also the best way out! Mummy stood on the side watching and she had got quite muddy so George and Cheryl wanted her to have a swim to clean herself off. She wouldn't go in so eventually they pushed her in! She wasn't impressed to begin with, but once she realised how lovely and cool the water was, she had a swim around with the others and soon found the waterfall step to get out. We spent quite a lot of time there jumping in and out it was great. Eventually it was time to go home. As we were walking back up the riverbank Mummy spotted these big black and white animals in the field by the side of the path. She went through the fence to investigate and they came over to her.  One put it's head down really close and snorted at her.  She barked at it and ran away but then couldn't get back through the fence. She'd forgotten where the hole was. Eventually George had to lift her out. The black and white things just stood there watching and eating grass.  I think it would be best to keep away from them in future.
We all made our way back to the cars and had a nice drink before going home.
When we got back the boys were already in their swimming pool.  It was really hot by then so I went for a doze in the kennel as it's always cool in there. 
I gather we won't be going on the group walk this weekend as there's a show on somewhere. I've already had a bit of a haircut so it looks like I might actually be going for a change. I wonder who else will be there?


Thursday 30th June

We've had terrible thunderstorms yesterday and at the weekend.  I don't like all the banging and flashing and Morse really hates it.  He barks at it but I let him do the barking, he's louder than me. It doesn't seem to help though. Mummy gets really scared and shakes but she's allowed to sit on Cheryl's lap and have a cuddle.  I tried to get on too but there wasn't enough room for all of us. I had to be content with just putting my head in beside Mummy in the end.

I heard mention of a show this weekend coming but I don't think I'm going again. It sounds like just Mummy this time. It's been ages since I went to a show, I hope I'll be able to go again soon.  I must be due for a haircut anyway as my feet are looking very fluffy. 

We had some visitors a few days ago, a man and lady I haven't seen before.  They were both very nice and the lady really liked us.  She played with us and cuddled us and stroked us.  She can come and visit anytime!

The next door neighbours had a party at the weekend in their garden.  It was lovely and sunny and we could all smell the food.  We could see George and Cheryl through the fence but they wouldn't let us go round to join in.  It sounded like people playing games as there was lots of laughing and music.  I tried to jump up to see what was going on but couldn't quite see over the top.   There's a bit of a gap near the bottom so I pushed my nose through there to watch.  I really wanted to have a proper look but got told off for poking my nose through. George said I would break the fence if I wasn't careful.

It looks like a bit of a dull day today so no sunbathing, but at least it isn't raining and so far no thunder!  Think I'll go and explore the little field.  I found some frogs a little while ago, I'll go and see if they're still there.


Wednesday 8th June

At last! I've finally got some sunshine to lie in.  It's been really lovely today, so I've got myself a comfy spot by the fence where I can sunbathe.  Mummy and Morse have gone indoors as it's too hot for them, but this is just right for me.  I might even have a lay in the hammock in a little while.  If it does get too warm I can always go underneath it for some shade.

I think I must really be in the bad books at the moment as I still haven't been to any shows. And I haven't seen my friends in ages.  Mummy and Morse went out twice last week, then Morse went out again on Sunday.  They went to a show on Wednesday after they had had haircuts and baths, but it rained so hard it was a waste of time them getting dried.  It took Cheryl ages to dry them too.   Mind you I might not have helped with that.  I wanted a go under the drier. I know I hadn't had a bath, but I wanted a turn so I kept pushing Mummy and Morse out of the way to get under it.  I got told off though so eventually I had to give up and go in my bed.    On Saturday everyone went off and left me.  The boys had gone to visit their Grandma and George and Cheryl took Mummy and Morse away in the car, leaving me all alone.  I needn't have worried as after a short while Amy came to fetch me to visit the Blondies.  I was a bit shy as I haven't been to their house before.  I wasn't really sure if I should go in or not so eventually Diane came and brought me inside.  Cassie told me I had got to be good because I was in her house now and I don't think she liked it much when I played with Oscar.  We all had a bit of a play in the garden then went back inside for a rest.  I got on the sofa to lay down and got told off because it isn't allowed in their house.  In my house we've got a sofa we're allowed on and also one we're not allowed on.   I'll know if I ever go there again.  Whilst we were all resting the man ( his name's Dave) came in and was talking with the lady.  He was eating one of my favourite things, a bacon sandwich!  He was very engrossed in his conversation and held the sandwich right in front of me.  I decided he must be offering me a bit so made a grab for it.  I got it but as soon as he realised what I was doing he grabbed it back!  It was very tasty!

Later in the day it was getting to tea time so they brought me home  and soon after that everyone came home.  I enjoyed my visit to the Blondie's house, but I'm not sure I'll be invited again.  Mummy says she got a red at the show and Morsey got nothing, because he was very naughty.  He's started being really silly and sitting down when he's supposed to stand.  Then he cries if Cheryl tries to stand him up.  What a woos!  I'll just have to get back into the ring and show him how it's done.

Sunday 8th May

I wish this weather would make up it's mind!  One minute it's lovely and sunny, the next it's pouring with rain.  I had just got comfortable in a sunny spot by the back door when I felt this horrible wet sploshing on my nose.   I was having a lovely dream too.  We've all gone into the conservatory now and are laying on our comfy beds watching television.  
We all had haircuts yesterday so I guess that means we'll be going to shows again soon.  I'm quite looking forward to going to a show again, it's been ages since Mummy and I went anywhere other than visiting and walks.  Morsey has been out a few times and apart from last week has been doing really well.  He got another Best Irish award a few weeks back and he told me he also got best gundog and then reserve best in show!  His head is nearly back to normal size now, but he thinks he's famous now.  He came back down to earth with a bit of a bump last weekend as he didn't even get a card at his last show.  He says he was really good too.  I think that's only the third time in a year he hasn't had a card so he was a bit miffed, but like Mummy says, you can't win all the time.  
I was having a look through the hole in the gate earlier and I saw the blondies off for their walk.  I barked over to them and Cassie barked 'hello' back but Oscar didn't speak.  I'm not even sure he could see me because the car was a bit in the way.  You can see all sorts of things through that little hole.  The man next door was cutting his grass, the people over the road were planting a new tree.  Don't know what was wrong with the old one, but they obviously wanted to change it.  I saw a little boy playing football over near the blondies house.  I would've liked to go over and play with him but I'm not allowed out on my own.
Well I think I might have a little snooze. It's nice and warm in here and very comfortable on our big bed.  Morsey is fast asleep beside me and Mummy is half on Cheryl's lap and half on the floor.  Actually I've just realised that means there's a space beside George on the sofa.  That's it I'm off to beat Mummy to it!


Friday 15th April

Georgie and Chester have been to stay for a couple of weeks, but they've gone home again now.  When they first arrived, because of Mummy's ladies problems, they had to stay in the kennel. I don't think they were very impressed as they kept shouting to come out.  Chester has got a really loud bark too!  At nightime Mummy slept in Nick's room, Morse slept with George and Cheryl and Georgie, Chester and I slept in the garage.  That worked alright for a while, but then my ladies problems started so I had to sleep in with Mummy.  The mornings were fun as Morse went out first, then Georgie and Chester (while Morse got his feet dried), then it was our turn.  After a week Chester went to stay with someone else so at least all us girls could be together.  It was a bit more peaceful then. It was really nice to see them again and it was nice to have Georgie to play with. She's really good fun and we have some great games.
Morsey has been to a couple of shows without us and done really well.  Apparently at his last one he actually stood still the whole time!  He told me he got a blue at both his shows and at one of them the dogs went all the way round the ring so there must have been lots.
Mummy's ladies problems are finished now so I expect she'll start going to shows again soon, but I've still got mine for the moment so I'll be staying at home.
We went to visit a lady a few days ago who had some red dogs.  I think I've seen some of them before.  There was a really nice boy who I've definitely met before... I remembered him.  He was very flirty with me and kept kissing my ears.  He says he wants to be my boyfriend.  He's very handsome and very gentle so I think I might let him.  He's got lovely big brown eyes and a really shiny coat.  He told me he's won lots of prizes too.  I told him I'd see him again when I start going back to the shows.  I'll look forward to that.

Tuesday 22nd March

  We Ďve just  had a really funny weekend; funny peculiar as opposed to funny ha, ha!   

Last week Morsey had a quick bath followed by being brushed and dried under the drier but Mummy and I didnít get a look in.  I donít know what was going on, but when I tried to get under the drier I got told off.  I was not impressed I can tell you.  How come he gets to have a go and not me?  Life is definitely not fair sometimes.

One day last week some men came to our house and started digging up the front garden.  I was a bit alarmed, but Cheryl was there and didnít seem to be objecting so I supposed it must be okay.  I barked at them and told them to leave our garden alone, but Cheryl said it was alright, she knew they were there.  I tried to see what they were up to by pushing my nose against the bottom of the gate and laying on the floor.  I could see feet and a spade and some big wheels, but not much else.  They certainly made lots of noise.  Eventually I had to give up trying to watch as it wasnít very comfortable lying on the floor.  Later in the day we were put back in our beds and the men came to the side of the house and I could hear water running.  I still couldnít see anything as the glass in our door has a pattern in it.  After they had gone at the end of the day we were let back out and I could smell some strange smells, but Iím not really sure what they were.  

On Friday the house was a hive of activity.  People were rushing around getting organized and I immediately thought we must be going to a show, but the boys went off to school as usual and then George and Cheryl went off without us or the black bag.  I was a bit confused and wondered what was happening.  After a while the men came back to the house and the noises all started again.  It sounded like there were more of them this time though.

After a while George came in with a suitcase and got Mummyís lead.  Then he took her with him and they disappeared.  Now I was really confused.  First just Morse gets bathed, then just Mummy in the carÖ what was going on?

A bit later Cheryl came back and let Morse and I into the garden.  I tried again to see under the gate but couldnít see much more than the day before except that there were, as I suspected, more feet!  I felt someone stroke my nose which came as a bit of a shock, and the men were laughing at me putting my nose under the gate.

Things started to become interesting again as Cheryl came and fetched the black show bag and then our bowls and some food.  We were definitely going somewhere!

Eventually the boys came home from school, the men were still working outside and I could hear lots of moving around inside the house.   Mummy and George hadnít come back and the boys appeared to be getting ready to go somewhere.   Finally I heard the front door closing and the boys saying goodbye.  Shortly after this Cheryl appeared with her coat on and got our leads out of the drawer.  She took us to the car and we set off.

I had no idea where we were going as this was not our usual routine.  We travelled for quite a long time and eventually stopped at a place in the countryside.   There didnít appear to be any other dogs around, but then I saw Georgeís car with Mummy in the back.

 Ah ha!  Things were finally coming together.  We were all taken for a walk around the little village which was very quiet, then I went into Georgeís car with Mummy and Morse stayed in Cherylís car.  Later when weíd had our tea we slept there until the next morning.  Again we went for a walk around the village and into an empty field before setting off again in the cars, this time with me back in with Morse.

Finally we arrived at the show!  (I was beginning to wonder where on earth we were going.)  It was the place with the quiet airplanes.  There were already some other reds there but lots of other dogs too.  There seemed to be two shows going on, one just for us reds and another for all dogs.

We had a nice run around at the bottom of the field there and then went back to the car where we could see all the people and dogs coming and going.  After a while Cheryl came and brushed Morse and took him away.  I was a bit miffed as I couldnít see where they went, but when he came back he said heíd been to the other show for all dogs and had got a red and then a light blue for best Irish Setter.  He said when he won his class everyone clapped and cheered and he got a bit too excited and couldnít stand still for his write up. (Nothing new there then.)  But he had enjoyed himself and been given some treats.

I didnít go into the show at all, but I saw Mummy disappear for a short while.  She told me later that she wasnít shown either, but had to stand for a lady whilst Cheryl went over her.  I donít know what all that was about, all seems very strange to me.

 Eventually we all went for another run, although Mummy went separate to us, and then made our way home.  When we got back Morse went indoors and Mummy and I stayed in the garage where we had our tea.  It was then that she told me she had got Ďladiesí problemsí and couldnít go into the show. 

 The next day all was quiet and no more men came to the house so we had a lazy day, just playing with balls and digging holes.   What I donít understand though is why I didnít go in the show.  I havenít got ladiesí problems, I havenít got much coat either, but I think I should have been allowed to go.  I might even have beaten Morse, you never know!



Sunday 27th February

I hardly know where to begin this month, so much has been happening.
The family decided to have an evening in watching a dvd film with popcorn and fizzy drinks and all that sort of stuff, so we all settled down for the evening in a huddle in the conservatory.  Mummy had her favourite place on Cheryl's lap, I curled up next to George on the sofa and the boys sat with Morsey.  After a short while the popcorn came out. I had been looking forward to this bit as I've tasted it before.  The boys had a big basket of it and George and Cheryl also had one.  As they passed it between them I tried to reach a bit closer in the hope of getting a little bit, but each time they ignored me.  I reached over so far I finally fell off the sofa and onto the floor, luckily just as the basket was passing my nose. Before they could stop me, I'd pushed my nose right over the edge of the basket and grabbed a mouthful.  I quickly made my escape to under the table will I crunched away at my prize as I was worried if they caught me I would be told to drop it and Morse would grab it.  It was really nice and worth every bit of the telling off I got!
We've been to a couple of shows again, and Morse has been a complete pain.  At the first one we were outside but some people in a van next to the ring kept openeing and shutting a sliding door.  All the dogs in the ring went barmy and Morse went even more barmy than usual.  He still managed to get a blue though.  But once it came time for him to stand still for his critique he started bouncing up and down like a dog possessed.   I just got a yellow that day, but Mummy had very mixed fortunes.  She only got a white under the lady who judged the Irish, but she went under another lady who judged the 'mature gundogs' and won that class.  That meant she had to compete with all the other 'mature dogs' from all the different groups at the end of the show.  She really showed herself off and the man who judged them must have liked her as he gave her best veteran in show! She won a big bottle of champagne and a bag of dog food.  Mummy was very proud, she even had a special photo taken by some people at the show.  It's got her name on it and what she won too.
The next show was a bit different, we were inside but at the same place.  I went in first but didn't get anything at all ( huh!), then it was Morse's turn.  Just as he was entering the ring a dog grumbled at him which set him off being a wimp.  He was crying and trying to hide behind Cheryl's legs.  Then he got upset as the ran round the ring because the man behind was making clicking noises.  Silly boy!  Eventually Cheryl managed to calm him down enough to stand still, but he wasn't happy.  He got a blue, but I don't know how he managed it.  The lady said she really liked him, but he'd thrown the red away by being so naughty.  Mummy didn't do too badly as she got a yellow, although personally I thought she looked the best.  But then she is my mum.  After that we all went home for our tea.
A week or so ago the boys were home from school on their holidays.  We were all playing outside as the weather was nice, so I decided to do a bit of digging.  First of all I helped mummy with the big tunnel she's been digging in the mound in the little field, then I decided to make a new one of my own.  I went right up to the fence as something smelt very interesting just there.  I dug away for quite a while but couldn't find anything.  We were all called in for a drink and a biscuit, then I returned to resume my excavations.  Eventually I managed to get a really big hole and I'm sure I could see something the other side.  The problem was the fence was in the way, so I kept on digging and eventually the hole was big enough for me to squeeze through.  Yippee I was on the other side!  Unfortunately there wasn't anything very interesting after all, just another garden quite similar to ours, grass, trees, that sort of thing.  So I decided to go home.  Then came the problem.  I'd managed to get through okay, but I couldn't get back!  I tried some more digging, but the earth just kept falling in again.  Try as I might I couldn't get through that hole.  Eventually I decided I needed to call for help.  I barked as loud as I could.  For a short while I could hear voices but no one came.  I could hear them calling my name, but still I couldn't see anyone.  Then George's head appeared over the top of the fence asking what I thought I was doing.  "Get me out of here!" I said, he seemed to understand as very quickly he came through a gate and grabbed me.  He quickly took me home and boy was I relieved to see everyone.  The boys and a couple of their friends refilled my newly dug hole and then covered it with slabs.  They needn't have worried, I shan't be taking that route again!
The other day the bath came out so Mummy and I hid whilst Morse had his bath.  Once the dryer came out we were all queuing up for our turn, but we weren't allowed because we weren't wet.  So when the bath came out again the next day I hung around as I must be my turn this time.  Mummy had her bath and got rubbed with towels, and I was almost pleased when it came to my time.  I think I enjoy the towel rubbing bit almost as much as the dryer. Anyway we all got our turn eventually, but I knew this also meant a show must be imminent as we weren't that dirty.  Saturday morning came and off we went, although this time in George's car.  I thought this must be we'd be going a long way, but it turned out that Cheryl's car was poorly, so that was the reason.
We arrived at the show and found it was just for reds.  It was Morse's turn first.  He was a bit of a wimp, but not as bad as last time.  He talked a bit and tried to play about, but at least he wasn't bounding around like usual.  He got a blue.  Then it was Mummy's turn, she got a red.  Then my turn, I got a green, then Mummy went in another class and got a blue this time.  It was quite a long day, but it didn't seem to take too long to get home.  I was ready for my tea though and we had a special treat of a long lasting chewy too.  Then a nice evening in front of the television curled up on the sofa.  What a life eh?
I hear we're off to the kennels for a couple of days soon, then Chester and Georgie are coming to stay next month.
In the meantime I think I'll return to helping mummy with digging her hole and stay where I know I'm safe.


Friday 28th January 2005

I can hardly believe that Christmas has come and gone, and we're already facing the end of January.  Wherever does the time go?
We went to a show just after Christmas where I did the best for a change winning a blue over Mummy and Morse's yellows.  Last weekend we went to a benched show where Morsey and I got nothing, but Mummy got a 3rd in the Open ladies class. My friend Bronte had a good day though as she won her class. We weren't together this time so we didn't get a chance to play about, perhaps she did better because we weren't being naughty.
Christmas Day was interesting this year.  The boys were busy opening presents and then disappeared to play with them whilst we had our chewies.  We all had a share of the dinner though...roast beef, yorkshire puddings, vegetables and loads of gravy. We needed a long sleep afterwards, it was exhausting eating all that!
We've had a few visitors too, and while the family were out for the day our friend Aimee came over to see to us.  She belongs to Cassie and Oscar, the blondies who live over the road, but she comes to look after us sometimes too.  I like it when she comes, she's good at ball games, until Morse throws them over next door's fence.  He catches it in his mouth and throws it in the air, but his aim isn't very good.
I think we're off to another show this weekend although this will probably be a local one as I haven't seen the beds being put into the dog bag.
I've learnt a new game that I'm trying to teach my family.  When we've been out to play Mummy and Morse go in when they're called but I wait at the gate.  If I wait long enough, or run into the little field when they call me in, I get a biscuit to entice me inside.  A couple of times they've called me in for a biscuit and I didn't get one, although Mummy and Morse did (which I thought was very unfair), but mostly if I come in and sit nicely I get one.  I tried to ask for one after breakfast this morning, but I don't think Cheryl liked me barking at 5am.  She said I was naughty and would wake up the neighbours, so I didn't get one this time, in spite of hiding in the garden, going in the kennel and getting Cheryl to chase me into the little field in her pyjamas.  I think I may have pushed my luck a bit, particularly as it was raining at the time.
Hey ho! I'll just have to devise another way of getting biscuits.  I found a great way of getting chocolates even though I'm not allowed them.  When we were at a show a while back George was going round with a big tin of choccies giving them to people.  He put some in his hand for Cheryl to choose one, but before she could take it I jumped up, knocked the chocs in the air, caught them in my mouth and swallowed them whole.  What skill eh?  Mind you the metal type paper didn't taste very nice.


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