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Sunday 13th June

I've had a few emails asking how Morsey is so I thought I had better update my diary.  Thank you for your good wishes, I have passed them all on to him and he says he is very grateful and is feeling much better now.
We haven't been getting much sleep lately.  I don't know what the noise has been, but lots of nights recently there has been laughing and shouting in the early hours plus a funny booming sound which I don't recognise.  It must be really loud because it has been waking everyone in the house up.  It's also been very hot which makes it difficult to sleep.  I've taken to sleeping on the concrete floor instead of my bed as it is cooler there.  We've got a fan blowing in our room most of the time, but I still get warm.  It's been lovely and sunny outside today and we've all played until we were too hot to play any more.  Then I found a nice shady spot in the corner and had a rest.  
Morsey had his stitches taken out from over his eye yesterday and only has one left in his ear now.  I think he's having that one out next week.  He says it's much more comfortable now as the stitches felt like they were pulling his skin and they itched.  He had his collar off for a while today too whilst it was being washed.  He really made the most of that running round the garden like an idiot, but without banging into everything for a change!  He says he finds it really difficult to see with that big white thing round his head all the time and it's a huge relief when it comes off even if it's only for a while.
I'm off on my holidays with Mummy tomorrow.  Needless to say Morsey won't be coming with us as we are staying with my brother Chester!  They are going to be kept apart in future, just in case they fall out again.  Morsey is going to stay with some other dogs and then visiting Auntie Carole for a short while.  He'll love that, he gets ever so excited when he goes to visit her.
We still haven't been to any more shows since the last one I wrote about.  I don't know if that is because of Morse or whether we weren't planned to go anyway.  I did hear George talking about giving us all a good hair cut before the next show, but he didn't say when that was.  My friends will all think I've left the country if I don't go again soon.  I'm sure there must be one before too much longer.  I certainly hope so!

Sunday 30th May

It has been an eventful few days recently.  My brother Chester and his friend Georgie came to stay on Friday.  Georgie is getting quite big now so she's able to play properly, chasing balls and wrestling.
Morsey wasn't too impressed at having another man in the house and grumbled at Chester.  They played in the garden together and soon seemed to sort out who was in charge.  A little while later Cheryl went out for a while and we all curled up in our beds.  Morsey and Chester in one and us three girls in the other.  Then when Cheryl came home we all jumped up at the door to say hello.  Everything was fine to begin with, then I heard Morse and Chester swearing and shouting at each other.  Before we knew what was happening they were having a real dust up.  Mummy tried to intervene but Cheryl pulled her away.  We were shut into the garage away from the boys so they couldn't accidentally hurt us, and Cheryl went  to sort them out.  After a short while everything went quiet so we thought they had finished their argument.  The door opened and I could see Chester trotting round the garden and Morsey sitting wagging his tail at Cheryl.  Then I noticed the red marks on the floor.  Cheryl quickly took Morse into the garage and sprayed some liquid onto his face and ear, then she got some white cloth and wiped him over.  I could see that he had a red mark above his eye which was bleeding and there was blood dripping from his ear.  Mummy was really concerned and tried to lick him better.  I went to ask Chester what had happened and he said they had got a bit carried away.  A few minutes later we were all called in to the garage and Morsey had gone.  I was really worried as I didn't know where he was or what was happening.  I heard the front door shut and the car start and pull away.
It seemed like ages before Cheryl came back and there was still no sign of Morse.  We all went into the garden and played with the ball and then lay in the sunshine, but I couldn't help worrying about Morsey.  Mummy said she was sure he would be alright, he just had some cuts and she expected he had gone to the dog hospital.  She said I shouldn't worry.
Later in the day, after tea, I heard George and Cheryl say they were going to fetch Morse.  They were gone for ages, and when they did come back there was still no sign of Morse.  Now I was getting really worried!
Eventually they went out again and this time Morse came home too.  He stayed inside the house but I could see him through the conservatory window.  He had one of those funny white trumpet things on like I had when I had my poorly eye, and he had a big white bandage around his head.  He said he was okay but had had to have his eye and ear stitched up.  apparently they had trouble stopping his ear from bleeding so it took several different attempts at bandaging and a very long time before they found one that stayed on and kept his ear in place.  They had shaved the fur over his eye, and on the bottom of his ear and also in several places on his neck and leg.  He did look a sight!  Mummy said he was being very brave, but he said he didn't feel brave, just sore.
In the morning Morse went back to see the vet again and they took his bandage off so I can see his stitches now.  He says they have to stay in for a couple of weeks and he has to wear the silly trumpet until they are taken out.  He's having tablets too in case he gets an infection. Poor Morse, I hate taking tablets. Yuk!
Chester's man came to take him back home again because we can't use our kennel at the moment and if he and Morsey are going to fall out then they can't stay together.  Chester promises they'll be friends again and says he didn't really mean to hurt Morse, they just let their argument get out of hand.  Georgie is still here though and we're all having great fun playing with her.  I miss Chester as I was looking forward to spending some time with him, but I'm sure he'll stay again before too long.  We'll just have to make sure we keep a close eye on the boys and if they start falling out again they'll have to take it in turns to play with us girls.
I heard today that Mummy and Morse should've been at a show yesterday.  That explains why they both had a bath on Friday morning and I didn't!  Morse's dad got best Irish Setter too so the judge might also have liked Morse.  She might not have done, but we'll never know now will we?  What a shame, he so loves going to shows and has been doing so well lately with all his reds and best Irish Setters.  Now it'll be ages before he can go in the show ring.  George says he looks like a boxer who's lost the fight.  I was worried that he'll always look like this but Mummy says he will get better and in a couple of months you won't even see where he was hurt.
Poor old Morse!

Sunday 23rd May

Last weekend it was very hot and the family were out in the garden again using that noisy machine that makes the grass shorter and the boys had their tent out.  It's great when we can all be out together, I can play football with the boys and chase with Morsey.  There is a big grey bird who comes in our garden quite often and Morse and I also try to catch him.  He lets us get quite close sometimes before he flies off.  I don't know what we would do with him if we did catch him, but it's a good game and he doesn't seem to mind being chased as he keeps coming back.
We all had a tidy up on Saturday afternoon and a bit of a wash so I knew we would probably be going to a show on Sunday.  Sure enough, we set off early on Sunday morning. ( Not early enough for Morse. He was up and bouncing at the gate from about 6am!)  I haven't been to this place before.  All the rings were outside and they were all nice and big.  We had to wait quite a long time before we could go in because the blondies were in before us.  There were loads of them and even when they finished their judging the lady stood in the ring for ages talking and making our lady wait.  It was getting very hot and Morsey was getting a bit impatient.  He started barking at them to get on with it.
Eventually we went in.  There were two classes before ours, and Morsey and I went in together whilst Georgie looked after Mummy outside the ring.  Apparently there weren't any classes for little girls so I had to go in with the big dogs.  There were quite a lot of us and we did a lot of running around.  The lady didn't really take long to make up her mind ( just as well in the heat), and Morsey got the red.  I got a yellow, and George said I'd been really good because it was a hard class for me.  Then Mummy went in the Open class and she got a blue.  We had to wait while Morsey went in again at the end.  He ran around the ring and showed off, wagging his tail and smiling at the judge.  It must have done some good because he won best Irish Setter again!  He got a big red and yellow rosette and a certificate.  The lady said he was 'just her cup of tea'.  Funny I thought we were dogs, but never mind.

Tuesday 11th May

I've been a very busy girl these past couple of weeks.  I went to a show with Mummy and Morse the weekend before last and Auntie Carole showed me for a change.  (She's the lady with the Gordons who looked after Mummy and Morsey  when he was a baby, before they came to live at this house).  We got on really well and I was on my best behaviour for her, well best for me anyway.  I got a red!  Then Morsey went in and also got a red.  Then Mummy went in and she got a red too!  George says that's called scoring a 'hat trick'.  I don't understand what that means, but it sounds like it might be something good.  Anyway, we all had to go in again at the end and Morsey got Best Of Breed, and guess what......?  I got reserve Best of Breed!  How about that then?  I was ever so excited, and Mummy said she was very proud of us both.  Mind you, I think she was a little bit disappointed that we both beat her as when we got outside the ring she curled up on top of the dog bag and didn't look very happy.  A couple of days later we went to another show at the same place.  This time I wasn't showing, but again Mummy and Morse got reds, only this time Mummy got the best of breed.  
Last weekend we spent a night in the kennels as the family all went to a big party in Swindon.  I think they must have had a good time because the boys talked about it all the way home in the car.  When we were picked up, we said goodbye to all our friends we had met and jumped into the car, and everyone opened all the windows.  I can't think why as it was a bit rainy and not that warm.  Anyway, by the time we got home it had stopped raining and the sun had come out again.  We went into the garden and had a good run around, but within a few minutes George and Cheryl came out and gave us all a bath.  I couldn't work it out as we weren't going to a show.  Morse wasn't too impressed I can tell you.  He doesn't really like going in the bath, he's a big woose!  We all got dried off with the blowy thing and towels, then had a nice brushing down before having our tea and settling down for the evening.  The boys came and played football with us for a while, then they played a different game with a small ball which they hit with a piece of flat wood.  I kept managing to catch the ball, but they didn't seem to want me to do that, and eventually I got shut in the garage.  It's not fair, I only wanted to join in.  A little while later they let me out again and we played a game with my soft ball.  Morsey played too, but Mummy just watched us.  She likes to keep an eye on things in case we get too rough, then she'll come and tell us off.
Well, I wonder what this weekend will hold for us?  I'm not sure if we're showing yet and there seems to be yet more activity going on in the garden.  There's a strange piece of blue plastic appeared in our little field, only thin, but very big.  I wonder what that's for?

Tuesday 27th April

It must be nearly summer!  Last weekend everyone was busy in the garden.  The lawn was being mowed, the winter fences being taken down, and best of all, the hammock has come back out!!!  I had a lovely game of chase with Morse.  Then I played football with the boys. Then, when I'd had enough exercise, I decided to have a rest in the hammock.  I took one of my balls with me just in case Morse tried to steal it.  I had just got comfortable when Nick came and got in with me.  It was a bit of a tight squeeze as he's a growing lad, but we soon got comfortable again and cuddled up in the sunshine.
There was a whole load of washing hanging out to dry so I decided I would help bring it in.  I managed to reach a sock, then a shirt, then a pair of trousers. I was really pleased with myself, and pulled them all over to the back door for Cheryl to take in.  I was just about to go back for the rest when she came out.  To say she was not pleased with my efforts would be an understatement.  She said I was really naughty, and went and put all the washing I'd collected back in the washing machine.  I mean, ...what's the point of that?!  I don't know, there's just no pleasing some people.
I wonder if the boys will have their swimming pool out soon?  I might be allowed to go in it this year.  I like it when they have their tent out too.  I can crawl under the outside part and put my nose in the zip.  They usually let me in then, but I don't like to stay all night because it gets a bit creepy once it gets dark.
We had a little visitor the other day, a little black and white dog called Heidi.  She was fun to play with once she got over her shyness.  Morse really liked her but he's a bit big to play with little girls.  He lay on the floor and barked at her to play but she wasn't really too sure.  Eventually she got up and jumped over his back and ran off round the garden.
We also saw Oscar ( the blondie from over the road) the other day.  His man came to let us out while the family were out for the day.  We popped over to his house for a little visit and were surprised to find Cassie wasn't there.  Apparently she's got 'lady problems' so she's gone to stay with some friends for a little while.  Poor Oscar , he's all alone.  Perhaps he'll come over to play again soon.
We went to a show a couple of weeks ago where there were lots of noisy dogs.  I think they're called terrors or something like that.  We had to wait quite a long time before we went into the ring and there were a lot of reds.  Morsey went in first and got a yellow, then a little while later I went in and got a white, then Mummy went in and got a red.  The lady must have really liked her because she gave her best Irish Setter bitch, then made her Best Of Breed.  She got a lovely black and gold rosette, but it did mean we had to stay at the show even longer.
I wonder if we'll be going to any shows this weekend?  I hope there won't be any more of those noisy terrors there.  I suppose we'll just have to see.


Sunday 11th April

I've discovered that life is very unfair to dogs!  The other day we were all sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine when Georgie brought out a box with sweets and a golden egg inside.  He then shared out his sweets to everyone except us red heads!  I wasn't going to stand for that so I barked and protested asking where my sweetie was.  Eventually I got one, but it was only small, and what I really wanted was a closer look at that egg.  I waited until they were all talking, then crept up to the table.  Before they knew it I had my front legs on the table and had grabbed the egg with my paw.  I didn't even manage to get it off the table before they caught me, but I wasn't going to be beaten that easily.  I went around the other side of the table and tried approaching from that side.  I still got caught, so It was time to try another tactic.  I crawled underneath the table and climbed up between Georgies' knees and made another grab for it.  This went of for some time and I was beginning to get a bit frustrated.  Nothing seemed to work and that beautiful, gleaming egg was calling to me, it was obvious I should investigate further.  I tried everything I could think of. I sat and gave him a soulful look, I barked, I cried, but all to no avail.  Eventually I got really fed up so I went around to Cheryl's end of the table and in desperation leapt right on top of the table and grabbed the egg.  They all laughed at me and obviously decided my efforts should be rewarded as Georgie then broke it open and gave me a little bit.  I was soon guided down off the table and given a bit of a telling off, but it was worth it, that egg was delicious. Yum!
Then we had some surprise  visitors.  It's always nice when people come to see us, especially if they like dogs.  These people have been to see us before but not for quite a long time because I was only very little when they came before.  The lady had very long hair and gave us all lots of kisses and cuddles.  She told me I had grown a lot since she saw me last.  The man had fur on his face, I haven't seen many humans with that!  He also gave us lots of kisses and cuddles.  By the time they left they had been thoroughly 'settered' and were covered in paw marks.  
There's been quite a lot of activity in the garage the last couple of days too. I'm not quite sure what's happening, but the boys have been laying some metal things on the table that their Grampy built for them.  I tried to have a closer look but wasn't allowed.  The boys said whatever it was, it wasn't for dogs!  We'll see about that!  I also saw Georgie and Nick through the conservatory windows building something which looked like a funny shaped house. I'm intrigued and this is something I shall obviously have to keep my eye on...


Sunday 4th April

I was a very good girl today.  I went to a show, and stood still (well most of the time) and ran around the ring wagging my tail, and I got a red.  George was really pleased with me.  I even had my photo taken outside afterwards by the lady who judged us.  Morsey was also a good boy and got a blue. Mummy was not quite so good today, she got a bit carried away running round the ring and got a yellow.  Mind you her coat isn't looking too good at the moment either.  It's gone a bit dull, perhaps that's because she's getting on a bit. (But don't tell her I said that!)
So far the new tree in the back garden is surviving.  I keep looking out for that tree monster I heard George talking about, but I haven't seen it yet.  We seem to have more birds in the garden recently too.  We've got a big grey bird who sits on the bird house because he's too big to get in it.  He waits for the little ones to come and then sits underneath catching whatever they drop.  Last year we had a little bird with a red chest who came regularly, this year there are two.  I like sitting and watching them, but whenever I go over to say hello, they fly away.
We had a little holiday the other weekend at my brother Chester's house.  He was a real pain to begin with, and kept jumping on my back! I tried to ignore him but he wouldn't leave me alone so I grumbled at him and threatened to bite his nose off!  He gave up for a while but then started again.  In the end Mummy and Morse told him to leave me alone, and eventually he stopped.  It was nice to play with little Georgie again.  She's getting quite big now and likes to join in our games.  I wonder if she will go showing with us one day.  She's very pretty, so perhaps she might.
The boys took the winter fencing down from half of the garden the other day so we can chase each other around the table again now.  So far I've resisted the temptation to help bring the washing off the line, but perhaps I'll help out again soon.
We had a visitor the other day, a lady dog called Honey.  She came for a bath and a haircut.  She was very fluffy, like a giant teddy bear, but she was very friendly.  While she was waiting for her bath we had a good game of chase around the garden.  i hope she'll come and visit again one day.
I haven't seen Cassie and Oscar lately although they must have been up to our house as I could smell their scent on our front garden.  I looked everywhere for them as I thought they might be hiding, but I couldn't find them.  I'll have to invite them over to play again one day.
Well, it will be tea time soon so I'm going to get in pole position to see if I can get my bowl first today.   It's usually Mummy first, then Morsey, then me.  I've tried grabbing the bowl myself but I only get told off so I won't try that tactic again.  I need to think of something else, a diversion tactic!


Tuesday 16th March

I've had a nice, quiet, relaxing time since Crufts. And the best part has been that I haven't had to go back to that vet again. My eye is much better now and the hair is beginning to grow back. 
I think I may be going for a little holiday with my Brother this weekend as I heard Chester and Georgie being mentioned.  I think they're coming here for a whole week soon.  That will be great fun.  
There has been some work going on in our garden over the last couple of days and I think the fence will be coming down soon.  We have a fence around the lawns in the winter which is supposed to stop Morse and me from running around and digging the grass up, but we can both jump it now.  I wonder what they'll put up next year.  The lawn mower came out yesterday, but only on the front lawns. I heard it buzzing away out there whilst we were playing in the little field.  Cassie and Oscar came over to see what was going on, but they didn't have time to stop and play as they were off on their walk.  
Cheryl has dug up the little tree from the back garden and taken it out to the front.  She says it's to stop me from pruning it, whatever that means.  I may have had the occasional little chew, but it had flowers on last year, so I couldn't have done it much harm.  There's still the apple tree for me to play with although that is starting to look a bit sorry for itself and doesn't seem to have grown much from last year.  I wonder if she'll move that one too?  I noticed a new little tree has appeared, it's very thin but I heard George say they'll need to put something around it to protect it while it grows.  Something about a little tree monster might get it otherwise.  I'll have to be careful and look out for that, it doesn't sound too good.  
I thought I would go and work on my big hole in the little field, but this morning on my way in I found that someone else has been digging in my garden!  There is a hole by the fence and freshly dug earth all over the path.  The cheek of it! I've checked Morse's paws and it couldn't have been him because his are clean and so are Mummy's. I wonder who it could have been, and how dare they dig in my garden.  I've checked my own hole and no-one has touched that (thankfully), but his new one seems to have sprung up from nowhere.  I will definitely require some further investigation, and they didn't call me Miss Marple for nothing!

Monday 8th March

What a week it's been! I had to go back to that vet again last Monday. Luckily I didn't have to have any needles this time, but I did come home with yet more tablets. Yuk! All these creams and tablets must be costing a fortune. Although my eye is quite a lot better now, so it must be doing some good, even if it has been weeks of the nasty things.
Then on Wednesday there seemed to be quite a lot of activity in the house.  Extra hoovering, moving things around, people going in the loft. It soon became clear why as on Thursday two ladies arrived.  One I had met before and the other was a stranger, although obviously a setter person as she gave us all lots of hugs and kisses.  Mind you, she said some funny words that I didn't understand, but it sounded as if she was saying something nice. 
A bit later we all had baths and went under the blowy thing.  I had to push Morse and Mummy out of the way so I could have a turn.  Morse ended up with 2 goes because his neck went all fluffy when he was dry. I don't think that was very fair.
We all had an early night, followed by an early morning as Morse decided 4:30 am would be a good time to get up!  Cheryl came down and let him outside, he went and sat by the gate ready to get in the car.  What a silly boy.
Eventually we all got up at about 6:30 and George gave us our breakfast.  Once everyone was ready we all got into the car and set off.  I wasn't too sure where we were going but I suspected this might be the Crufts day and I turned out to be right.
We got dropped off by a funny path that went under the ground and Cheryl and the two ladies took us into the show whilst George parked the car.  We soon found our benches where we had a good view of everything that was going on.  We were very close to the ring too so I could just about see the other reds moving around.
We hadn't been there long when Mummy had to go in for her class.  There were a lot of other ladies in with her.  Morse and I waited anxiously to hear how she got on.  Eventually I saw some dogs leaving the ring, but she wasn't amongst them. I knew this was a good sign and when she came back she said the judge had chosen her, but that she didn't get a card because the judge chose a couple more dogs than there were cards. She was very proud to have made it that far though.
It was quite a long time before Morsey went in and while we were waiting lots of people came to see us including  Cassie and Oscar's people.  They had come to see how we did and also to look around the show.  They had seen how well Mummy did and said they would come back to watch Morse later.  Morse was ever so pleased to see them and tried to bounce off his bench.
It seemed like ages before it was time for Morse to go in and lots more people came to see us and take our photos.  We got lots of strokes and cuddles. Then suddenly his time had come.  Mummy and I wished him luck and off he went.  He was gone for an awful long time so there must have been a lot of dogs.  Eventually he came back and he had done exactly the same as Mummy. He was chosen, but didn't quite get a card. Never mind, perhaps he will next year.
I thought I was going to get away with not going in, but suddenly it was my turn.  There were loads of us.   In fact I didn't think we were all going to fit in the ring for a while.  I was one of the last to be seen and was a little bit overawed when I had to stand up for the lady on the green carpet.  She looked at me front and back and then came to my head. I thought for one awful moment she might be going to put tablets in my mouth, then I remembered she needed to look at my teeth.  She felt me all over then I had to trot round the ring.  It was a big ring and I enjoyed showing off.  When everyone had been gone over the lady made her choice.  She came round and looked at everyone again, then came round again and looked at our faces. I wagged my tail at her because she smiled but she didn't chose me.  I started to get bored and fidgety then and decided I would sit down.  She was still choosing, but I had had enough of standing still so I lay down.  I don't think Cheryl was too pleased with me as she said I should stand until we were told we could leave the ring.  But she still said I had been a good girl and gave me a cuddle when we did leave, so maybe I wasn't so bad.
Lots more photos and visitors later it was time to go home.  It had started to rain and it was a long walk to the car.  We all got in and then just sat there for ages.  I don't know what was going on but it seemed a long time before we were driving down the road and eventually getting home.  I was so glad to see my bed again and have my tea.  I felt very tired although I hadn't really done all that much.
The next day we all had a rest.  The ladies went off to do some shopping, the boys were busy playing and George and Cheryl were catching up on the housework.
However, on Sunday morning it was all systems go again.  The dog bag came out and the big white food bag and before we knew it we were all off the Crufts again.  I couldn't work it out to begin with, especially as there didn't appear to be any other reds there, but I soon realised we were going to do the Discover Dogs stand again.  I went last year and it was great fun, although a little tiring.
Wow, what a busy day! I don't think we stopped having visitors from the moment we arrived until just before we left.  We were constantly stroked and cuddled and kissed and our photos must be all over the world by now!  There were lots of people from different countries, some looked different, some just sounded funny.  We got fed loads of treats and by lunchtime I was ready for a little sleep. I curled up in the corner for a while and let Mummy and Morse take over.  Later Mummy got tired and curled up on Cheryl's lap for a while.
We all got taken to a place for our photos to be taken like last year, the suddenly it was all over for another year.
We seem to have done so much, yet the time has gone very quickly.  I wonder what comes next?



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