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Friday 20th June

What a strange week it's been.  One minute bucketing down with rain, the next hot and sunny.

It's a bit quiet in the house at the moment because Nick has gone on holiday with his school.  I wondered what was going on the other morning when the family were up at 4:30am.  I thought we must be off to a show, but no, they were taking Nick off to meet his bus. I wonder where he's gone?  I hope it's nice there.

We've had a lot of birds in our garden lately.  There is a special little house on a big pole for them.  Cheryl puts food there for them and they fly in and eat it all.  I keep trying to get a proper look at what they're doing, but every time I get anywhere near them they fly off.  Silly little things, It's not as if I'm going to hurt them or anything.  There is a funny little bird with red on his chest who comes every day and lately he's been bringing a friend with him too.  There's also a tiny little brown bird with a really loud voice.  She sits up in the trees singing in the morning, then she'll come down onto the roof of our kennel before going to the bird house for her breakfast.  There's also a great big grey bird.  George calls him Woody.  When he lands on the house there isn't room for anyone else!

It was hair cutting day again the other day, I guess that means a show this weekend.   First of all Cheryl laid us all down and trimmed our feet and nails, then the next day she trimmed our ears and necks.  She always does me first now otherwise I keep pushing in.  I think I should be done first, after all I am the youngest.

Hmm. I wonder where the show will be this time?  I wonder if it's a long way or a short way.  Perhaps some of my friends will be there.  I think I'll be looking forward to this.

Friday 13th June

What a hot day! I haven't known where to go all day. The kennel is quite shady but it's still warm lying in the run.  The garage is a bit cooler, but I can't see what's going on outside. The house is just too hot.

I'd really like to go and get in the boy's pool, but I'm not allowed in there. Cheryl has been doing something to it today. I can't work out what she was up to but she seemed to be pouring something in it and then sticking a little thing in with colours on, then she poured something else in and stirred it all up with a broom! I don't know. These people are strange sometimes, not like us dogs.

I managed to get myself into trouble again the other day. I thought I'd help bring the washing in, and got told off.  Then the little white dog got into next door again and was barking so I tried to help her through the fence to our garden so she wouldn't be lonely.  She keeps getting into the garden next door and to make things worse our neighbour is frightened of dogs. He doesn't seem to mind us too much and will talk to us over the fence sometimes, but I don't think he likes strange dogs.

The little white dog caused quite a stir a week or so back. She got herself trapped behind next doors shed.  She barked and barked until all the neighbours came out to see what was happening.  In the end George and Cheryl managed to get her out and let her into our garden until her owner came to collect her. She's quite a nice little dog, but can't hear things. Mummy says that is called deaf when dogs or people can't hear. It must be a bit frightening not to be able to hear things, I don't think I'd like that. Still, she seems happy enough.

I saw Cassie the other day. She was just going off for her walk when Cheryl put me in the car to go to the vet. That was a bit of a surprise, I didn't realise we were going there. Why is it vets always stick needles in me? She seemed very nice and kept telling me how pretty I was, then stuck a great big needle in my neck. Ouch! Since we went there I get a big piece of cheese twice a day. I don't know what I've done to deserve it, but I love cheese so I shan't complain. 

I sounds like Nick is getting my tea ready so I'm off to investigate. I don't want that Morse eating mine.


Tuesday 3rd June

Such a lot has happened recently I hardly know where to begin!

We went for a long ride in the car to a house where a lady gave us lots of treats, and we stayed there for the whole night. Then in the morning we got up and sniffed around the garden which was full of flowers and a pond with orange and yellow things swimming around in it.  It was quite an adventure really. After everything was packed into the car again we set off for a big show.  It was quite a sunny day so we were outside in a huge ring.  When we had to do our 'trot' for the judge it was a long way and I think George was a bit puffed out when we'd finished. I tried my best to be good and got a blue card. George said I'd been very good and gave me a nice biscuit. Morse was a good boy too but he didn't get any colours this time. Mummy was very naughty but still made the judges selection, although she didn't actually get a colour.

After the show we had a very long drive home. It rained a lot and we stopped a couple of times, but eventually we got home and had our dinner before going to bed for a nice long sleep.

A few days later we went to another show. I was quite surprised because we don't usually go again so soon.

Again we were outside, but it was very hot so we all sat in a shady spot under the trees.

George took me in for a lady to judge and this time I got a red.  There was a lot of talking going on around the ring about the judge not coming, but I don't understand because we had a judge.

Mummy also got a red, then there was a long break before they did the man dogs. It seems the judge they were all talking about should have done the boys  didn't arrive, so eventually the lady who had judged us girls did the boys as well.

Morsey got a green this time, although he was very good and didn't bounce as much as normal. George and I stood watching him and he looked ever so nice, but then he is my brother so I suppose I'm bound to think that.

When we got home we all went into the lounge and lay down with the family. I like it when we all sit together, I get lots of stroking and fussing then. Mummy always sits by Cheryl's feet because they are special friends.

On Sunday there was suddenly a lot of activity. A big green thing went up in the garden and George put little lights all around it.  There was something going on in the conservatory too, I could see Cheryl putting lots of food on the table, but she wouldn't let me in to see.

The lawns were all cut and the garden swept and tidied, and chairs came out.  The boys were very busy splashing about in their pool.

Later on lots of people came so we had to go in the kennel.  One lady who came is a special friend of Morse and Mummy because they stayed with her for a long time before we moved to this house. Morse couldn't stop bouncing when he saw her. Mummy got very excited too. Morse told me later that this lady has Gordon setters. I've met some of those at the shows, they're a bit like us only black and tan, and heavier built.  I think I went to the lady's house a long time ago, but only once, there was a young one that I played with and some babies in a special room.

This morning I've been out playing in the garden with Mummy and Morse.  We played around in the little field, we can run around a bit more now that Cheryl has been in and cut all the nettles and long grass.

I went into the main garden where the washing was. I could smell it was dry so I thought I'd take it off the line ready for Cheryl to take inside. I don't think she was too pleased. I can't understand why, I thought she'd be glad of my help. I never seem to do anything right.

Perhaps I'll give up trying to help and just go back to digging my big hole.

Thursday 22nd May

I had a bit of a fright yesterday.  I managed to get over the fence by the blue thing in the garden. (I heard the boys call it a swimming pool.)

Anyway, I thought I'd give it a good sniffing and full investigation.  I walked all around it and pushed my nose under the cover that is on top.  It seems to be just ordinary water inside, nothing strange about that.  Then I found these white things sticking out of the side of it.  There were two quite long bits and one shorter one with a sort of lid on it.  I chewed at the edges of the lid to see what it was for and whoops, out came a load of water!  I barked at it but it wouldn't stop. I decided to go and have another look at the long bits, but although I chewed on one of them, nothing happened.  I went back to the short bit and the water was still coming out, really fast.  I barked at it again, but it didn't stop.  I had a feeling I had done something really naughty but having got inside the fence I found I couldn't get out again. (So no chance of blaming Morse!)

Eventually Cheryl came out and saw me.  She wasn't pleased.  She quickly put the top back on the sticky out thing and stopped the water, then chased me out of the pool area through the gate which I didn't know was there.  She said I was very naughty and shouldn't chew the boys' things, but I was only checking it out, I didn't mean to damage it.  

I went back this morning to have another look, and the water doesn't seem to be coming out now, but I found a long white string. I couldn't resist pulling it to see what it did.  The cover came right off the pool!  I don't think I should've done that, I'll be in trouble again now.  I also found a funny little green creature by the side of it.  It made a funny noise and jumped at me when I sniffed it.  I put my paw on it to keep it still, but it kept jumping away.  I think it might have gone underneath so I had a little dig at the side, but couldn't find it again.  Then I got caught, and ushered out again.  Cheryl says I'm not to go in there any more, but I don't really understand why.  I only want to see what's going on.

I wonder what that funny creature was?  Perhaps I could sneak another look in there  tomorrow, but then again, perhaps I shouldn't. I think I'm in enough trouble for now!


Monday 19th May

It seems I was right about us having hair cuts, we did go to a show.  It was at that place with the airplanes that make no noise again, only this time there weren't just dogs there.  There were loads of people and noisy cars which only seemed to go for a short distance before stopping.  Plus there were lots of horses. I could here a man's voice loud, but in the distance giving out names and saying who had won the last race.  I'm not really sure what was going on but it was all very interesting.

The boys had a game of cricket while we were doing our showing. I had a short play with them but then had to do my class.  We had a nice lady judging us. She didn't speak to me, but she was very gentle. I tried to remember what Mummy said about being good when I move and resisted the temptation to sniff the ground until we'd finished doing our trot for the judge. George said I was a very good girl and gave me lots of cuddles. 

Morse was very funny when he was showing. He bounces all the time, although he did show off when he had to do his trot.  When he stood in the line up to get his card , he just bounced up and down on the spot. Lots of people were laughing at him, but they said he must be happy.

Mummy was looking very smart and her coat is lovely and shiny at the moment, she got a blue this time, but I think the judge had a job making up her mind because she kept looking at mummy and another lady dog called Connie.  She still didn't seem too sure when they were all lined up, but in the end she gave Connie the red.  Mummy said Connie is a really nice lady, so she doesn't mine being beaten by her.

Later on Nick showed Mummy in the class for children. He got all flustered and forgot what he had to do. He kept trying to put her back legs in the wrong place. Mummy tried to help by moving them back again, but he was getting more and more frustrated because he thought she was being naughty. They did look nice moving round the ring together though.  Nick was really upset when he didn't get a colour, but Cheryl said he must practice. When he does it at home he always seems to do it really well, I think he must get nervous. Perhaps he could show me instead, I'll help him.  In fact that might be real fun. Now how can I make the family think of it.....?


Friday 16th May

What a horrible day! It's all cold and wet outside, that means no playing about, no football with the boys and no digging the hole!

Yesterday it was really nice, we played all day in the little field and sunbathed and lazed around. We went into the kennel for a little while but I got bored and barked to say 'let us out now'.  It took a while but they got the message in the end. 

We weren't allowed in the conservatory last night. There was a funny smell and Cheryl had white stuff on her hands. She said she didn't want white paw prints everywhere, but I only wanted to see what she'd been doing. And find out what that awful smell was. Perhaps we'll get to go in later so I can investigate what's been going on in there.

The other day when it was nice and sunny the boys were playing in the big blue thing in the garden. It seems it is full of water, and they were splashing about and making a lot of noise. I wanted to play too but couldn't get through the fence so I just watched from the end of the kennel because I could see what was going on from there. They were having a great time and had things in their hands that squirted water. They squirted me and it was great fun. I really like that and try to catch the water in  my mouth. Morse wasn't too keen, he just skulked off into the little field. Mummy played for a while, she doesn't mind the water. She says the boys had a different water thing before and she used to play in it too. I wish I could go and play in this one, it would be really nice when it's hot. Perhaps if I'm good they might let me in one day.

I saw Cheryl get the haircutting stuff out a while ago, so I guess that means we're in for a trimming session today. Perhaps we'll have a show this weekend. I wonder if any of my friends will be there?

Wednesday 6th May 2003

There's something new in our garden. Yesterday George cut the grass and put this big blue and white thing down. Then Cheryl put a noisy thing next to it and it got bigger.

This morning she connected the water hose up and has been putting water in it all day. I wanted to play with the water but she wouldn't let me, so I waited until she was inside, then I chewed a little hole in the water pipe so Morse and I could have a drink a run around in the puddle. It made a really good spray, but unfortunately Cheryl spotted it out of the window. She thought it was just leaking so she took it all apart, cut a bit off the hose and put it all back together again.  Once she had safely gone back in the house, I chewed another hole in it, and we were able to play  again. It was great fun, I put my face in the spray and it was lovely and cool, and it was nice drinking from our own fountain.

Then, the door opened and I heard Cheryl shout, "Ellie!". Whoops! I think she worked out it was me. I ran off into the little field and Morse (big creep) went and sat by Cheryl looking innocent. She fixed the hose again and shut us in the garage. Now I can't chew the hose and our fountain has gone. Never mind, perhaps we'll be able to play in the blue and white water thing. It looks like fun to me.

Sunday 4th May 2003

There was lots of drama in our road yesterday. The little blonde dog from over the road came home on her own without her man or Oscar (the other blonde dog she lives with). I heard her running around outside and barked to tell my family but she ran off before anyone could grab her. The lady of her family ran up the road after her and eventually managed to catch her and bring her home, but only after lying on her tummy in the rain and calling her. It was quite frightening really, she had run home across the big road at the end of ours and was lucky a car didn't get her! Everything was all right in the end, she had just got lost when she was on her walk, so decided she would come home. I thought she was quite clever to find her way all on her own, cause she's only a little squirt.

I think she's quite cute really and not at all like I thought she would be. Her name is Cassie, and I think I might see if she can come and play with me in our little field one day. She likes toys and rolling around in the mud just like I do. It would be nice to have another new friend.

We also did a show yesterday morning. It was at the big field place where they have airplanes with no noise. It was quite windy, but very sunny. There were quite a lot of red dogs, and we had a nice lady judge who spoke to us kindly and stroked us gently.  She didn't give me a colour but Mummy and Morse both got lovely blue and white colours.  Mummy says I need to learn to behave a bit better on the lead and stop being so interested in what else is going on. I can't help it, I'm just naturally nosey.  Aren't we setters supposed to be? There were lots of strange smells, I think there had been other animals there so I was just investigating to see if I could work out what they were. 

While we were at the show the boys played football but they wouldn't let me play this time. I don't know why, but I had to stay by the car. Eventually the ball burst anyway, so perhaps it was just as well I wasn't playing, I might have got the blame for that. I now have a new ball for just me to play with as the boy's burst ball is all squashy so I can get my mouth round it and pick it up properly.

I heard George saying we have a big show in a couple of weeks time, so I suppose that means we'll all be having baths again. I hope it stops raining otherwise we could be standing outside and just have the shampoo rubbed in and that won't be half as much fun as the nice warm water we get in the bath.


Friday 25th April 2003

Chester goes home today! It turned out in the end, that he liked playing with me too so we've had a great time. He really likes playing with balls and digging holes and pulling old socks to pieces. He played with Morse a lot too, but we found that we could all play together.

I think I shall miss him when he's gone. His family are coming home from their holiday today, so he'll be off tonight. 

Cheryl has given him a haircut like we have, so perhaps that means we'll see him at some shows. I don't think he really liked having his hair cut to begin with because he kept fidgeting so I offered to have mine done instead. I kept trying to tell Cheryl she could do me, but she just kept pushing me out of the way, and eventually shut me in the other room so I couldn't get in the way. I must be due for another one soon, but I'd have been happy to have it today. I really like all that brushing and stroking.

Morse made a big mistake this morning. Chester soon realised that if he doesn't eat his food in this house someone else will eat it for him. Morse decided to go for a run around the little field whilst Cheryl was putting the food in the bowls, by the time he got back, Chester had finished his and eaten Morse's too!

I'm not really sure what was going on in the house the other day, but Cheryl was putting some coloured stuff on the walls and ceilings. I went in to see what was going on and soon got ushered out again. It seemed to me though that she had as much colour on her as she did on the walls! She had blue and white speckled hands until last night and white streaks in her hair! 

Well, I guess things will be back to normal next week.  Chester will be gone and the boys will be back to school soon, so no more football for a while.  I'll just have to find something else to play with, shouldn't be too difficult, there are all sorts of things in the garage to investigate, and then I might go and have another look in that hole we've been digging.....

Monday 14th April 2003

My brother Chester has come to stay. Morse thinks he's wonderful, and they play together all the time. The problem with that is I'm not getting to play with Morse hardly at all! They have spent all weekend running round the little field with balls and an old sock (goodness knows where they found that!), so Mummy and I have been either sunbathing or curled up in our bed. We've decided we won't let him share our bed as he has his own, but he and Morse cuddle up together anyway. 

I don't think he was too impressed on Saturday because Cheryl gave him a hair cut. She trimmed his tail and all round his ears but he still has fluffy feet at the moment so I guess they'll be next. 

I wonder how long he's staying? His man dropped him off and left lots of food for him so it could be some time.  I hope Morse will still be my friend after he's gone. I tried to join in with them this morning, but they wouldn't let me have the ball. I found a big stick to chew on instead and although they tried to take it off me I wouldn't let them.  If they don't want to play with me perhaps the boys will. They haven't gone off to school today so I expect we'll play football this afternoon if it doesn't rain.


Monday 7th April 2003

I've been a busy girl again over the weekend. On Saturday, George and Cheryl went out for a while so I decided to tidy up the shoe drawers for them.  I found some black shoes that Cheryl wears for work, they were ever so hard, especially on the toes, so I softened them up a bit. All the black shiny stuff came off but there was some really hard blue stuff underneath. I also found the other sandal to the one I softened a few weeks ago. It came apart in my mouth though, so I don't know if it will be much good now. I also found some brown boots and a pair of slippers, but they came home before I could get round to them.

They weren't very pleased when they saw what I had done. ( No pleasing some people!) And now they've put a big metal dog guard around the drawers so I can't open them any more.

Mummy had a bath on Friday, then we all had haircuts.  Morse moaned and complained all the time, especially when his nails were being done. But I just got comfortable on my back and let them get on with it.  I was nearly asleep by the time they finished.

The next day we went for a long walk in a big park.  I've been there once before and there are always lots of dogs.  We met two black dogs who wanted to play with us. They were very nice and we all chased one another around. Then we met two very little dogs. One was red like me, the other was white with red splodges. I think they were quite old and couldn't run very fast, so I had to lay down with them and we just pawed at each other.

When we were getting ready to come home, I found a little boy who was crying. I think he had lost his mummy and looked very sad. I pushed his hand with my nose and he followed me back to my family. George spoke to him and then helped him to find his family. They weren't far away, but I don't think I would like to be lost . What if they went home without me?!



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