My world was turned upside down in June 2001, when I was told I had Cancer after months of being treated for a fatty benign lump on my lower jaw.

X-Rays and CT scans had not shown anything was wrong, I had waited nearly 3 months for a MRI scan when one day I noticed another small lump behind the big one this one was painful, I went to see my doctor who sent me straight to the specialist, he said he wanted to do a small needle test on the new lump, nothing to worry about, come back next week for the results and he will arrange a date to remove  that lump it's starting to disfigure your face.

The next week the wife and I waited in the clinic when the nurse shouted my name, she said to my wife I think you had better come with him, I turned to Margaret and she was Lilly white, I knew it wasn't good news.

We went into his office and he said straight away it's not good news I'm afraid, the lump is malignant, Margaret went into a fit of shouting and screaming at the doctor why after all this time have you just found out. I just sat there trying to calm Margaret not taking it all in I suppose, He said 6 specialists had looked at my original scan and said it looks benign, he said I'm as shocked as you about this {I BET HE WASN'T}. Personally I think the late discovery of this is because I never had one blood test in all the months of being treated, the specialist said why nothing showed up was because the malignant tumours were hiding behind the fatty lump until one day they popped out from behind.

He insisted on operating himself I had to wait 10 days because he was going to India doing charity work operating over there.{I told him I would travel to India if he liked}

I was operated on FRIDAY 13th JULY 2001 after radical neck surgery he told me he had removed 5  malignant tumours from my neck they were all secondaries there was no sign of the primary tumour , after extensive investigations bi-opsies and camera's here there and everywhere, no sign of it. I have been told it's a case of keep your fingers crossed and wait and see if  and when it returns, One doctor said treat every day as a bonus, nice eh!. I go to the clinic once every 3  months now for a quick check on my neck  .I had the main neck muscle, lymph glands, saliva gland, blood vessels and nerves removed in the operation. Everyone is astounded at my progress since then, looking at me in the photo's you wouldn't think anything was wrong, somebody asked us at the McMillans hotel who was the ill one me or my wife,  that's my philosophy don't let it get you down carry on as normally as you can.

This page is a way of me thanking McMillan Trust, the doctors nurses and all staff of Ward 32 Middlesbrough General, especially Jill Skelton, and Emma, Professor Avery, my GP Dr. Chaudhry my brother and sister and their families, and Margaret's family for all the support and love shown to me and my family, all the people we met and all the staff at McMillan's Albany Lodge Hotel in Bournemouth and my mate Paul and his wife Olwyn, and our Denise, Margaret's sister, last but not least my beloved wife Margaret, my son Kenneth, my daughter Joanne, my daughter-in-law Dawn, and of course my grandson Connor who makes my life so enjoyable {but very tiring}

And since then until this day the help and support from members of a special national charity of which I am a member of the Middlesbrough group




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