As my friend "BIG ARTHUR" used to say , {we are only passing through in this life}, unfortunately Arthur passed away in June 2002, he was only 58 but he had a full and varied life and I think he enjoyed every minute of it, we all have to leave this place at sometime or another, so while we are here make the most of it and enjoy

This is the introduction to a couple of Web Pages I have tried to put together about my life, especially since I was diagnosed with Cancer in June 2001, trying to get back to normality after the operation, and the uncertainty of not knowing whether I am free of the disease or not.

Life before Cancer was carefree, smoking, drinking, socializing not a care in the world, it was always somebody else that was getting ill or who had major trauma in their lives, then suddenly out of the blue BANG it was me being told that I had it.

My life has changed forever, and my outlook on life, you tend to appreciate the  things you took for granted before 

July 2003



     Tribute to Kevin McBride